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Lower taxes will boost 'Other Ohio'

In an effort to help revitalize the "Other Ohio," The Blade's editorials often criticize various state bureaucracies for keeping their "treasure trove of jobs and steady payrolls" in Columbus. While your point is well taken, perhaps a different approach may be more effective in spurring growth outside of Columbus.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ohio's budget has increased 71 percent over the past decade, a growth rate that is "the highest in the nation." It is no wonder that communities such as Toledo are economically disadvantaged - each year more state tax dollars are siphoned away to Columbus.

In fact, only New York and Maine have higher state and local taxes than does Ohio. Ohio's high tax rates have resulted in financial decline in Toledo and in most other regions of Ohio.

There is a more effective solution than advocating that more state bureaucrats be relocated to Toledo. Consider advocating a reduction in Ohio's high tax rates. With lower taxes, less money will be diverted from the "Other Ohio" to Columbus. In addition, lower state tax rates will encourage greater private investment into Ohio's lagging economy.

Douglas Oliver

Grove City, Pa.

Anyone who regularly reads the Saturday Pages of Opinion knows that columnist Jack Kelly is a self-proclaimed guru on all things military. Thus I eagerly sought out Mr. Kelly's May 8 offering, anxious to get his take on the burgeoning prisoner abuse scandal involving our troops in Iraq.

Imagine my surprise to find not one syllable relative to the scandal but instead another tired diatribe on John Kerry's Vietnam service record, accompanied by a rant against the "hypocrisy, double standards, and bias of most of the major news media."

Mr. Kelly was indignant at the lack of coverage afforded a news conference held May 4 by yet another group of Vietnam vets who don't like Mr. Kerry.

Seems to me the press was preoccupied that day covering the aforementioned scandal; such priorities are puzzling to be sure.

Presumably in future columns we can expect Mr. Kelly's expert insights on how to address and correct the problems within our military and restore our stature in the world community, so methodically and effectively destroyed by his commander in chief.



One interpretation of lunacy is to continue doing things the same way, yet expecting different results.

So, go ahead, Toledo, continue to support Democrats and labor unions and, historically, we will stagnate. Just look over the past 20 years.

If we vote differently, the local results could be staggering. It's worth a try for independent thought and individual responsibility.

Then again, we're more comfortable with burgeoning government (paying extra for trash pickup) and having our decisions made for us (smoking ban) because we're just too ignorant to decide for our own well being.

Randy Sroczynski

Swan Creek Drive

Somehow I can't help but get the feeling that the Bush re-election team is flooding the TV with negative ads because they are running scared.

Donald C. Wenslow


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