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Letters to the Editor

Monclova church site is logical choice

The property at the corner of Monclova and Coder roads is obviously the most logical choice for Monclova Road Baptist Church's new facilities.

The current location is convenient for its congregation and the chosen location, being nearby, is also. A distant move makes no sense for the church members. MRBC does not have a better option.

The current and chosen locations are in the heart of a growing residential area. Churches and schools belong in residential areas rather than commercial districts, as some have suggested.

MRBC's plan is to move the church to the new location and maintain the school at the current location. This may change in the future, but until and unless it does, the proximity of the two properties is ideal and necessary. MRBC does not have a better option!

The chosen property allows for regulation-sized ball fields which will provide for fun and character-building activities for church members and school students.

MRBC has changed the site plan repeatedly, responding to reasonable, and even some far-fetched, objections of those who oppose the new location.

MRBC has been an honorable part of "their" neighborhood for longer than most of those who are saying that a church is not welcome in "their" neighborhood. That's just ironic.

I'm an MRBC member and a township resident. I pay taxes and vote. I have attended all of the meetings and it has been clear to me that township officials have so far tried to be logical and keep discussion factual. I am asking all three trustees to do what is right and approve the special-use permit request.

Jon Fish

Monclova Township

U.S. greatness fueled by industry declining

I was shocked to read in The Blade on Aug. 9 about the Autolite plant in Fostoria running off 350 workers, shuffling their jobs to Mexico. I didn't think there were anymore jobs left in America to be out-sourced.

As we Americans witness the dismantling of our country and what made it great to shortsighted corporate/governmental interests, will anyone stand up and say enough?

Evidenced by this shortsighted policy, our local governments are growing pathetically under-funded for services like busing, road repair, education, police, and firefighting. We've even got bridges falling down now. All the while, we're rebuilding Iraq.

Our federal government is in hock $9 trillion. Can payments even be made on that debt as our tax base erodes?

President Bush doles the rich tax breaks while throwing us "commoners" a bone. What he doesn't understand is that you can't run America on the cheap.

It's been implied that American workers made too much, had too many benefits, but that was comparing them to a Chinese or Mexican workers. Americans in their heyday spent their bucks in this country, funded pensions, our government, all social programs, and there was plenty of money to go around.

Alas, the Americans who saw this country in its heyday are in the autumn/winter of their years, and the bounty made possible by the "made in America" emblem is crumbling.

Kids nowadays are clueless as to what this country was like a mere 30 years ago, when at age 18 you could get a job and raise your family with dignity for life.

When you add up all the illegal workers, all the jobs that have been out-sourced to Mexico, all the references to speaking Spanish here, perhaps we should just make Mexico our 51st state.

Matthew Golkiewicz

Petersburg, Mich.

Toledo needs to hire development chief

The next time a business is looking for a place to build, let them look no further than the empty movie theaters in Toledo. On Secor Road, a theater, the former Bennett Funeral Home, and Krispy Kreme are all next to each other. There is plenty of parking behind the theater. This is a prime location on a very busy street. The theater on Monroe Street in front of Target also has plenty of parking and is another prime location on Toledo's busiest street.

Why are there no "For Sale" signs at these locations? They have the largest display areas for "For Sale" signs in the Midwest. Why has Toledo not gone after businesses to fill these spaces? I will tell you why - there is no full-time economic development director in this city.

Please, Mayor Finkbeiner, do your job and hire someone to do this job. You can't be everything to everyone, so stop micro-managing and get started on getting this city back on track. Toledo needs to have a full compliment of staff, including fire, police, and an economic development director. Carty, it is time to let go and hire people to do their jobs.

I can tell you that my job as the owner of a company is to make sure others do their jobs. I cannot do this job all by myself, and Carty, neither can you.

Dale R. Perne

Talmadge Road

Can't trust mayor on crime statistics

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner is basing all of his crime statistics on homicides. OK, we've only had a very low murder rate this year. Look at the Crime Watch page in The Blade each Saturday to see the number of other crimes around the city. Last week there were 150 combined burglaries, auto thefts, thefts, robberies, and personal assaults. That is in just one week. Check it each week and this really mounts up over the year.

We do need an increase in police protection. Carty is just doing his usual Houdini act. You can't trust anything he gives as a statistic.

Roger Sutherland

Amesbury Road

Alabama county correctly included in GO Zone

I am responding to the Aug. 20 editorial that misrepresented the Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005 by suggesting that Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, was unfairly and unjustly included within the GO Zone program.

The editorial skewed critical details of the GO Zone program. It was conveniently omitted that a county's eligibility for the GO Zone benefit was not determined by any individual member of Congress or even Congress as a whole. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, a state's emergency management agency, and each state's governor worked together to declare disaster areas. Congress used those recommendations to establish GO Zone eligibility.

In Alabama, FEMA designated 22 counties as disaster areas, making them eligible for individual assistance, public assistance, or both. Although the article insinuates that Tuscaloosa County was unfairly included, it was classified as a disaster area by FEMA, and not added as an eligible county by Congress alone.

The GO Zone Act addresses the long-term goals of rebuilding an economically devastated region by encouraging businesses to reinvest in facilities and rehire employees by providing eligible counties with tax credits. It will not only help businesses rebuild and expand, but will also attract new investment and new businesses to Alabama and the Gulf Coast. The legislation placed the responsibility for selecting projects with the governor. The governor approves eligibility requirements for all economic development projects under the GO Zone Act.

Alabama's quick recovery is a testament to Alabamians' will and hard work. I believe the GO Zone legislation has played an integral role in attracting new businesses to Alabama and helping those devastated by the hurricane recover. I have tried to serve my 21 years in the United States Senate with the utmost integrity, transparency, and honesty, and I will continue to work to ensure that these funds are not misused.

Sen. Richard Shelby

Washington, D.C.

Ludeman's ousting is best thing for him

Rob Ludeman, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. I have lived in your district for your entire tenure. There is a reason we kept you around. Your ousting was the best thing that could have happened to you.

You know what they say, the president of a bunch of fools makes you look like the biggest fool. It's something you're not accustomed to.

Joseph E. Shultz

Highland Green Drive

An ironic commentary involving embattled Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick: Every dog has its day.

William Coley

Pin Oak Drive

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