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It's the city that serves the public

The fact that some well-intentioned individual paid the parking tickets of the unfortunate Toledo residents seen by Sue Frederick as revenue enhancements doesn't erase the problems as they relate to the city's image nationally and internationally, or of the arrogance and hubris of some city officials.

In an age where "czars" are appointed to take the roles once held by regulatory or elected bodies, it is no wonder some elected and appointed officials feel a royal right to treat citizens in any fashion. Ms. Frederick's utter disdain and disregard for our elected council's concern over her actions was a disgrace and slap in the face of Toledoans.

Ms. Frederick has already been arrested once for just this practice and unfortunately puts her own and the citizens' safety at risk. The possibility of a wrongful death or injury lawsuit is too great. The fact is, Ms. Frederick was appointed to a post for which she lacks the education and credentials to even hold. Yet she feels entitled to use and abuse the powers that someone with the proper education and experience would likely have held in reserve.

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has already been recalled - the vote is just a formality. My questions to the candidates who want the job next: Will you fire Sue Frederick and others who treat citizens like servants instead of understanding city officials are the citizens' servants? Will you return dignity and proper government to Toledo?

Kenneth Sharp

Montebello Road

I see Toledo mayoral hopeful Ben Konop wants to join the "politicians in favor of poisoning the people downwind from Toledo Club." Current members include Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, Oregon Mayor Marge Brown, and Gov. Ted Strickland. Of course none of them lives along Lake Erie directly downwind from the coke plant that Mr. Konop wants to loan taxpayer money. He probably figures that about 149 of the 150 jobs created will go to Toledoans. Besides, Toledoans and Oregonians might appreciate the extra mercury and heavy metals dropping into their water source.

As has been stated here before, and maybe Mr. Konop didn't read it, move the plant to a new site about two miles due west of Ottawa Hills and see how long it and he last in the Toledo area.

Jim Brower


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