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Letters to the Editor

Take car keys away from older drivers

My heart goes out to all the family members who lost loved ones in the recent barrage of accidents over the holiday season.

I would like to focus on the Christmas Eve accident that claimed the life of my nephew, David Mealer, and 18-year-old Hollis Richer, and left David's son, Brock, with a spinal injury.

The last Blade story about these accidents said it would raise awareness. It does no good to be aware if there is no action behind it.

A 90-year-old man ran a stop sign. I feel strongly that legislation needs to be passed requiring stricter driver's license exams for everyone, but especially for those of us over the age of 65.

Until that happens, take the keys from your elderly parents and grandparents. I know this is a sensitive and difficult decision but not anywhere close to seeing the grieving families who are left behind. So many lives are impacted by these fatal errors, which could have been avoided.

Families, wake up and take the keys before this happens to someone else. Until legislation is passed, it's up to us to help elderly seniors act responsibly.

Joyce Kane

Delta, Ohio

'Take a walk on wild side' is good advice

I almost always agree with Marilou Johanek's columns and her "Reconnect with nature" piece was no exception. Her view was articulated so well that I had to lend my wholehearted agreement. How well I remember my time in the woods or along a stream hunting crawdads or fishing for bluegill.

It is sad that enjoying the wonders of the natural world has been replaced for so many by mindless video games and computer chatrooms. It is not too late, however. Take Marilou's advice and consider "taking a walk on the wild side before you become a bear to live with."

Jim Dennis

Rawson, Ohio

U.S. cannot just quit in the war on terror

Many opinions published in The Blade express a strong desire for the United States to end the war against terror because it costs too much of our national treasure; i.e., soldiers' lives and tax dollars. I am perplexed by such an attitude.

First, and most obvious to anyone who is not ignorant of world affairs, we cannot end the war because it was declared on us by an enemy who vows to fight until it wins or is destroyed.

Second, we must all weigh the cost of national defense against the cost of even one of our cities the enemy hopes to obliterate.

J. Murray Stewart

Shoreland Avenue

Promote American, not Chinese, cars

So often we read in the paper about how poorly the auto industry is faring. Then please tell me why Detroit is showing cars from China in the car show.

Detroit is the capital of the car industry. Keep it so. We should only promote American cars so we can keep our own people employed.

Jo Mizer

Delta, Ohio

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