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Support was fitting tribute to Dressel

In the early morning hours of Feb. 21, Toledo Police Det. Keith Dressel was killed in the line of duty. Detective Dressel's death has had a profound effect on his family, the Toledo Police Department, and the community. This tragedy has brought an entire community to the stark realization that the men and women who keep our streets safe are also putting their lives on the line every time they go to work.

Keith was a man to be admired for his achievements and noble qualities. His dedication to family and to his profession was apparent to all around him. He was a true hero who dedicated his life to this community, and he will always be remembered as such a man.

On behalf of the Toledo Police Department, I commend the Dressel family for allowing our department and this community to be a part of Keith's funeral. I also appreciate everyone who expressed their sympathy in words and deeds. This includes the students who stood at attention in the cold throughout the funeral procession, the media, business owners, brother police officers and firefighters, and everyone who contributed to the Keith Dressel Memorial Fund.

The outpouring of support that came from not just our community but from around the country was a wonderful and fitting tribute to the memory of Detective Keith Thomas Dressel.


Chief of Police

What are the three things that right-wing evangelicals hate the most? They are liberals, Democrats, and gays. So when Ann Coulter calls John Edwards a derogatory term for gay she hits the trifecta.

This was a calculated move on Ms. Coulter's part to increase speaking engagements and spur book sales. Each time the press repeats her outrageous remark they play right into her strategy. It increases her capital with the evangelical right-wingers and they get to enjoy hearing it over and over again. They will continue to buy her books and pay to hear her speak.

Imagine what would become of her if the press never reported anything she said. She would have to find a real job.

Mary Visco


My son has served proudly for over a decade and is in his fifth deployment to the Gulf. I'm proud of him and I have done all I can to support him. I served 12 years myself and know what sacrifices he's making firsthand.

I've bought him necessary equipment that the military wouldn't and am currently saving to buy equipment for his team as well. I've encouraged him to advance in his chosen career every step of the way, even though this war is without doubt the biggest mistake this country has ever made.

The Republicans have insisted for some time now that liberals and Democrats aren't supporting our troops and until now, I wasn't sure what they meant.

Now I know what they mean. What Republicans mean by support is mouse and roach traps for Walter Reed and other VA hospitals. They want permission to be the slum landlords for our troops.

I'd like to ask all Republicans to do their part in supporting the Republican view of troop support and buy mousetraps. Send them to a local Republican party office for shipping to Walter Reed and VA hospitals.

Help the Republican Party show the troops they care about them.

Ken Hodlik


Some have called President Carter's book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, anti-Semitic. Zionist apologists commonly misuse this term to discredit any criticism of Israel and to blur the reality of the illegal occupation the former president has been challenging for decades.

As the major negotiator of the 1978 Camp David Accords, Mr. Carter gives a straightforward account of his long, committed effort to bring about a just peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. His work is balanced. He deplores and condemns Palestinian resistance when it resorts to terrorism, but if he appears to favor the Palestinians, it is because he is candid about Israel's multiple violations of dozens of U.N. resolutions and promises made during Camp David and Oslo.

His use of "apartheid" aptly describes a country that:

•relegates Palestinians to live in cantons surrounded by Israeli military checkpoints and Jewish-only roads,

•bulldozes homes and uproots orchards to build illegal Jewish settlements,

•prohibits international aid from reaching the resultant homeless victims, and

•cuts off access to water with a wall that separates Palestinians from their farms, schools, and hospitals, a wall condemned at The Hague.

While Mr. Carter largely blames the U.S. for orchestrating much of the mischief (with the aid of $12 million per day and warplanes that regularly bomb Gaza and Lebanon), he asserts the problem can only be solved internally, that is, if the will of the thousands of Israelis who long for a just peace prevail over their extremist leaders.

We recently attended Sabeel, an ecumenical liberation theology conference where we heard such voices: courageous Jewish, Muslim, and Christian activists who spoke against occupation, and in support of President Carter's book. It gave us renewed hope for peace.

Anne Marie Abowd

Brookside Road

I feel compelled to respond to a Readers' Forum contributor who feels that "the liberals are hastening our country's demise." I feel that in recent history, for the most part, no one was worrying about "our country's demise" prior to this administration's callous and arrogant attitude toward anything but their own agenda. I also do not think it "cowardly" to disagree with its actions, especially in light of the recent revelations regarding our wounded veterans.

I could go on and on, but will address this: the reference to Democrats' catering to disgusting special interests makes me wonder if this individual has ever heard of the gun lobby. In addition, I found the reference to Molly Ivins columns especially hateful.

So see? The Blade did find someone to replace her!

Bonnie Fruchey-Mossing

Shoreland Avenue

With all the handwringing going on about inadequate local tax revenues to Toledo and surrounding communities, here's a novel idea: Why not apply the local taxes to all income, rather than just wages and small business owners' income?

Why should coupon clippers, dividend check cashers, and stock market speculators (all of whom already receive huge federal tax breaks), lottery winners, trust fund beneficiaries, annuity recipients, 401K withdrawers, pensioners, and Social Security recipients skate without paying the local tax?

Those who sit on their big fat assets and stock-bond portfolios get a free local ride. The poor waitresses, laborers, and garbage collectors get hit on their first dollar of hard-earned income while the richie-riches coast local tax-free on their booty.

How is this allowed to happen? I suspect it's because most voters do not understand that the fat cat getting $250,000 a year in dividends and interest pays zero local tax (and also a much lower federal tax rate, thanks to the former Republican Congress), compared to one who works for wages. I suggest we start taxing the Fat Cats. Use the federal adjusted gross income as the basis to figure local tax. Exclude the first $5,000 in interest, dividends, and wages if you like to keep things simple.

It's time to tax unearned income as well as wages and salaries.

Carl Hudecek


Certainly, Gen. Peter Pace has a right to speak his mind regarding his convictions and insert his foot, or in this case feet, into his mouth. But perhaps the interviewer shouldn't have asked and he shouldn't have told. The situation of gays in the military was settled nearly a dozen years ago.

Guess this is his 15 minutes of fame (infamy).

Joanne Tollison

Petersburg, Mich.

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