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Letters to the Editor

Protecting our rights, our children

Although I might never choose to have an abortion, I believe in the right to choose. If that choice is gone, how quickly will government meddle in the choice of using birth control pills? If you are saying this cannot happen because of Congress and the courts, please remember that the President appoints court justices. With his appointees, current policy could change.

President Bush is also revoking the right to a healthy environment. He has appointed people who previously were lobbyists for oil industries. How can anti-environmentalists protect our natural resources? Please read Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s book, Crimes Against Nature. One chapter will awaken you to the "new" environment President Bush envisions.

As a grandmother, I want something more for my grandchildren.

If President Bush is re-elected, I shudder to think how he will worsen the environment as he rewards those from the oil industry who donate to his campaigns.

Finally, I urge women to ponder the question of security and Iraq. Because of President Bush's decisions, our children are dying.

When other soldiers return, how will they be changed? How many more people will be called up to serve in Iraq? If we are in Iraq for 10 more years, today's 10-year-old child will face going there. Is this security for our children?

Don't just listen to the misrepresentations of President Bush. Listen for the substance of John Kerry.

For the sake of our rights as women, our environment, and our children and grandchildren, vote for John Kerry this November.



Two Sept. 29 Forum writers were crying that President Bush should face the same scrutiny as Dan Rather did after Memogate.

Hello! He more than faced the same scrutiny and Mr. Bush did not knowingly lie about WMDs. Every news organization and every left-wing nut was and is still up in arms about no WMDs found in Iraq.

Let's take a short trip down memory lane. Saddam Hussein used WMDs against his own people and against Iran. Practically every intelligence agency in the world said Iraq had WMDs. Even the French, Germans, and Russians said Iraq had them.

Vladimir Putin even told President Bush that his intelligence services said Iraq was planning a terrorist event against the U.S. Even after knowing all of this, these two readers wanted Mr. Bush to verify this information. My question is how?

Was he supposed to call up Saddam and say, "Hey, Saddam, I just want to check to see if you have any WMDs." Do you really think Saddam would have said, "Sure, and when you are done just be sure to lock up."

Give me a break.

One last thing. Dan Rather and CBS News knew before they went on the air that there were some really big holes in their story. Especially when their own experts said they thought the documents were likely forged and at the least couldn't validate their authenticity.

Josh Palmer


Your Sept. 18 Saturday Essay about Project Vote Smart disappointed me. It summarized very well the historical background of and the importance of American elections.

But it did not give specific details about how Project Vote Smart (PVS) can answer a voter's questions about candidates for President, Congress, governorships, and state legislatures.

Information about them include biographical summaries, their positions on key issues, and campaign finance data. Also available is contact information for statewide, county, and local positions.

Founded in 1992, PVS is nonpartisan, nonprofit, independent, and thorough. "The Voter's Self-Defense Manual" is free.

It can be requested from Project Vote Smart, One Common Ground, Philipsburg, Mont., 59858, or at

Thank you for calling attention to this valuable organization.


Creek Run Drive

On behalf of the board of trustees of David's House Compassion, I commend those who supported and attended SRO14 for their generous support and help in making this a successful event.

Nearly 300 community members, local leaders, and friends of David's House gathered on Adams Street to celebrate the human spirit, raise awareness, and show their continued support for our mission.

This has been a tumultuous year for our agency, as we have struggled with the consequences of decreased government funds and a steady decline in public awareness regarding HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, lowered awareness and dwindling funds are not a reflection of the progress we have made in the battle against HIV/AIDS or the status of the current infection rate in Ohio, particularly in Lucas County.

Current infection rates are higher than they have been in recent years and Lucas County is currently ranked as having nearly the highest HIV infection rate in Ohio.

SRO14 exceeded our goals in raising funds, which will support services such as case management, housing assistance and referral, emergency financial assistance, transportation, support groups, respite care, and HIV/AIDS-related client-centered educational programming. These services assist more than 1,500 people in Northwest Ohio who are directly affected by HIV each year. David's House Compassion also provides extensive educational services to the public, reaching more than 17,000 people annually.

While the community's support in efforts such as SRO will aid greatly in raising awareness and continuing to provide services locally, I would also urge everyone to promote awareness about HIV/AIDS by being active in the political process and by talking to their friends and family members about this issue. The battle against HIV/AIDS is no one's victory alone.

Scott W. Herr


Board of Trustees

David's House

Tennyson Place

I've been a Catholic all my life. I am 85 years old and I've seen numerous changes in the church over the years. It is time the Pope makes another change, for the benefit - and perhaps survival - of one of the oldest religions to date.

Countless religions allow their ministers to marry without qualms; the Catholic Church should permit its priests this same option. Perhaps by allowing priests the freedom to marry, more men will want to become priests, and the priest shortage would then be a problem of the past.

The church needs to step into the 21st century.


Heatherdowns Boulevard

I am sure that I am not the only person going crazy over all of the political campaign ads on TV. What I would like to suggest to the candidates is that they make more use of their time by actually telling us more about their plans instead of bashing their opponent.

It would be more interesting to know more about their causes. I want to know more about where they stand on important issues that would benefit my future in this country.

Hearing about the alleged scandal of the opponent only makes me want to vote for the opponent instead. It is like your tattle-taling on them.

Don't tattle-tale, it makes one look like a smaller person. They should teach me more about themselves and their goals for our country, so when I go to the polls I will have no doubt where to put my X.

Karin Shanks


If the Democratic Party supports allowing prescription drugs to be bought from Canada as its ads suggest, then the Democratic Party supports outsourcing of American jobs. That is why I support George W. Bush. The Democratic Party is two-faced.

Todd Giesige


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