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Letters to the Editor

Ohio farm owners know best

As president and CEO of a grain marketing and farm supply cooperative in Ohio, I want to make sure people understand the importance of passing state Issue 2.

Agriculture is Ohio's No. 1 industry and could be in jeopardy if we Ohio citizens allow out-of-state interest groups to come into the state and tell us how to raise livestock and ultimately how and if we can continue to produce the safe, affordable food that both your family and mine enjoy every day.

Ohio grain farmers rely on livestock farmers to be their No. 1 customers. Both grain and livestock farmers would be negatively impacted if we allow special-interest groups to dictate how Ohio farmers raise their animals. Our farmer-customers are among some of the most conscientious, responsible animal caregivers that I know of.

Issue 2 is the right approach to set a statewide, comprehensive framework that sets animal-care policy for our livestock. It's regulation farmers can support. It will assure that Ohio families have a safe, reasonably priced, locally grown food supply, and will ensure excellent animal care.

Creating an Ohio livestock care standards board through the passage of state Issue 2 just makes sense. It's meaningful, it's reasonable, and it will consider everything that impacts farming and food production.

Fellow Ohioans: We must take a stand against these groups and let them know that Ohio experts are the ones we want making decisions on how our food is produced and who is producing it — not out-of-state activists. We won't be another California.

Please join me in this stance by voting yes on state Issue 2 on Nov. 3.

George D. Secor

Sunrise Cooperative


I am a Sylvania resident who is busy deciding which candidates are best suited this time. As I study the current list of candidates, my memory serves me well.

The two incumbents for Sylvania Township trustee, Pam Hanley and DeeDee Liedel, canceled the transport unit and publicly fought against the fire levies. The last two years they tussled with the police department at the township's expense, publicly insulted their fiscal officer about the fire department deficit on which he was on-target, insulted and shut down communication with the city of Sylvania, and displayed behavior unbecoming of leadership during public meetings.

I have checked the list on other candidates, such as Dennis Boyle, who is attempting a second run after serving four years ago and sat idle most of his term. Kevin Haddad has shown no involvement or opinion for anything during the four-year battle.

Royal Barber, landed in 2007, a Stainbrook petition offspring who has never been involved or attended a township meeting. John Jennewine, who puts signs up every four years, has no idea who he is and what he stands for. Kevin Eff, who has been an active citizen for fire safety and has questioned the trustees' decisions.

And Penny Levine, who is an active citizen, attends meetings, campaigned for fire levies and flooding issues, and has asked me for my concerns or questions.

Now is the time to inform yourselves about the candidates and choose two who will lead our community without controversy. Don't waste our tax dollars on expensive lawsuits and settlements.

The trustees need to stop their personal agenda against organized labor while they continue to reap the benefits of health care, retirement plans, paid holidays, vehicles, longevity pay, and exorbitant raises for administrative positions.

Jill Cook


I am outraged about lighting the Empire State Building with colors of the Chinese Communist Party celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Why was this allowed in the United States? Why didn't we allow them to install a red star on the Statue of Liberty also?

Hadn't we fought against this evil philosophy in World War II, Korea, and in Vietnam?

This is a grave insult to all veterans living and deceased. I have lost four friends in the Korean War. I served in the military at that time. Weren't we fighting communists in Vietnam and during the Korean War? We were in mortal combat with Chinese Communists at the Yalu River, the Inchon Reservoir, and Pork Chop Hill. What about Hamburger Hill in Vietnam and other famous battles of that era?

Deceased veterans must be rolling over in their graves. Why isn't our nation reacting to this with vigorous passion?

There were more than 50,000 casualties in each of the Korean and Vietnam wars, and more in World War II. I am a member of the Toledo Lucas County Memorial Day Association, which plants 35,000 flags in 45 cemeteries in Lucas County on veterans' graves every Memorial Day. We also help organize and execute the Memorial Day parade in downtown Toledo. Should we carry a Chinese Communist flag also?

Observing how our morals have deteriorated, it is still shocking to see how we are mentally going in the same direction.

I believe New York Gov. David Paterson, New York City Mayor Bloomberg, and all who had a part in promoting this abomination should be arrested for sedition and prosecuted.

Where is the outcry from Congress against this affront?

I write this letter with dismay and tears for our veterans.

Gerard W. Jacobs


Toledo Lucas County Memorial Day Association

Before one more dime is spent on the illusion of empire, before one more child is sent to die for its sake: I demand that every member of Congress be forced to attend credit counseling and work out a debt repayment plan in full public view, broadcast on C-SPAN and the major TV channels.

They must also attend the funeral of three constituents and write an essay on each person's life.

They will submit this essay to the NY Times and pay for it to be printed on a full page with their own funds.

Jill Berkana

Courville Avenue

Respond to how your reps voted

On Sept. 26, I read a news release from the Associated Press which stated that the House of Representatives passed a bill by vote of 217-190 that boosted lawmakers' office budgets by more than 8 percent.


To top it off, earlier this year, Congress passed themselves a $6,000 increase in salary while freezing Social Security payments for the next three years.

I get the feeling that by not increasing Social Security benefits along with Democrats' health-care bill that the government would like to see we senior citizens all dead.

Then they wouldn't have to give us back the money we paid into Social Security, pay any Medicare, or fund any programs such as the Area Office on Aging, etc.

If we have any brains, we will not vote for any of these people in office that only care about themselves while the rest of us can go hang.

Remember this in the next election.

Find out how your senators and representatives voted and then vote accordingly.

Juanita Wise

Van Wert, Ohio

Just a note about the upcoming casino issue: Everyone should be able to see how well casinos have kept both Detroit and Las Vegas from being adversely affected by the current economic crisis. They can do the same for Ohio.

Dayle Pugh


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