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Kerry will restore ideal of tolerance

After a bitterly contested 2000 election, the new President Bush stood before America and said he would work to earn the respect of citizens, knowing that it did not come with such a tainted victory. Mr. Bush promised to unite America, but has failed and split the nation into what may be a further divided country.

Instead of using criticism of its handling of the Iraq war as ideas to improve, the Bush Administration has labeled critics as traitors, and contended that they are merely siding with terrorists. This "with us or against us" mentality with American citizens, and other nations, has isolated people so they can choose only one of two diametrically opposite positions.

John Kerry is conciliatory, whereas Mr. Bush is not, and would restore an atmosphere in which people can passionately disagree, but still respect each other. The United States does not need four years more of internal bickering, but a change in leadership that will revive America's ideal of independent thought coexisting with tolerance.


Cannons Park

John Kerry a hunter and strong supporter of the Second Amendment? His voting record in the Senate sure does not reflect that. He never voted with gun owners or for that matter any issues that benefited hunters. And when he and John Edwards leave the campaign trail to cast their votes for the semi-automatic weapons ban, that certainly says to me that they are not the strong supporters of the Second Amendment that the Democratic leader in Ohio would want us to believe.

As far as I'm concerned, John Kerry is very weak on gun rights and does nothing to preserve our hunting heritage. It looks like it was all just a photo opportunity to fool some people into thinking otherwise.


Bennett Road

I want to compliment The Blade for its excellent editorial endorsement of John Kerry for president. It was clear, concise, logical, and very much to the point as to why we desperately need to elect Mr. Kerry and change the course this country is heading.

I agreed completely with the comment that President Bush provided steadying influence after 9/11, but why didn't he get the signals before 9/11 that were out there in abundance?

I have read that Mr. Bush is not a detail person. That is obvious in light of the fact that he takes his cues from Dick Cheney and Karl Rove on what to do and when.

I have cut out the editorial and will keep it for its excellent content.


Holland-Sylvania Road

Last Sunday brought me two shocking events. First the sun rose in the East, and then the most liberal newspaper in the state endorsed the most liberal member of the Senate. Let me shoot a few holes in your endorsement.

First you say that this election is "not about service in Vietnam." Then, a few paragraphs later, you say that Mr. Kerry's familiarity with war will make us safer. You don't mention his anti-American activities during the war.

Perhaps the latter is the reason that our troops favor President Bush more than two to one over someone who would give our sovereignty to the United Nations.

You say that your candidate understands the middle class. I'm sure he thinks of them while he is having his hair styled and his nails trimmed.

You bemoan the local economy without blaming any locally elected Democrats.

You dug up a retired Republican who endorses your candidate, but you ignore Ed Koch and Zell Miller, prominent Democrats who are voting for President Bush.

You say Osama is in a cave. President Bush put him there. When he took office Osama was free in Afghanistan, training the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11.

Worst of all, despite his slick tongue, your entire endorsement does not list one single accomplishment of Mr. Kerry's 22-year Senate career. He has never been responsible for running anything. Not a business, not a state, not even his own family finances.

This is a great nation, and it will continue to be if President Bush serves four more years.



Toledoans should send a clear message to The Blade, which pushed for the smoking ban, and to city council, which passed it without a public vote, that we still have a voice in making laws in this city by voting for Issue 4.

The most recent Blade editorial accused business owners of deception. In my opinion, nobody has been more guilty of this than The Blade.

The Blade has continuously bombarded readers with editorials and every anti-smoking article they could get their hands on.

What upsets me is it couldn't just state its case once and let us make up our own minds. It has relentlessly tried to brainwash people who are on the fence.

So many times I've heard people say The Blade has too much clout in this town. Let's show them that the citizens of Toledo still run this city.


Tremainsville Road

Oh Happy Day! My husband and I went into two restaurants in Toledo recently for lunch and dinner (one had a bar). It was wonderful! No smoke. We really enjoyed the clean air. Of course, we went back again.

The best solution to this question is to make the law effective throughout Lucas County and the state of Ohio. This is definitely a heart and lung health issue.

We go into Toledo to enjoy the restaurants and bars because of no smoke.



To those who are whining about the national election:

Boohoo. I'm tired of watching all these political ads.

Boohoo. I'm tired of being in a "swing state."

Boohoo. I'm tired of Toledo being featured on national nightly news.

Boohoo. I'm tired of Toledo being spotlighted worldwide.

Boohoo. I'm tired of possibly being able to decide the fate of the entire world.

To you, I offer this relief: On Nov. 3, Toledo can go back to being a backwater, provincial town and the butt of jokes nationwide.


Flanders Hill Court

November will again bring us Veterans' Day, and the chance to once again pay tribute and thanks to those who have served in the Armed Forces of our nation. We especially honor those who are currently serving throughout the country and the world. To these active military men and women, I must offer some warning:

Your brothers-in-arms may be persuaded to rally against you. Your wounds in battle may be trivialized with Purple Heart Band-Aids. In spite of amputations, you may not have the "courage to lead." If held as a prisoner of war, you may be declared "unbalanced."

According to Thomas P. Cadmus, national commander of the American Legion, "Political gamesmanship has even crept into veterans' issues, once neutral territory. This is not the government the Founding Fathers had in mind."

Godspeed and thanks to all who boldly serve.

But be aware, should you decide to further serve your nation through elected office, you may find that your enemies are not limited to those you left on the battlefield.


Napoleon, Ohio

How patriotic will you feel if North Korea, Iran, Zarqawi, Saddam, and Osama are celebrating George W. Bush's defeat along with John Kerry on Nov. 3?



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