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West Toledo eatery gets a bum rap

Have Toledo City Councilmen Tom Waniewski and D. Michael Collins ever been to Nick & Jimmy's Bar and Grill for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks? Obviously, the answer is "no," based upon their unwarranted attempt to strip one of West Toledo's best-loved restaurants of its liquor license.

C'mon guys - wake up and smell some of Nick & Jimmy's cinnamon-spiced coffee! This is a place that has been enjoyed by thousands of people for more than 30 years. Nick & Jimmy's isn't some loud and obnoxious college bar, nor one where the parking lot doubles as a drive-through for drugs and prostitution. This is a place where people bring their kids to eat, where they gather for business lunches and to catch up with old friends, and where they go to see some of the best musical talent in town.

Owner Nick Tokles and his family are a huge part of the backbone of the local restaurant community, and they have created and retained jobs while providing tax dollars to the city's budget. Nick constantly supports local charities, including the Toledo Children's Hospital, as well as youth and adult sports teams and nearly anyone else who needs a helping hand.

It is extremely unfair to mention Nick & Jimmy's in the same context as the unscrupulous liquor establishments currently being scrutinized by Council's law and criminal justice committee.

As a semi-regular of Nick & Jimmy's the past 25 years, I know that the "complaints" about loud patio music come from one or two people with a lot of time on their hands. It's way too easy for anyone with half a brain and a bad ax to grind to pick up the phone and complain to police. This should not be grounds to put a great restaurant out of business, especially when that business has done nothing wrong.

Tony Bassett

Northmoor Road

I would like to thank a few true hometown heroes: Sam Hornish, Jr., and the entire staff at the Defiance Inpatient Hospice Center.

My father, Eric Babcock, of Napoleon, was admitted to hospice in January of this year. He has been battling a second round of cancer for over two years. Hospice was a great choice for my father's care. The facility is very warm and welcoming. It has become a second home for my family during this trying time. The staff is angelic. They are the most friendly and caring group of people we have ever encountered, and we've seen many hospitals and staff over the last few years.

On March 11, the greatness of the hospice staff and the Defiance community was demonstrated when strings were pulled and my dad was visited by Mr. Hornish, the 2006 Indy 500 winner, three-time Indy Car champion, and currently a NASCAR driver.

The Hornish family helped financially to make the hospice facility a reality for Defiance. Sam and his family visited for more than half an hour and brought gifts for my dad and family. My dad was glowing. He has always been a racing fan and to meet Sam in person made him all smiles, which spread through all of the facility.

Thank you, nurses and staff, and thank you, Sam, for bringing joy to my family and especially my dad.

Brad Babcock


Our country is so screwed up right now because of the backstops our government has in place so that nobody fails. We will not fix our economy until government gets out of the way and lets the markets work. There need to be winners and losers in life so that we can restore this country to be the envy of the world once again.

If millions of individuals and businesses teamed up with willing brokers and banks to enter into loans that were doomed from the start, they all must deal with the consequences of their decisions. Let the markets work to clear these toxic assets from the balance sheets of the banks and the rebuilding process will begin. There will be some major short term pain, but lessons will be learned and this behavior probably won't be repeated. With the government stepping in, we will not recover and lessons won't be learned.

There are winners and losers in life and this must be taught early. We should keep score in fifth grade and not hand out ribbons to everyone who crosses the finish line.

Jeff Savage


If President Obama does not act swiftly by forcing AIG to repay the $165 million in bonuses paid to AIG employees, then the American people need to take action immediately to have AIG re-pay the entire $170 billion that was lent to it. The continuation of greed and theft has to stop.

If our government cannot stop these illegal acts, then the people of this country will need to take the appropriate steps to ensure that the stupidity of our leaders must cease. No, this is not a statement that supports illegal or criminal acts. It is however, a statement to make sure that this great nation will move forward towards financial security and that these criminal acts will stop and those responsible will be brought to justice into a court of law and will be punished to the full extent of the law, with long prison sentences handed out.

Steve Von Gunten

Ryewyck Drive

After Mayor Finkbeiner's latest smoke-and-mirrors attempt at laying off Toledo police officers to try to get federal stimulus money, what else can we expect from the 22nd floor? There is already a rumor of another raise in garbage collection fees and who can guess what may be next. An individual leaf tax?

The city threatens us continuously with a lessening of services while our taxes remain the same, like the budget shortfall is somehow our fault.

In the meantime, a few things remain unanswered. Is Betty Shultz still treating her friends to breakfast at Maumee Bay State Park on our dime using the "discretionary" funds she enjoys as a councilman? How many projects for less than $10,000 have been done since the revelation of the supposedly unexpected financial shortfall the city has now been faced with?

If the City of Toledo's politicians were to be on any television reality show, it would have to be The Greatest Loser because the longer they remain in office the more the citizens continue to lose.

Robert J. Zuber

Roywood Road

All those who want a gambling casino within a half-mile of their historic home, wave your wallets in the air. I predicted more than five years ago that a gambling casino would find its way here but I expected it to happen in the "Crossroads."

Yes, a casino would create much-needed jobs and revenue for our area and public opinion will welcome it. I am not against that. I know I can't stop the inevitable, but I will be looking for a way to keep it from my front door and away from five of our historic churches and a day care center.

Does anyone think that Mayor Finkbeiner would like a casino within a half-mile of his front door? I doubt it.

When the area along the Maumee River was developed, it was my impression that this was going to be for upscale homes and a small shopping area that would benefit not only Toledo but the Rossford community as well.

If this casino is going to happen - and I am sure it will - then let it happen out at the Crossroads.

Judy Sikorski


Stop the distortions about President Obama's proposed tax cut rollbacks for the wealthiest. Show the facts.

The media keep reporting these rollbacks as socialism. But during the Reagan years, we had [top marginal] tax rates at 50 percent while the President's proposal would go back to 39.6 percent from 35 percent. Under Richard Nixon, the rate was 70 percent.

Tell people the facts and stop all the fear and distortions that the public is listening to and believing. This rollback of George W. Bush's tax cuts will not hurt the wealthy. This is a very small change for them that will help our country immensely. It is necessary.

Jennifer Cogan

Petersburg, Mich.

Federal glitter is not pretty at all

Beware glitter that is being offered to you for "free," as there is generally something unpleasant behind it. Just ask AIG.

AIG was offered, and accepted, money with no strings attached to help the company through a very difficult situation. Look at the very public humiliation it is enduring from our government. If our government had only followed the rules they made for this situation, or if AIG had, then the mismanagement would not have occurred.

Beware states, counties, cities, businesses, and individuals who accept government glitter. What is behind it, or may arise in the future, may be equally unpleasant for you.

Deborah Miller

Dority Road

This is in response to the letter writer who said the stock market has fallen more on President Obama s watch than any other president in history. When George W. Bush was president, the market hit its highest ever at around 14,093. While he was still in offi ce, it hit a low of 8,077, a drop of 43 percent. When Mr. Obama became President, it continued to a low of 6,626, a drop of 18 percent.

I don t know where the writer went to school, but let us all know because this new math just doesn t cut it.



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