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Benedict just telling truth on salvation

It is often said that the truth hurts. I guess Pope Benedict XVI had this in mind when he reconfirmed that the only way to salvation is through the Catholic church.

I am one Catholic who is in full agreement with this doctrine. The moral decay of the Protestant churches leaves little truth in what they teach. The Pope had no choice but to challenge us all to seek the truth of salvation, and if it means offending the weak in spirit, then so be it.

Anyone who seeks salvation will find that the path leads straight to the church that Jesus Christ put in place using Peter as the rock it was built upon. The Catholic Church is not here to change with the world, it s here to change the world. On matters of salvation, it can only speak the truth. And as I said, the truth often hurts.

Go to church on Christmas when it falls on a Sunday? Employees need to be home with their families on Christmas, not worshipping God. Is this a way to salvation? A televangelist recently supported the idea of assassinating the president of a sovereign nation. Is this the way to salvation? Another religion advocates suicide bombings. Is this the way to salvation? No!

The more you are offended by what the Pope has reaffirmed, the deeper you should be looking at your own path to salvation. I am glad that through the grace of God my feet have found the path that lead me to only church that can offer salvation.

Thomas E. Rawlins

Glenbrook Avenue

Concerning the July 14 Blade editorial on Pope Benedict XVI, all I can say is how we miss Pope John Paul II, who accomplished so much. Cardinal Karol Wojtyla never imagined becoming Pope. He was just a priest with conviction tested under the iron fist of totalitarian rulers. But he could meet with both President Ronald Reagan and Cuban leader Fidel Castro and be the influence that only he could be.

As U2 band front man Bono stated, The best front man the Catholic Church ever had. A great showman, a great communicator of ideas even if you didn t agree with all of them, a great friend to the world s poor, which is how I got to meet him. Without John Paul II, it s hard to imagine the Drop the Debt campaign succeeding as it did.

Brian Smith

Indian Knoll Drive

In response to the July 18 letter writer s statement about Pope Benedict XVI and the fact that only Christ saves, let me alter a well-known saying to its Catholic form: God the Father said it; Jesus Christ did it; the Holy Spirit inspires it; the Church teaches it; I believe it; that settles it. Pope Benedict is a wonderful scholar and teacher who has cracked the Bible open many times. I whole-heartedly approve of his recent statement on the nature of the Church. Let that writer crack her Bible open to this verse: 1 Timothy 3:15 and learn.

Mike Drabik

Bronson Avenue

I understand The Blade s secular position on its July 14 editorial, Papal divide. But did it consider that Christ himself said he came to bring division and not peace (Matthew 10:34) and that the Catholic Church, like its founder, is a sign of contradiction (Luke 2:34)?

All baptized persons are Christians; but one church is not as good as another. Christ set up a teaching church, not a book. The book comes from the church, not the church from the book.

The Blade also missed the restoration of the traditional Latin Mass as the most important thing to happen in the Catholic Church in 40 years.

For years now, the progressive party in the Church has been losing ground.

Certainly, we will pray for the conversion of Jews, Moslems, and evangelicals.

Pope Benedict XVI has liberated us. We are not going to pretend anymore. We are not going back. We want nothing more to do with the English Mass, ecumenism, or eucharistic ministries. There is nothing they can do about it.

Martin LaPorte

Reynolds Road

The recent remarks of Pope Benedict XVI seem to indicate that the importance of salvation rests within the church. It is my understanding that the importance of salvation rests with the founder of the church, Jesus Christ.

There are a number of churches that trace their roots to Jesus and then try to prove theirs is the only true church. My own beloved Baptist roots can be traced to John the Baptist. He was the last of the Old Testament prophets and the official forerunner of Jesus, who submitted to his baptism. It was from John s disciples that we see the beginning of the church. When told his disciples were leaving him and following Jesus, John said: He [Jesus] must increase and I must decrease.

However, Christians who misplace their faith into religiosity fall into error. Churches that place their emphasis upon anything other than this testimony, For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 2:2), need to take another look.

So, let us go forth with this message of salvation, for it is good news and not a religious divide. Now, let s have church.

Rev. Vaughn Leighty

Susan Lane

Before damning the Pope s document, one should read it. It is short, 1,400 words, and easily found online. Anyone who reads it will come away saying, that was really blown out of proportion. The real purpose of the document is introspective: for Catholics to look at themselves and reflect, not to point out differences of other faith communities. The document tries to correct some internal Catholic theological interpretations that are erroneous or ambiguous and which cause confusion and doubt within the church.

The document simply reiterates some historical truths: The Catholic Church is where other Christians split from. With that split, they by choice lost some completeness, i.e. fullness of grace and of truth. This is a fact of history that many ignore or misunderstand. The best and most important example is the fact that Catholics are a eucharistic people. All Christians believed in the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist until the 1500s, when those splitting off by choice no longer believed in His true presence.

Plus, far from being disparaging, the document states that other faith communities are deprived neither of significance nor importance in the mystery of salvation. In addition, the Spirit of Christ has not refrained from using them as instruments of salvation. To say the document is embarrassing or nonecumenical is a misreading of the document; that is, if the one has taken a few minutes to read it in the first place.

Bill Petro

Pelham Road

In the interest of truth and fairness, it should be remembered always that the Vatican declarations mentioned in the July 14 editorial, Papal divide, were replies to questions sent to the Vatican s Congregation for Doctrine and Faith. The replies were an attempt to answer the questions as truthfully as possible.

Filipino Catholics and, for that matter, any Catholic can work together with Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and other religious groups for peace, justice, etc., without forgetting one s religious identity, with its commonality and differences with others.

As the French would say: Vive la difference.

Rev. Peter V. Zafe, Director

Philippine-American Catholic CouncilTremainsville Road

Since Toledo is building a new arena downtown, maybe it is time for the City to step up and use solar power for the new arena. Why not solar here? It is big in Europe and Asia. It could be the start of something great for the city.

Hey, there is a company locally that can help with this. Its name is First Solar. Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, check it out.

Fred Arent


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