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Kerry 'plan' is empty rhetoric

John Kerry contends he has a "plan" to win the war on terrorism. However, his actions in the Senate over the last 20 years certainly do not support that claim.

He contends he has a "plan" to fix an economy that has demonstrated a remarkable recovery over the last couple of years after the current administration inherited an economy heading into a recession under the direction of the previous Democratic administration, and then suffered the devastating impacts of 9/11. But his fiscal record in Congress indicates no one should have a whole lot of confidence in those claims either.

And now John Edwards contends Mr. Kerry has a "plan" to heal the sick and make the paralyzed walk! Is there no end to what these two will promise to win the election?

What's just as concerning are the individuals who buy into this empty rhetoric when the Kerry and Edwards' "walk" doesn't support the "talk."

I guess this just proves P.T. Barnum was right.

Dave Kubacki


It has become clear now that the Iraqi people do not want a democracy. If they did, they would be helping us establish it by turning back the rebellion. They are doing little to stop the violence they are all witnessing. In fact, this insurgency could not exist without their protection.

Perhaps they do not feel they deserve to govern themselves, as shown by their self-destructive behavior, the mass looting of their own country after we drove Saddam Hussein from power. Perhaps they are not convinced we are going to win.

Our military is pretty much going it alone, fighting to provide avenues for democracy, but getting little help from the people of Iraq.

It is our soldiers who are dying. Yet the answer we get to this sacrifice is a rebellion from the Iraqi people themselves.

Where are the Iraqis who want to live in freedom?

bill kremer


I am not worried about dying from a terrorist attacking my home. I am worried that I am going to die from not being able to afford my prescribed medication.

I am a senior citizen on a limited income. The so-called prescription drug bill is a scam. It has allowed the drug companies to charge whatever they want. This has already resulted in higher costs for medication.

Don't you wonder why those drug companies spend all that money on those feel-good ads and are supporting George W. Bush? The health of this country cannot afford more of the same for another four years. It is time for a change of leadership.



How about in future presidential debates each candidate is wired to a polygraph machine? Each time he lies or distorts the facts a red light comes on above his head.

Should make for a heck of a light show, don't you think?

D. Daly

Heatherbank Road

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