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Issue 2 will hurt small farmers

State Issue 2 is becoming more visible now and I want to challenge voters to think it through. Don't be blindly led by one side. What we need to be told is the other side of the story.

This constitutional amendment (which is an overreach in itself) first and foremost serves the large factory farms in Ohio, not the small family farms. The concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are the problem in the first place with their policies of stuffing as many animals as possible in one place, all in the name of profit. These are the polluters of our water and air with their massive concentrations of manure. This in not how the typical small family farm operates at all.

This amendment sets a nasty precedent by creating a permanent place for special interests in our state constitution. The Humane Society would be one such special-interest group.

This issue also adds another layer of unaccountable government rule over Ohio's livestock farmers. This newly created livestock board would have largely unchecked power to override any act by the state Department of Agriculture and the state legislature, as well as making itself largely judge and jury for all animal policies in Ohio. What they decide would be final, with no review or appeals process of anything they might decide on.

Is this what you want for the already shrinking base of small family farms? We will not have any control of this once it is put in place. Please take time to think this through. Vote no on Issue 2.

Dawn McLaughlin

Creston, Ohio

I consider our community blessed with such strong agriculture supporters, programming, and funding. Personally, I feel quite fortunate to be able to travel only minutes from home to see how my food is produced. Area farmers and livestock producers literally connect the farm gate to the consumer plate, as they provide a healthy and safe food supply for our community.

Believe it or not, each and every resident of northwest Ohio has some connection to this traditional occupation. Whether you have experienced the hard work and satisfaction of exhibiting a market animal at our country fair, visited a local farm as a part of a school or leadership visit, or simply purchased meat and animal products at our local grocery, each of you has somehow made a conscious decision to support local agriculturalists.

To continue your support for Ohio's largest industry, you must take a stand by voting yes on Issue 2 on Nov. 3.

By maintaining excellent care of food animals in our state, Issue 2 will help to ensure the availability of safe, locally grown, affordable meat, milk, and eggs.

By passing Issue 2, you will also help sustain the viability of Ohio's agriculture community, including the jobs it provides and the many economic contributions it makes.

Issue 2 will protect our local family farms, and will keep animal control where it belongs - right here in Ohio.

Stacie Wenig

Bowling Green

Go see Michael Moore's movie, Capitalism, A Love Story, please! And stay for the credits, as there are some great quotes from great Americans among them. The movie's reviewer was correct to point out that Mr. Moore is not the liberal automaton many believe him to be. His blue collar credentials and his love of America and its dying middle class are unassailable.

Mr. Moore is a fellow patriot in my eyes. His historical notes on FDR's "new bill of rights for Americans" was a real eye-opener, as was his coverage and assessments of post-World War II Germany, Italy, and Japan. (These were both health-care and manufacturing related - very timely, very relevant.)

Like Mr. Moore, I am done with damnable, plutocratic seditionists running and ruining our country, whether they are Democrats or Republicans.

I can only hope and pray that Marcy Kaptur runs for president in 2012. She remains one of the few politicians not bought and paid for by anti-middle class, anti-American special interests.

Sid Davisson


Last weekend I caught the Michael Moore movie Capitalism: A Love Story. A documentary that critiques our political and economic system in a bipartisan way, unlike some of his earlier movies. For those who do not follow the news, this movie is a thought-provoking review of where we've been as a nation up to our current sad state.

I especially found the cameo appearance of Rep. Marcy Kaptur electrifying. She came across as a champion of the working stiff, a fighter for the common man.

I suggest to all that they watch this movie with an open mind, no matter what their political persuasion. I give it two thumbs up!

Paul Wohlfarth

Ottawa Lake, Mich.

Like millions of others, I watched the Ken Burns series on our national parks. Thinking surely that the bad old days were over and Americans had more sense than to lay waste to what should be saved, I was sickened when my copy of Bird Watchers Digest arrived and I read an article about mountain-top removal of coal in Appalachia, written by Julie Zickefoose.

Coal has always been mined there, but from underneath. Not only is mountain-top removal of coal much more destructive of the entire ecosystem, but the work of thousands of miners is now done by one crane operator.

This process has been sold to us in the name of clean coal. But here is a description of what happens when a mountain is blown up to extract the "clean coal" in its heart. Ms. Zickefoose explains, "The mountains are clear-cut, then leveled, their tops removed. … They are flattened, scraped away, every sign of life destroyed, turned to moonscape." The pictures on the Internet do indeed look like the moon.

How many of us have sung "Country Roads"? "Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River." Cherish that image; it may soon be all that remains. Ken Burns, where are you?

Dorothea Barker

Bowling Green

As a so-called "tea-bagger" I would like to respond to the Oct. 4 letter to the editor about protest tactics. Until Democrats and independents stop attending tea parties; until singing God Bless America and the national anthem become "offensive;" until asking valid questions at town hall meetings becomes "disruptive," and until policy disagreement equals "grievous disrespect," I would hold off on the poor comparisons, exaggeration, and name-calling.

Tiffany Cadle

Lyons, Ohio

As a person who spent a lot of my life in the old Sports Arena, I will have to admit that the new arena is very impressive. It has all the glitz and glamour that one could ask for. I will even concede that with the two attached parking garages it would not have worked on the east side. Only time will tell if it will draw the hard-core hockey fans, or just the want-tobe- seen crowd.

The only complaint I have, and I have had it since it was announced, is the name for the team. Toledo had a rich tradition with the Mercurys, Blades, Goaldiggers,

Storm, even the Hornets were better. This time, though, Joe Napoli and his gang blew it.



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