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Evolution theory is flawed

In the first half of the last century, when American school systems resisted the teaching of evolution and held fast to their religious dogma, they were eventually undermined by their own lack of honest self-evaluation.

Today, the religion of evolution is using the same heavy-handedness to prevent intelligent design theory or scientific creationism from being introduced in the classroom. Evolution has become a sacred cow. If you dare to challenge it, you are a blasphemer.

The Blade blindly follows the status quo, still protesting that science and God cannot be mixed, but if scientific inquiry points us to God, shall we then stick our head in the sand and be afraid to look?

The tide is slowly turning and many scientists are realizing that the theory of evolution is hopelessly flawed and that scientific observation indicates that life may well have been designed by a higher intelligence.

The Blade is 10 years behind the curve on this. The stakes are high. If there really is a God, maybe our kids would have a reason to decide against immoral behavior.

Consider these quotes from the evolutionists themselves.

"But all the fossil evidence to date has failed to turn up any such missing links." "There is a growing conviction among scientists that these transitional forms never existed." - Niles Eldredge, paleontologist, American Museum of Natural History in New York in "Alternate Theory of Evolution Considered" Los Angeles Times, Nov. 19, 1978.

"In the years after Darwin, his advocates hoped to find predictable progressions. In general, these have not been found - yet the optimism has died hard, and some pure fantasy has crept into the textbooks." - David Raup, paleontologist, Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago in "Evolution and the Fossil Record" in Science, July 17, 1981.



Did your March 15 editorial on the recent state school board decision, which includes a brief section on critical analysis of evolution, assume that none of your subscribers would actually read "Lesson Set A" of the new 10th grade science curriculum? As one who has examined the curriculum, I'm forced to assume that The Blade never read it or is intentionally misrepresenting it.

Take a quick look at one of the "Five Aspects of Evolution" (Attachment A) to be critically analyzed, Aspect 4: Peppered Moths (Biston betularia). The "Brief Supporting Sample Answer" refers to studies in the 1950s suggesting an evolutionary answer for the shifting populations of light-colored vs. dark-colored moths.

Light-colored moths were observed to make up a larger percentage of the population, resting on light-colored tree trunks. (Presumably, the dark moths were less camouflaged, and easier prey for birds). During the Industrial Revolution, soot darkened the tree trunks, and the population shifted to a larger share of dark moths.

Now a look at the "Brief Challenging Sample Answer." These observations show that the moth population adapts to its environment, but provides no evidence of macroevolution - change from one species to another. The moths were present in both shades over all the years, no new features or forms emerged, only a shift in relative shading proportions occurred.

In addition, recent scientific articles have questioned the factual basis of the 1950s study, having determined that the moths do not actually rest on tree trunks.

In fact, as reported in Evolutionary Biology in 1998, and the Washington Times in 1999, Theodore Sargent helped glue moths onto trees and stated that a lot of textbooks and films have featured "a lot of fraudulent photographs."

So where is the "religion"? Where is the "intelligent design"? Looks to me like "Critical Analysis of Evolution."


Chelmsford Lane

A March 15 editorial, "A nod to the right," quoted Darwin's theory that life evolved from a single-cell organism.

Oh, come on. All of life, in its diversity and complexity, evolved from a single-cell organism?

There's not enough information in a single-cell organism, no matter how much time goes by, to accomplish all that. Chemicals don't create information; they only carry it.

Ohio will end up ahead of the pack.



Honor is manifested in the things we do, not in the things we say. Honor resides not in our hearts and minds, but is born and given life by the actions we take.

George W. Bush claims to be a man of honor. He talks the talk, but his actions speak volumes about his honor, about his integrity.

Let us be honest. Half truths are not truths at all. By inference, a half truth is misleading. A half truth is a lie. The "half truths" spouting from the mouth of the President are being used to mislead you and me. Do not be fooled.

He is not looking out for the average American and our best interests. He is looking out for his benefactors. He is looking out for the health and well being of large corporations.

If a farmer was to give away his seeds, or the tools required for harvesting his crop, would you think him to be wise? The same can be said about this mass exodus of our jobs. The misleading statements by President Bush that the exportation of jobs is good are wrong. Don't be fooled.

As John Kerry mentioned, Mr. Bush will fight for his job, but he will not fight for yours.


Morenci, Mich.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists the top three actual preventable causes of death in the United States as:

1. Tobacco.

2. Obesity.

3. Alcohol.

Now it seems some people who will end up being in the No. 2 and/or No. 3 category are telling those in No. 1 that they can't defile while they glutton and poison themselves.

It's like No. 2s don't want to be fettered or impeded in their quest to be No. 1.

Maybe one day there will be smokeshops that will ban eating!


Carey, Ohio

I see that our presidential election may hinge on religion. On the editorial page it is noted that the religious leaders (who are also the political leaders) in Nigeria are holding back the eradication of polio for reasons of politics.

The separation of church and state, a decree of the Founders of our country, is there to prevent just such a problem. Religion has the potential to be a positive force in our country. Politics may also be a force for good. When one is not separated from the other, then both may become perverted.

Jesus said "Render unto Caesar (government) those things that belong to Caesar, and unto God (the church) that which is God's."


Wayne, Ohio

As a health-care professional, I have had the privilege of working with clients and staff of David's House. For 15 years, David's House has provided an invaluable service to the community. Its staff has worked vigorously to erase the stigma surrounding the AIDS virus.

Through caring for the victims of AIDS as well as educating the community, David's House has heightened awareness. The AIDS epidemic is as widespread as ever, and the continued services of organizations such as David's House are needed.

It is unfortunate that due to limited funding, those in need of these services will no longer receive them. On behalf of our community, I commend David's House for its hard work and dedication.


Harford Road

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