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Kerry claim about jobs is misleading

The American voters need a wake-up call with regard to John Kerry's claim that he will create 16 million new jobs. Presidents do not hire people (unless he is talking about bureaucrats in Washington, and we already have more of those than we need). Business owners and company executives hire people.

The senator is constantly reminding us that the Bush Administration is pro business, therefore the owners and executives should have the perfect climate for adding staff. Why, then, are more jobs being sent out of the United States?

Senator Kerry need only ask his union allies who are the real source of the problem - not the Bush Administration or any other. Companies must control costs in order to produce competitive products.

How can U.S. companies stay competitive faced with the following:

●Unions' constant demands for higher wages. Why would any cost-conscious business executive pay the wage scale for unskilled workers currently in effect at Jeep, etc., if the work can be done elsewhere for far less money?

●Unions demand to maintain the outdated "defined benefit" pension plans which mortgage the company's future. With the advent of "defined contributing plans" or "cash balance" plans a company is able to provide for retirees and know more about its future costs.

●Despite the fact that union workers are so well paid, union leadership is unwilling to negotiate co-op packages with regard to health care. As costs continue to rise the company is expected to bear the entire burden. Why wouldn't a prudent manager look elsewhere for workers?

Until union leaders in this country face the reality of global competition no president will stem the tide of jobs going abroad. The voters should take note of this business reality as they vote, and not just for president.



I am 81 years old. I retired 22 years ago on a very small pension. Until George W. Bush got elected, I was getting along very well, having received a small cost-of-living increase in my Social Security.

But in the last four years the administration said that there was no inflation so we got a very small increase which was gone by the time we got it. And still today it says we have no inflation,

The dictionary states that inflation means swelling up, act or process of inflating. When ground beef goes up from 99 cents a pound to $1.69 a pound and gas from $1.37 a gallon to $2 a gallon, and Medicare is up 17 percent, I would say that is a lot of swelling.

In my 81 years, this is the worst administration we have ever had.


Joseph Street

With the destruction of political signs (George W. Bush, George Voinovich, and Lynn Olman) signs on my estate, I believe freedom of speech is being severely obstructed. I had a small American flag attached to the George Bush sign that was also thrown on the ground (very disrespectful). Unlike a recent letter, "Cowardly thieves steal Kerry signs," I am not going to point fingers at the opposite party, the Democrats. The destruction and stealing of political signs (both parties) in northwest Ohio is absurd and disrespectful. We as Americans need to unite and be more respectful of others and their opinions.

Scott T. Fry


The people who are printing and putting up signs that read "Catholics against Kerry" should think twice. The Pope did not agree with President Bush on going to war. Did President Bush listen? No.

Has President Bush done anything in four years to stop abortions? We Catholics have received enough black eyes lately. Why add more? May I repeat a phrase I heard from a good American Catholic: "Shove it!"



As for the "Catholics Against Kerry" yard signs, obviously, these good Catholics are just showing their support of the laws of the Catholic Church, their disapproval of Catholics who don't follow the church's teachings yet want the benefits of the church, and especially their belief that all life is precious to God.

So I'm sure that none of these good Catholics displaying the signs has ever been divorced, had sexual relationships outside of marriage, used any type of birth control, or undergone fertility treatments.

I'm also sure that although they aren't embarrassed by George Bush, since he isn't Catholic, they are as adamantly opposed to him as they are to John Kerry. After all, President Bush is a heroic supporter of the death penalty, a war which has killed countless innocent Iraqis, and abortion in cases of rape and incest. So, are these yard signs a statement about belief in protecting life - or only desirable life?

So we'll be looking for "Catholics Against Bush" signs, "Catholics Against War" signs, and "Catholics Against Capital Punishment" signs to be popping up soon! After all, the Catholic Church takes a stand against a lot more than abortion rights.


Amherst Drive

To quote from Marilou Johanek's Oct. 15 column, "Campaign crusaders pit 'saints' and 'sinners,'●" a "scary level of religious fundamentalism is sweeping the nation."

History tells us that this country is a place where one can have freedom of religion, and freedom from religion. Religious persecution is the reason many fled their homelands.

It appears Ms. Johanek feels there isn't a single Christian in the entire Democratic Party. It's completely restricted to Republicans.

I would think there are a number of people in this state who would find that offensive to their personal beliefs.

If we believe as the keystone of our faith that the person of Jesus Christ who was completely God and completely man came to earth, lived a perfect, sinless life, died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins, and rose from the grave to prepare a place in heaven for these believers, why would we be so selfish as to keep that outstanding news to ourselves?

If we also believe that as Jesus instructed us to "Love God and our fellow man as we love ourselves," then it also follows that in that love we would want to share His love with everyone. Please tell us what is so "scary" about this message?


Haughton Drive

After watching the debates between the Democratic and Republican candidates, I was more aware of the stands each party is taking on the various issues. If we could do away with even half of the political ads and have more debates, we would have better informed voters.

That said, I would like to commend the Canadian television network CBC Channel 9 for its informative and educational report on Dick Cheney. There are two programs on CBC that do an excellent job of reporting and in depth investigations, The Fifth Estate and The National. The CBC is doing a report on President Bush that I intend to watch. I find it very helpful to get another country's perspective on our politics.

There is an old saying about being able to see ourselves as others see us. Sort of like walking a mile in someone else's shoes. Old sayings often have much wisdom and many a grain of truth.


Ottawa Lake

I cannot speak for anyone else, but I am totally disgusted with both candidates. I have come to believe that neither one is capable of telling us the truth. Their TV ads are full of half truths or outright lies. Apparently, both parties believe we are too stupid to check at places like I may not vote because I don't have a choice I can honestly support.

H.R. Leffel, Jr.


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