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Justice not done in Libby case

"Scooter" Libby's trial and sentencing was roundly applauded in a recent Blade editorial which opined that he should not be pardoned. However, the outcome of that trial is getting loud boos from many in both political parties who believe in justice and are still able to think for themselves.

In the indictment, Libby was trapped by an overzealous prosecutor who could find no crime, and unbelievably, knew from the very beginning that it was Richard Armitage who leaked the name of Bush-hating Joe Wilson's wife to the press.

Since there was no crime committed, that should have been the end of it. But as The Blade editorial pointed out, the government's "long and costly investigation" continued.

However, it was not anything Libby did or did not do that caused the prosecutor to press on. The salivating Democrats who smelled blood in the water, and their close friends in the left-leaning media, pushed hard for him to try and nail someone high in the Bush Administration.

Accordingly, prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who displays a fondness for being on the government's payroll and covets the resume-building headlines he got throughout the process, was not to be denied. Try as he may, the best he could come up with was a piddling little "process" crime trap.

The resulting indictment pales in comparison to Sandy Berger's sock-stuffing theft of secret documents from the National Archives. Even so, Libby gets 2 1/2 years, Burger gets no prison time. This is justice?

On Jan. 20, 2001, former President Bill Clinton pardoned more than 140 felons, most of whom were far more "unpardonable" than Libby. The only real crime in this politically generated debacle will be committed by President Bush if he allows Scooter Libby to spend even one day in jail.

Frank E. Miller


Much to gain from church and school

A recent letter voiced opposition to the request by Monclova Road Baptist Church for a zoning change. I am a member of this church and admit that some might consider my opinion to be biased. I can understand the writer's concerns over a possible increase in traffic. However, I take exception to the statement that "most of the community has nothing good to gain if this request is granted."

At our church forgiveness of sin through faith in Jesus Christ is preached. Once this forgiveness is obtained, one is taught to live right (with God's help) by precepts found in the Bible. Lives are changed for the better. I can testify that I personally experienced this forgiveness almost 22 years ago and it brought peace to my life that 10 years worth of alcoholic beverages could not give me.

Christians are taught to work hard, submit to lawful authority, pay taxes, be honest in our dealings with others, be charitable to those in need, and in general be a blessing to society rather than a drain on it.

Children raised in a Christian home or taught in a Christian school are less likely to get caught up in drug or alcohol abuse, use harmful substances like tobacco, or get tangled in illicit sexual relationships that spread diseases and cause unwanted pregnancies. Avoiding these things at a young age can prevent a lifetime of physical and emotional scars.

The above-mentioned problems cause an increase in health care costs and place an ever-increasing tax burden on us.

A church and school at the corner of Monclova and Coder roads would not only benefit Monclova, but also the entire Toledo area. How can one say there is nothing good to be gained by it ?

Tom Horne

Rega Drive

Comparing Iraq and S. Korea absurd

President Bush has suggested a 50-year presence in Iraq, comparing it to Korea. The comparison of South Korea to Iraq is absolutely absurd. We fought with the South Koreans against the north and we invaded Iraq and fought against the Iraqis. They certainly would welcome a prolonged stay by American forces.

Why did we invade Iraq to begin with? Was it to have a decades-long occupation in the Middle East?

Hosea Payne

Ottawa Hills

Flush with 'cowards and malcontents'

Fred Nofziger writes in the Readers' Forum that liberals "pushed amnesty for deserters and draft dodgers" during the Vietnam War. He calls these draft dodgers "cowards and malcontents."

Unfortunately, that perfectly describes all members of our current administration, from our AWOL President, our "I've got other priorities" vice president, and the neo-cons, most of whom failed to serve in Vietnam while supporting the war.

Cowards and malcontents? I'll say.

Irv Brenner

Palo Alto, Calif.

Township trustees can't be trusted

So the Sylvania Township trustees are mulling a levy request. That old saying "a day late and a dollar short" comes to mind.

Where were they last December when citizen after citizen lined up at the trustee meeting and absolutely begged the trustees to put an operating levy on the May, 2007, ballot for the fire department?

Two of the trustees responded with a resounding "no." Since two is a majority on this board of trustees, no levy. Then the two trustees voted to eliminate five firefighter/paramedics positions and the transport service effective January, 2007.

Now that ordinary Sylvania citizens, concerned about their community's safety, have formed a committee and are asking registered voters in both the city and township to sign an initiative petition to put a five-year, 1.5-mill operating levy on the ballot this fall for the fire department, the township trustees are suddenly mulling their own levy request. As the younger generation would say, "give me a break."

What are the township trustees not telling us? Their levy would be to maintain fire/EMS services as they are now (at reduced levels from 2006 and with no plan to restore the transport service).

The levy initiative (1.5 mills for five years) proposed by Supporters for a Safe Sylvania, would provide sufficient funding to hire back five firefighter-paramedics and restore the transport service.

Now that a citizens committee is doing what the trustees should have done months ago, the trustees are suddenly rushing to join the bandwagon. Why am I not reassured?

We couldn't depend on the trustees to look after our safety in December when they made the fire department budget cuts. Why would we trust them now to do the right thing?

Carol A. Lindhuber


Essayist's ideas are from another planet

I find myself full of disbelief after reading the Saturday Essay by Sam Kaplan. He looks normal in the picture but his ideas are something from another planet. Could it be that politics, media, schools, even some religious ranks are wrong to think that the greatest, most free country in the world became (and stays) this way because of "luck of the draw"? I doubt it!

Likely it was the sacrifices made by soldiers, veterans, and all of the proud Americans over the course of 200 years. Whether it was gas rationing, victory gardens, scrap drives, or the most costly sacrifice of all, loss of life or limb, most loyal citizens did what was needed to ensure our freedom.

More and more, as Mr. Kaplan tried to explain, today the only important thing is Me, cheap gas, and the thought that our lives should improve with no cost to us.

I have always told others that everything in life is a trade-off. Think about it. Sam Kaplan has.

It would be nice to read a few of his other thoughts instead of all the moaning and complaining we hear in the letters to editor.

Jim Bell

Oldham Drive

I am tired of hearing about Paris Hilton. Check her into a Motel 6; maybe they will leave a light on for her.

Poor baby Paris!

Tom Garcher

Barbara Drive

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