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Dann staying is affront to party, voters

Marc Dann has done a disservice, not just to his own office but to the mandate clearly expressed by Ohio voters in November, 2006. Like many Ohioans, I came into 2006 frustrated - fed up, really - with the stagnation, lack of transparency, and self-aggrandizement gripping Columbus after more than a decade of Republican rule. And like a majority of Ohioans, I was ready and eager to put my trust in an attorney general who would hold our state's leaders - and presumably himself - to a higher standard.

In 2006, Ohio voters were fed up with the status quo in Columbus. Old policies, and retread Republican officeholders, weren't bringing in new jobs and new businesses to Ohio. It appeared that the primary "accomplishment" of those in Columbus was to line the pockets of the few at the expense of many. Self-dealing seemed to be the primary currency of our state's leaders.

But the voters responded, and we did so in a sweeping fashion. To crib an old saying, we "threw the bums out" and brought in the fresh faces and fresh ideas Ohio so badly needed.

Mr. Dann's egregious transgressions against both his office and the public trust are particularly hurtful because the voters' mandate for change still stands, and the rest of the "class of 2006" is ready and willing to pursue this change. Every single day that Mr. Dann remains in office stands as an affront, not only to voters but to his own party and the ideals for which it still stands. He must step down now in order to allow the voters' mandate to continue to move forward under Gov. Ted Strickland.

Darlene Dunn


Editor's note: The writer is the Democratic candidate for state representative in the 46th District.

UT shows disregard for students, again

I have tried to remain patient with the University of Toledo. I looked past the fact that I could never find a parking space, despite paying an obscene amount of money for my parking pass. I tried to remain impartial when the winter graduation ceremony was canceled. I even kept my cool when my husband, a current UT student, could not get any help from his adviser for scheduling classes and was subsequently scared into thinking he might not graduate this spring despite having all his credits.

As a graduate of UT's education program, I have stayed loyal to my alma mater.

However, I now am officially done with UT. The idea that it gave graduates a measly four tickets for guests to attend graduation is absurd and completely disregards nontraditional students who have spouses, children, and parents - all of whom have helped the journey to success. I understand that limits must be placed to avoid overcrowding but four tickets is an insult. Thanks to this, my husband was put into an uncomfortable situation during what should be the happiest time of his life, trying to decide which family members would be invited.

We were told that the cancellation of the winter ceremony and the renovation of Savage Hall, were the reasons tickets were reduced.

Those weren't my problems. Those were UT's problems and were a direct result of its poor decision to cancel the winter ceremony. Once again, UT has not put its students first. After paying nearly $35,000, the very least it can do for its students is afford them enough tickets to allow four parents and a spouse to attend.

I will definitely be getting my master's degree at Bowling Green State University. Go Falcons.

Katie Peters

Randon Drive

Concentrate efforts on proven practices

An April 29 story in The Blade expressed concern regarding the increasing rate of teen pregnancy in Lucas County. The story said that Toledo Public Schools is attempting to "strengthen sexual education" using a "comprehensive" sex education program called "Reducing the Risk."

In 2007, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services did a review of "comprehensive" sex-education programs. The report states that "Reducing the Risk" mentions abstinence 90 times but mentions "protection" 254 times and condoms 183 times. Is this an equal balance?

Do parents realize this program aimed at eighth and 10th graders is sending their children to stores to investigate condom brands, differences, and prices as a homework assignment? Do parents also realize that teens are being told they can go to clinics and get birth control pills without parental consent? Yet research shows that one of the greatest influences in preventing teen pregnancy is maternal relationship and communication. Shouldn't the schools be promoting rather than breaking down this relationship?

Why not concentrate efforts more on abstinence education, positive mentoring, and including parents? These have been proven over time.

Dr. Alean Zeiler


Casino trickledown in Detroit negligible

In response to casinos in Toledo: In Michigan there are numerous casinos with three in downtown Detroit. You would think the economy might be better with the "boost" it gets from these moneymakers. But, as always, we have yet to see the money trickle down to where it is needed or where it was designated to go. It just lines the pockets of those involved.

Roads continue to be very poor, schools continue to close, foreclosures are unreal, and the recession here is amongst the worst in the country. We will never see the benefits of revenue from casinos here. Beware of the fine print if a casino comes before voters in Lucas County.

Cathy Raymond

LaSalle, Mich.

Many young people denied rebate checks

The federal government recently decided to issue economic stimulus payments to citizens. The goal is that people would go out to their favorite stores and spend the money. But there is a catch: Not everyone qualifies for a stimulus check. In fact, our government has chosen to exclude working teenagers and college students from receiving stimulus checks.

Why is this? Simple. Our parents have the privilege of claiming us on their taxes, excluding us from the benefit of a stimulus check. Now, consider the purpose of these checks: to stimulate the economy. Since our nation's economy has been poor, people are most likely to use their check to pay their mortgage, car payment, utilities, or even a retirement fund. The teenagers and college students being denied a check, however, are most likely to go out and buy a new computer or flat-screen television.

Its seems that our government is not only excluding teenagers and college students, they are excluding those who are most likely to stimulate the economy.

Sandy Bick


Suspending gas tax will lower all prices

The recent editorial in The Blade about Sen. John McCain's suggested suspension of the gasoline tax illustrates a lack of constructive and logical thinking.

The tax on gasoline and diesel is one of the biggest reasons for the high prices we pay for everything. The tax paid on the freight for shipping raw material to the manufacturer is added to the cost of the product. The tax paid on shipping the product to the wholesaler is added to the cost. The tax paid on shipping to the retail store is added in the cost. Often, the tax paid by the manufacturer is multiplied by four or five times by the time it reaches the retailer.

If taxes on fuel were eliminated, the cost of everything could be greatly reduced. American companies would have a better chance of competing with foreign products. Jobs would be created, prices on food and clothing would drop.

The cost of building and maintaining the highways and bridges should be paid for by a slight increase in the income tax. Everybody benefits from the highways, so everybody should pay for the construction, not just motorists. It is time for some logical thinking.

Fred J. Krumm

Hannaford Drive

I enjoyed the May 5 story in The Blade about the restoration of the Rutherford B. Hayes home in Fremont. Good thing it isn't in Seneca County, though, or they would be tearing it down instead of restoring it.

Max Tobias

Parkwood Avenue

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