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Letters to the Editor

Quality care is hospital's primary duty

On behalf of the more than 5,000 outstanding health-care professionals who proudly serve at the Toledo Hospital, I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the Jan. 9 letter, "Pour money into caring for patients."

We're saddened that the writer chose to leave our facility dissatisfied by her perception of our services before allowing us the opportunity to address her concerns personally. And, while we do not comment publicly on the specifics of an individual patient's experience, we do think it is important to share with your readers the facts about our mission and goals.

It is our belief that our patients' experiences are multi-faceted. From the clinical services they receive to the physical and emotional comfort they find in our facilities to the after-care support they have access to, our policies and procedures are designed to create an environment of optimal healing.

Central to this belief is our commitment to delivering excellent care. By investing in state-of-the-art medical technology, maintaining appropriate levels of staffing, and employing industry best practices, we are proud to give our patients the opportunity to benefit from world-class health care close to home.

Our commitment also extends to a multitude of resources available to empower patients in maximizing their care. Patient representatives, social workers, and financial counselors are just a few members of our excellent staff who stand ready to assist at any time.

Finally, we take our commitment to our patients very seriously. In fact, we're proud to say it's personal. It goes beyond mere words and translates into action every day.

Whether it's a small gesture, like making sure that a patient receives an extra pillow, or an extraordinary deed, like sitting with an anxious family beyond work hours, we believe that every act of compassion makes a difference. We know this is true because we hear it in the countless expressions of gratitude we receive daily.

In closing, we'd like thank our patients for entrusting us with their most precious possession - their health. We're proud to serve you.

Kevin Webb,


Toledo Hospital

It never ceases to amaze me how a politician can gift wrap garbage and call it a present. But that's exactly what happened when Mayor Carty Finkbeiner delivered his State of the City address. In an energized fashion, the mayor touts a crumbling infrastructure, skyrocketing budget deficits, decreased city services, and a hemorrhaging tax-base as a "transformation" fit to be wrapped and placed under the tree.

With glittering, bow-laden gift wrapping paper, the mayor considers impending city layoffs, furloughs, and a 10.3 percent unemployment rate as "Transforming Toledo Together."

Is anyone buying this? Does anyone really think the city of Toledo is better off now then it was in 2007, or for that matter, prior to the current Finkbeiner administration?

Apparently, one city councilman does. In a gleaming, positive affirmation of the mayor's speech, George Sarantou, states, "There are so many things going on in the city of Toledo the last several years, and what we are seeing here is a culmination of many projects." Really, George?

If the failure of Southwyck Shopping Center, a lack of significant progress at Marina District, and jobs, businesses, and citizens leaving the city in droves are the "culmination of many projects," I would concur with this assessment. However, this just seems like more of the same gift-wrapped garbage people have come to expect from their elected officials.

Mike MacGuffie

Harley Street

I read with interest the editorial about Commissioner Ben Konop's proposal to fund a free college education for Lucas County graduates. I believe that this idea has merit, especially as we work to ensure our youth can compete in a global marketplace.

However, I'm saddened that Commissioner Konop has yet to share a single detail of this proposal with me, and it certainly isn't the first time this has happened.Commissioner Konop has found plenty of time to discuss this plan with the media.

But there's more to leadership than just press conferences.

In fact, for more than a year now, a number of business and nonprofit leaders have been working on a plan to make such a Kalamazoo-style college promise a reality in Toledo.An effort of this magnitude requires diligent planning and cooperation among the community's strongest institutions.

Unfortunately, I do not believe that Commissioner Konop took the time to speak to any of these leaders about this effort before he made his own proposal public. I'm sure it was easier to give a speech than join in this ongoing work.

But there's more to leadership than just press conferences.

And finally, Mr. Konop's proposal does not create any new sources of revenue, as he claims. It merely takes more than $3 million from communities throughout Lucas County who depend on those dollars to support their fire departments and emergency first responders.

A free college education for our young people is a good idea, but not if it jeopardizes the health, safety, and well-being of our residents, especially our seniors.

I have always been willing to work with my colleagues to iron out the details of any idea that has merit.I hope to have that chance with Commissioner Konop's proposal. But there's more to leadership than just press conferences.

Pete Gerken

Lucas County Commissioner

In response to the Readers' Forum letter about "macho" Israel, once again there is not one condemnation of the Palestinians. Where was the writer's statement about the thousands of rockets sent into Israel every day?

The Palestinians chose a terrorist organization as their leaders. What did they think would happen when terrorists run something? They do terror. The trouble with the Middle East situation is that the Palestinians want Israel destroyed. Israel wants to be allowed to live in peace. When will the world see the true aggressors?

Leave Israel alone and peace will take place. Leave the Palestinians alone and terror will continue. It's not "macho" Israel. It's "macho" terrorists in Gaza.

Gwen Duvendack


Thank you for recognizing Sen. Claiborne Pell in your recent editorial. I was a small-town grocer's daughter who received one of the Pell grants to attend my state university. I will be forever grateful for his efforts to widen educational opportunities for Americans.

With the help of a Pell grant, I completed my education and taught science to Swazi children while in the Peace Corps, taught hundreds of medical students to achieve their requirements for undergraduate education, and now work to improve patient outcomes in medical research.

That Pell grant meant the world to me - a kid from nowhere. But with an education, I made it to somewhere.

Thank you, Senator Pell.

Mary A.M. Rogers


I'm confused. When I was working in Toledo and paying income tax, the voters approved a 0.75 percent increase specifically for the police department. I remember that patrol cars even had "Thank you Toledo" bumper stickers after passage. Now Toledo is going to dedicate less money from the 0.75 percent for capital improvements and use that money to hire more police and fire fighters? Who authorized the capital improvements use in the first place?

George Hartman


We are now in need of a moral climate change. We need a long-lasting global cooling-off period. Let it begin with us, right here and right now. It s only right.

Willam B. Moran

Wendover Drive

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