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Reconsider the use of old oil wells

All other major spills have resulted from collisions, leaks in ships, or ship groundings.

Oil-producing installations, drilled, built, and maintained by Americans, are historically and obviously safe and trouble free.

I even spoke to a welder who worked on the Alaskan pipeline for two years, and his greatest problem was having to climb onto a high section of the line to avoid being trampled by migrating caribou.

Today, the average cost of a gallon of regular in Ohio is over $3.50, with higher costs expected.

We buy much of our oil from Venezuela, and its chief, Hugo Chavez, who admits his hatred for the United States; from Mexico, which has sent millions of illegals to this country who get citizens' benefits without being required to earn them as have all immigrants in all past generations; from Nigeria, which is embroiled in a civil war, and from historically unfriendly nations.

At the same time, while Cuba openly considers licensing Russia or Japan to drill for oil in the ocean between our countries, we refuse to allow any drilling within miles of our shores, voicing unwarranted concerns over our environment.

Within our shores are hundreds of old, abandoned wells which, with modern fractionating methods, could again produce needed petroleum.

It is time that we reconsider our position.

Dale K. Anderson

West Bancroft Street

I have just revised my plans for the summer. I will not be traveling to North Carolina to visit my sister as I had planned since last year. Also, she will not be visiting here this year.

Gasoline prices have become so out of sight as to be a joke. The oil companies have posted billions of dollars in profit for the last several quarters, and yet have the nerve to insist they are not "gouging."

One excuse is that they don't have enough refinery capacity.

Well, with all that profit why don't they build new refineries? Guess not. That would make too much sense, wouldn't it?

And as if this isn't ridiculous enough, the government agrees with them.

At the very least, there should be a congressional investigation. After all, it's simply not possible that every single senator and congressman is in the oil business like our (so-called) President.

The man is a disgrace and should be impeached for the rape of the American people. Thank God he can't run again.

Shirley J. Beutler


For years gas prices go up just before a holiday weekend and drop back down after, and the news media try to explain why.

There can be four gas stations on any given street corner and they all raise their prices at exactly the same time and exactly the same price. Then they go down at exactly the same time to exactly the same price. That used to be called "price fixing".

In these times of highly competitive competition, industry has to spend millions of dollarson research to stay competitive. They say we don't have enough capacity to keep up with the gas demand in this country.

Do you suppose the petroleum industry has had its head in the sand and that is why a refinery has not been built in this country for the last 25 or 30 years, or do you suppose things have gone exactly like the oil people in this country have wanted it to go.

The oil companies in this country control, to a great extent, our economy. Motels and resorts and everyone will suffer monetarily for thevacations and trips cancelled this summer because of gasoline prices. They will get the gas price up to $4 so when they drop it to $3.50 we will be happy.

Lord knows the petroleum industry has really taken it on the chin. Their profits show exactly how they have taken it on the chin.

Basil Lowe


It's quite obvious that the rise in gasoline prices has yet to affect any of the Toledo drivers. On my way into work every morning, I still see everybody zooming down the expressway at speeds of 70 mph-plus putting on makeup, talking on phones, eating breakfast, etc.

Until people realize that they are in total control of how much they spend on gas, the pain in the wallet will not subside. Optimum fuel efficiency is well below the posted speedlimits on our highways. However, the more drivers slow down closer to the posted speeds or even slightly below, I don't want to hear that the price of gas is ridiculous.

It is out of control, but the consumer has total control as tohow to stretch the fuel dollar.

Mike Webber

Colony Drive

Do you remember what you paid for gas before we invaded Iraq?Do you think today's prices might be related to that war?

James McCrea


There is an axiom in business: "Don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg."

The oil companies are now telling us the cost of gasoline has risen to $4 a gallon as their refineries are operating at less than full capacity due to breakdowns and some are operating less than 50 percent of capacity.

The operating inefficiencies of the refineries have caused a shortage in thesupply of gasoline at the neighborhood pumps. So the oil companies tell us. Another axiom, this time in statistics:"Shortage-of-supply prices rise.Excess-supply prices fall."

The oil companies have been telling us forseveral months various reasons why there is a shortage of gasoline.

I'm surprised they haven't told us the geologists have been suffering from various maladies, which has affected their performance in seeking new oil fields.

I hold that refineries are the geese that lay the golden eggs.If the oil companies are that stupid not to recognize this in not plowing some of their "bottom line profits," in keeping their refineries operating at full capacity, we are doomed at the pump.

Or are we that stupid inaccepting the oil firms' smoke screens and not pressuring our elected congressmen to tell us the secrets they know about theoil companies theyare keeping from us.We have a right for quick and positive legislation action.

Ron Talloak Everett


I read with interest the May 21 article, "Road repairs fed by gas tax face squeeze."

If Congress would re-enact the excess profits tax that was in effect in the 1940s and early 1950s and divert the money to road repairs, it would help the American people recoup some of the profits from the gouging oil companies.

Karl Fink

Autumn View Court

Oh, boy! Chrysler is going to build a $570 million dollar plant in Mexico to make a new V-6 engine.

Why not invest here? Why not makenew, fuel-efficient four cylinder engines? They're closing plants, laying off employees, closing dealerships, and getting ready to be owned by a USA corporation - yet they'll spend millions outside the USA as part of their "restructuring plan."

I guess "buy American" will have to include Mexico too.

Hank Rybaczewski

Douglas Road

The oil companies always report that the large increase in gas prices is due to the case of supply and demand.

My question: Has anyone ever stopped at a gas station when they had no gas to supply for your demand?


Eastbrook Drive

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