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Letters to the Editor

Let Olman, Kriner keep their jobs

Who is Jon Stainbrook? What clubs and organizations does he belong to? What church does he attend? How many organizations has he assumed leadership positions in? How many campaigns has he run for himself or others?

I actually know more about Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama than I do about Mr. Stainbrook, even though he currently lives in the neighborhood where I grew up.

I know Lucas County Board of Elections member Patrick Kriner owns and operates a small business, is very active politically and socially, and participated in ratifying the very election in which Mr. Stainbrook gained so many new supporters in the Lucas County Republican Party.

I know elections board member Lynn Olman operates a State Farm insurance agency and has been a term-limited state representative who has responded respectfully to my written inquiries and opinions in the past.

Is Mr. Stainbrook demanding that just Mr. Kriner and Mr. Olman give up their salaries, or all who work for the board of elections? All I've heard from Jon is ranting about what he perceives everyone else has done wrong. What happened to all this talk about mending fences in the party?

As a Republican, I feel Mr. Kriner and Mr. Olman should remain exactly where they are. Is Mr. Stainbrook interested in carrying out vendettas against party members he dislikes, or is he interested in building a strong and productive party?

I take issue with board of election members representing the best interests of any party's candidates or elected officials. I truly believe any board of elections member should be totally objective and responsible in carrying out the duties of the elections process, regardless of opinion or party affiliation. And in my opinion they have done exactly that.

Kevin Tidd

Deerpointe Drive

I would like to offer a word of clarification relative to the recent article and response to the installation of the icon of St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan Malik al-Kamil at Lourdes College.

The 1965 declaration of the Second Vatican Council "Nostra Aetate," the "Declaration on the Relationship of the Catholic Church to Non-Christian Religions," unambiguously states the position of the Catholic Church toward Islam: "The Church looks upon Muslims with respect. They worship the one God living and subsistent, merciful, and almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, who has spoken to humanity and whose decrees, even the hidden ones, they seek to submit themselves whole-heartedly, just as Abraham, to whom the Islamic faith readily relates itself, submitted to God."

We are grateful to the Sisters of St. Francis in Sylvania and to Imam Farooq Aboelzahab of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo for their thoughtful and sensitive commemoration of the historic meeting in 1219 between St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan Malek a-Kamil. The leaders and members of the Catholic Diocese of Toledo have enjoyed positive relationships and engaged in interreligious dialog with Muslims for many years, which we see, as Pope Benedict stated in Cologne, Germany, in 2005, as "a vital necessity, on which in large measure our future depends."

The Rev. James E. Peifer


Diocesan Commission

for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs

My oldest grandson recently treated me to a baseball game between the Toledo Mud Hens and the Syracuse Chiefs at Fifth Third Field. We were enjoying ourselves and the game, and then something happened.

The center fielder for the Chiefs made a great play in the field to end the inning. When he was running in from the outfield to the dugout, my grandson yelled "great catch" and the player threw the baseball to him in the stands. This was great until we looked at the baseball and guess what - "made in China."

Baseball has always been the "great American pastime." The American worker always enjoyed the baseball game along with hot dogs, beer, pop, popcorn, etc. What happened to our country? You go to a department store and everything is made in China or another country. Now you go to a baseball game and the baseballs are made in China.

My grandson said it was the same in the gift shop - all the gifts are made in other countries. This was a turnoff for us to go to other Mud Hens' games.

I am sure hard-working Mud Hens fans don't appreciate this either, and the Mud Hens management should do something about it. Buy American.

Fred Henzler

Chase Street

When I first told my friends I had chosen to move into Vistula Manor earlier this year, I was very surprised at many of their reactions. They raised suspicious eyebrows and told me it was a bad area, full of crime and drugs.

This alarmed me, I was uncertain I'd made a sound decision but now, three months have passed and the quality of my life has improved immensely for the following reasons:

1) Vistula Manor is a very clean place.

2) There are patios and flowers and a newly planted garden for everyone here to enjoy - or not.

3) The residents are "my age" and generally quite amiable, if not pleasant, with a strong appreciation of common courtesy!

4) If someone does not feel social and does not wish to participate in almost-daily activities such as bingo, karaoke, parties, and a wonderful and nutritious hot-food program, they are under no obligation to attend. Activities are optional, although you might miss an enjoyable afternoon.

5) Vistula Manor provides a secure and safe sense of community with supportive, vital residents, especially when seniors are often dismissed.

Most of us are getting ready for sleep around 9 p.m. We go to our apartments and carefully lock ourselves in instead of "creeping around at night," when most crimes are being committed.

As for the drugs, we need our blood-thinners, our heart and blood pressure medications, our insulin, antacids, etc., so that many of us can continue living. When you're over 60, a person does not think of "drugs" as a "good time." They become essential to sustain life, and if anybody in the city wants to "get high," I seriously doubt that it's going to be at Vistula Manor.

Nicol A. Kostic

Cherry Street

We are writing in regard to statements recently made about Scott High School and its proposed accommodations.

First of all, the "new roof" has leaked and flooded classes several times in the last two years, ruining teacher materials and equipment. There are holes in the walls and the ventilation system is corroded with dust, dirt, and who knows what else.

As teachers who deeply care about students, this is not fair to our students, who are held to the same standards as everyone else in the district but are given far fewer opportunities for success in regard to technology and overall building safety and cleanliness.

Tonya Kessinger

and Jennifer Preslan

Fairbanks Avenue

Once upon a time, I fell in love with National Amusements. For years it provided a place where I could enjoy not-so-first-run movies at an affordable cost. To express my thanks, I even purchased overpriced popcorn and beverages to help NA make a profit.

Now, all appears to have vanished in the tinkle of a cash register. Did the Reel Deal become the Deal Real? Did the Reel Deal become the Raw Deal?

Looks like I will be leading the parade to Bowling Green and Cinemark, where first-run movies are affordable to seniors and lower-income movie lovers.

The romance has ended.

Robert Moyers

Liberty Center, Ohio

On June 29, President Bush announced that the United States was moving to broaden its sanctions against the country of Zimbabwe for "a sham election."

I forget: What sanctions did Zimbabwe impose on the United States in 2000 and 2004?

Mike Fether


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