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Share wealth also tenet of Christianity

Love thy neighbor as thyself was the message that my co-instructors and I recently conveyed to our young Sunday school students. This theme is common to most of our world s great religions. I returned home from church to reports of John McCain and Sarah Palin guffawing at Barack Obama s idea to share the wealth with those less fortunate in our country. It seems to me that if Jesus of Nazareth were running for president of the United States, the Republican Party would have considered him radical and socialist in his ideas too.

Sharing one s wealth is one of the main tenets of Christianity. Further, how does the Republican Party s suggestion that it more values the sanctity of human life align with Mr. McCain s vote for our unjust war in Iraq?

Thousands of innocent Iraqis lost their lives by the U.S. decision to attack their country. Were their lives of less value than of our American unborn?

After 47 years of church-going, I have come to a different conclusion as to who best represents the ideals of the Prince of Peace. My vote goes to Mr. Obama.

Cecilia Johnson

Gunckel Boulevard

I can t believe Marilou Johanek can call herself a practicing Catholic when she is encouraging us to vote for a pro-choice candidate for president.

I have been a practicing Catholic for 65 years and life is first and the most important thing to me, much more important than the economy, taxes, health care, jobs, terrorism, the environment, etc.

If Sen. Barack Obama becomes president, he has said he will pass the Freedom of Choice Act. This act will do away with all restrictions on abortion. This means that a woman can have an abortion anytime, anywhere, and for any reason, no questions asked.

Also, there is a great possibility that our tax dollars will help pay for these abortions.

Pro-choice people say they have good moral and family values, but they want the family they choose, not the family God has chosen to give them.

Catholics does that include Ms. Johanek? and others who share our belief have to look long and hard at both presidential candidates, then vote their conscience. Choose life.

Sharon Patterson


I am your average citizen just trying to give my employer an honest day s work so I can pay my bills. I go home, do chores, read a little, go to bed, and do the same thing the next day.

I am not a theologian or historical guru. I do believe in what the Bible tells us and I do love America.

The presidential campaigning left me totally confused until I read that Sen. John McCain, while a POW, was willing to remain imprisoned and let others go free. Scripture tells us that we need to be willing to lay down our lives for our neighbors. I know how I am voting.

Sharon Butler

Rudolph, Ohio

The McCain campaign is trying to make Barack Obama s youth and lack of executive experience one of their main arguments against his candidacy. When you examine both campaigns this is very shaky ground upon which to base his campaign.

In contrast to John McCain s often dysfunctional, disorganized campaign, Mr. Obama s campaign is universally recognized as one of the finest in history. His grass-roots organization is superb and he has been able to raise three times as much money as Mr. McCain through his innovative use of e-mail. Mr. McCain hasn t been nearly as effective even with the road map left to him by Karl Rove & Co.

So who has shown the greater executive ability? When the choice is between a Bill Gates and Joe The Plumber, the answer is obvious.

Kenneth W. Lowe

Melva Court

In response to Police Chief Michael Navarre s statements in The Blade s article about misuse of the police database. His statement was the employee looked up the information on Joe the Plumber at the request of a reporter to confirm Joe s address. Give me a break. If that s all the reporter needed, he or she would have obtained the information on the Internet from Google or many other information Web sites, and not have jeopardized a confidential source. It s evident the reporter was after more information than an address and the employee was a confidential source and a willing co-conspirator to the invasion of Joe s privacy.

The chief further states that if this was not Joe the Plumber we probably would not be having this conversation. From that statement, I gather this breach is not the first, and if it had been Joe the Citizen s privacy rights it would not be a big deal.

What happened to Sworn to Protect or Equal Justice For All?

The reporter is as guilty as anyone, as is the station for allowing the use of illegally obtained information and the FCC should do its job and investigate. Second, the news media are quick to protect their constitutional rights, which I have no quarrel with until they step on the individual rights of others, as in this case.

Bill McKimmy


The news media are to be impartial, except for their editorials. Since when would you withhold a videotape that is more than pertinent in these times?

Additionally, because I have been a co-owner of a business for more than 26 years, I guarantee you that you would certainly make a mint just in connection with the airing of that video. Do your advertisers agree?

Impartial Los Angeles Times? I think not.

Barbara Sparks

Vice President DRS Industries, Inc., Holland

If I could be in charge for one day, I would pick someone to straighten out the economy. It would be a team good with numbers, of course.

Which team has 57 states, and uses three letters for JOBS? That is the team we need.

Greg McCloud


The Great Lakes deserve an answer from both presidential candidates on drilling. The Great Lakes are the world s most abundant fresh water supply and putting them at risk with drilling is unacceptable. While corporate America tells us all will be fine, the reality is that we have leaks at Davis-Besse that could have contaminated Lake Erie. There was also the Exxon Valdez accident that had long-term consequences on fishing in there.

Lake Erie has the most to lose when it comes to leaks, spills, climate change, etc. Lake Erie is the only Great Lake whose bottom is above sea level, which translates into the Great Lakes warmest, shallowest, and fishiest waters.

Thousands of jobs and millions are made from fishing, recreation, and industrial use of the water in this western end of Lake Erie. No Great Lake is more vulnerable than Lake Erie and the most vulnerable part of Lake Erie is here in the western basin. This region should be most protective of this incredible resource and the economic opportunities it provides. This region should unite in opposing drilling and be a leader in reducing carbon emissions, because if it keeps getting warmer and lake levels continue their decline, the Toledo shipping channel is at risk as well as the whole ecosystem of this area.

Sandy Bihn


I think it's a shame that I can not put a campaign yard sign out without fearing it's being stolen or vandalized.

Likewise, I can not put a bumper sticker on my vehicle without fear of vandalism. What has become of Toledo and the First Amendment?

Gurtha Kunkle

Leybourn Avenue

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