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Letters to the Editor

Film's 'truth' is leftist propaganda

Michael Moore s new film Fahrenheit 9/11 is a documentary that is

suppose to show you the truth behind the Bush Administration.

Unfortunately, Mr. Moore s truth is mostly left-wing propaganda.

For instance, Mr. Moore claims that the war in Afghanistan was fought

so that an oil pipeline could be built through the country. President

Bush actually supported Enron s plan to run an oil pipeline under the

Caspian Sea that avoided Afghanistan.

Mr. Moore also shows a clip that seems to support his view that Al

Gore actually won Florida under every scenario. Yet missing is a

comprehensive study done by the New York Times and several other news agencies that actually showed Mr. Bush winning Florida if a statewide recount was allowed to proceed.

Moreover, the film talks about Florida not allowing felons to vote

and many of these votes would have been cast for Mr. Gore. The film

fails to mention a study done by the Miami Herald which showed that

many of these so called disenfranchised voters were actually allowed to cast illegal votes, mostly for Mr. Gore.

The film also depicts Mr. Bush asleep at the wheel when he first

hears about the 9/11 tragedies in a Sarasota classroom.

Interestingly, the school s principal, who didn t vote for Mr. Bush,

praised his handling of the crisis in front of the young children.

Of course, the movie wouldn t be complete without portraying Mr. Bush as stupid and blaming him for the 9/11 tragedy. Do stupid people attend Yale University and have an MBA from Harvard? Did Mr. Bush or al-Qaeda steer those planes into the buildings?

Lastly Mr. Moore, who has a high school degree, describes the average American as being stupid. Mr. Moore better hope that his assessment is accurate, or the average movie viewer may see the truth behind his film.

Greg Melville


Fahrenheit 9/11 is thought-provoking

I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 and came away with sobs and anger. I

have heard the complaint from those who have never seen his works

that Michael Moore manipulates the truth. Well, that is his job as a

documentary film-maker and a polemicist.

However, images are much harder than words to take out of context and to misuse. It wasn t until the images of the horrors of the Vietnam War appeared on the nightly news that the general population began to turn against the war s prosecution.

My fellow citizens who have not seen the film and condemn it anyway

puzzle me. If it is wrong to manipulate the truth to provoke

discussion, is it not worse to manipulate lies to provoke our people

into blindly supporting a war that violates international law? Lies

that have caused the deaths of nearly 900 of our sons and daughters

and wounded or maimed physically and psychologically thousands of others?

Lies that turned our citizen soldiers into the killers and

torturers of more than 11,000 innocent civilians? Lies that led to

the demolition of the infrastructure of a country?

If you support the present administration s fear-mongering and

handling of this war and of its passing out sweetheart, no-bid

contracts to war profiteers, of its violations of our own Bill of

Rights, go and see the film; you might not change your mind. I do

promise that you will no longer accept the words of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rush Limbaugh, and the Fox Network as the gospel. You certainly will have to think and I hope discuss what you have seen.

Eric G. Johnson

Gunckel Boulevard

Americans prefer fantasy to reality

George Bush misleads the country on the economy, the environment,

health care, and the war. The American public prefers the comic book

fantasy of Spider-man 2 to the truth and reality of Fahrenheit 9/11.

It all fits.

Paul Szymanowski


Moore s latest filmis a crock-umentary

This is in response to a recent letter praising Michael Moore s

crock-umentary Fahrenheit 9/11. If one takes the time to investigate

Michael Moore, you can readily find out that he manipulates,

fabricates, and flat-out lies to sway you into seeing things in his

warped I hate America and you should, too propaganda. This is, as

are his prior works, not a documentary but a fictional movie meant to

entertain, not inform.

Those who truly believe anything that Mr. Moore says, writes, or does

needs to educate themselves to the real truth, not Mr. Moore s

version of it. I, for one, won t be spoon-fed the propaganda that

this man and the left produces anymore. Don t believe me, check out

these web sites that break down everything this man has ever done and shows how he does them:,,

bowlingfor,, and

mi Another good source is the new book Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man By David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke.

And for all you liberals out there who are ready to call me a

neo-con, I voted Democrat the last three presidential elections. That

will never happen again. Don t allow yourself to be spoon-fed the

left s propaganda. Educate yourself with the truth, it s out there.

You just have to go find it in this free society.

Joe Mack


Film-maker is acting irresponsibly

I knew it was just a matter of time before The Blade praised Michael

Moore for his creative genius and thought-provoking cinematic

ventures. The First Amendment is a very important right in this

country, but along with it should come responsibility.

Why is it that a cowardly individual like Mr. Moore is given a forum

in the media to blatantly lie and present distortions? Could it be

that he, along with the Hollywood liberal scene and other has-beens

like Chevy Chase and Whoopi Goldberg are so starved for attention

that they can say anything they want?

Where is the responsibility or the credibility? These people never

fought for freedom nor have they helped their country combat

terrorism or keep us safe.

Go ahead, Michael Moore. Keep bashing America, and while you are at it, get out of this country.

Jon Strole


Thanks so much for protecting readers

Thank you so much for not running Doonesbury recently. I would

certainly not have wanted any children exposed to that word that

our macho vice president used in the Senate. I m so glad he felt

better after saying it.

By the way, thanks also for the interesting daily advertisements from

local escort services, spas (with New Girls! ), outcall services,

and adult pay-per-view programming. It is always a treat to see them

on the same pages as the high school sports scores.

The Blade is doing such a wonderful job of protecting the virtue of

the community. Keep up the good work.

Randy Wheeler


Pulling cartoon was an insult to readers

You replaced a Doonesbury cartoon, which you felt might offend some of us, with another episode from last year.

Guys, it s just a cartoon. Even though I m conservative and don t

agree with every point of view expressed in that strip, I think I can

handle it.

Please don t insult your readers by protecting us from

thoughts that you feel may be objectionable. Let us decide.

Ken R. Deutsch

Westcastle Drive

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