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...The whole truth so help me ... who?

I am so relieved to read that the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal of the Alabama chief justice to bring the Ten Commandments out of the closet and back into the lobby of the courthouse.

Now that that s out of the way, let s think of something more ludicrous to do. I know! Let s work on getting those Bibles out of the courtrooms. They don t belong there either.

We ll have to think of something else to swear on - maybe the bark of a cherry tree!

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you - who?!”

Maybe we can even get the conversation changed.

“You gonna tell the truth?”

“Uh, yeah. OK. I think so.”

Where are we going?


Mulberry Street

The Supreme Court and the ACLU find it OK to demand removal of the Ten Commandments from government buildings and are even considering the removal of “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, all in the name of “separation of church and state.”

But when I went to cast my vote, another right guaranteed by the Constitution, I had to enter a local church to cast my ballot! What s wrong with this picture?

It seems that the separation issue must not apply when the Election Board, read “government,” selects a polling place. Are churches public or private?

Is it OK to use a church but only at the government s convenience? Does the church have to remove all religious symbols on Election Day so as not to offend the non-believer?

Is it permissible on voting day for the church to do what it does best and that is share God s love for everyone? I thought God s word is inclusive, not exclusive. I m confused.

God forgive us all!


Park Forest Drive

The Blade reported that the Ohio Senate has OK d a bill that would shield the corporate world from health probes which would result from releases that are or could be injurious to the public health and well being.

In light of the problem Ohio citizens are having with health care issues today, this action by the Ohio Senate illustrates how callous and alienated our legislators have become to the problems that currently plague Ohio. It seems that our Senate has become one of the major problems the people will have to deal with. It also shows how low our legislators will stoop to repay campaign contributions. Even the amateur Limbaughs that are published in these columns would have to agree that legislation of this nature is a flagrant abuse of power and a betrayal of the public trust.

This legislation should never have made it to the floor for a vote, much less to the governor for his signature, thus making it a law. It is the people who must come first; it is the people who pay the majority of the taxes, not the corporate interests.


Elmore, Ohio

While I agree that there is a serious problem in our country with overweight people, I don t entirely agree with the BMI charts for calculating the level of obesity.

If we go by those charts, everyone who is 5 8” tall should weigh no more than 150 pounds at most. However every person who is that height is not built the same. Men and women, for instance, are totally different. Also, someone who works out regularly will weigh more than someone who doesn t work out much at all for the simple reason that muscle weighs more than fat.

If I go according to the BMI chart, I would have to diet down to the weight I carried at age 18. In plain English, “It ain t gonna happen.” At over 60 and a grandmother, I m not even going to try. It s not only that I would have to be anorexic or bulimic to do it, I don t think it is healthy to do something so drastic.

According to the old height-weight charts that took into account body build, etc., I should weigh 165. To fit into the BMI charts, I would have to lose another 25 pounds beyond that. Not everyone is meant to be a Size 0.


Ottawa Lake, Mich.

Another anti-gun piece that holds its own answer at the beginning of its own text, “criminals will always find weapons; Joe citizen does not to carry a weapon unless there is a reason.” The reason for carry is underlined by the writer s own words. I, too, speak as a former peace officer. Many peace officers do not agree with that letter writer.

How many states already have approved concealed carry without the “Wild West” described not taking place in their territory? The fantasy described in a dream does not fit the people who will carry concealed. Those who feel the way this writer did should get a copy of the formation of the Constitution and the Federalist Letters and read them.

Think for a moment. Just how do you suppose the tyrants around the world keep their tyrannies in place? They have the guns and ammunition. The peasants do not.



In America, we pride ourselves on our free market, capitalist system. Who would have guessed that it may be our downfall?

In our country, politicians get many of their campaign finances through corporate donations. If these donations win them the election, the politician will then go out of their way to help that corporation through subsidies and other methods so that the corporation will fund their campaign for their next term in office. In short, the corporation funds the politician so that the politician will fund them. In this capitalist relationship, the politician does not work for the people but for the corporations that abuse the people by putting profits ahead of workers rights.

In a free-market system, people are driven to be selfish and greedy. In any issue up for vote, most people think, “How does this help me?” rather than “How does this help the majority or plurality of people?” The former mentality is inherent to greed which is inherent to capitalism.

To cure these ailments in our proud American society, we must forget about ourselves and consider, in any issue, what helps the most people. People will only consider the good of the majority before themselves in a system where all jobs pay according to their needs and in a society where workers are not motivated by greed but by the betterment of all.



Judge Flores was caring. loving person

The children of Lucas County have lost their best advocate with the passing of Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Flores.

Judge Flores showed how much he cared for all children in Lucas County. It was a well known fact that after he had to place children in the juvenile justice system, he could be found sitting at the table with them eating lunch or dinner.

Whenever Judge Flores referred a family to CRC, he made sure all of us knew he would be following up, and he expected all of us to do our part. He was a caring, loving person, and there is a void in Lucas County that will take a long time to fill.

Let s hope that all of us who advocate for children can reflect on the life of Judge Flores and try to pattern our way of helping children after the example he set for us.


Executive Director

Children s Rights Council of Northwest Ohio

Title for the taking

The irate Whitmer fan who complained that St. Francis won the City League title over his beloved Whitmer High School indicated the championship was stolen from Whitmer, but they could not take the state title away from them.

He was right: St. John s did.


Airport Highway

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