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Oregon mayor is best choice

In a Blade story Oct. 8, Oregon mayoral candidate Mike Seferian stated that his questions about Jeff Brown were not politically motivated.If that is true, then why wasn't Mr. Brown a concern prior to the election, or even last year?

It's interesting that this topic only became page one scandal material weeks before the primary election. Mr. Seferian was also quite vocal about a supposed "gag order" on former police Chief Tom Gulch which in theory prevented Mr. Gulch from "exposing the truth."

In a subsequent Blade story on Oct. 13, former Chief Gulch stated that Mr. Brown was not investigated for sexual misconduct but rather for harassing phone calls. Mr. Gulch further stated that the harassment investigation was dropped when the accuser did not return calls from the police regarding her complaint.

Yes, Mayor Marge Brown's son has been disciplined for several matters and, as a police officer, we would prefer he have a spotless record.But he is an adult and his actions, whether real or imagined, are not those of Mayor Brown.

The results of her actions can be seen in this partial list: Started Alzheimer's day care center; launched Care-A-Van program; expanded water plant to 16 million gallons a day; saved Rieter Automotive by working with the lieutenant governor to procure funding; Safe Routes to School program - first in Ohio; brought the Special Olympics to Oregon; quadrupled "rainy day" fund, and $8 million in grants, including funds for Wheeling Street improvements, Coy Road sewers, and Otter Creek Road repairs.

This is what a full-time dedicated mayor has done for Oregon. While other communities were laying off or cutting programs, Oregon is going strong.I say vote for the person with positive ideas, positive results, and a positive outlook for this city.

Karla Neeley


If "Joe Blow" wants to construct a 30-story building, it should be taxed on the square footage of the building, not the two-story building next door, especially if it is a mom and pop restaurant. Businesses should be taxed according to the contribution to the community. An office building with multiple businesses is of greater value than a residential building or neighborhood store.

One problem with blight in the inner-city is the fact that we tax and allow Realtors to overprice properties. We tax all properties in a given area the same. You cannot expect people to live in a building with a business tax rate, because nothing is taking place in that building to make the profits that could support that tax base.

We are killing our cities with taxes that are out of line with the use of the property. In areas where people build larger homes, tax the home and land with the higher rate. The home that is smaller should be taxed less. Keep the mix in the neighborhood at the prior tax rate with the exception of homes that are out of proportion with the neighborhood.

When developers try to convert a residential area to a higher priced area, this should be brought to a halt by not allowing houses out of proportion with homes in the area, unless they are small additions to the existing homes.

James Brancheau

Wildwood Road

In regard to the Nobel Peace Prize, I am amazed, astounded, and angered about the constant barrage of criticism that President Obama receives on a daily basis for everything that he does or attempts to do.

What is happening to this country? The press and others act like disgruntled schoolkids ready to pick a fight with the head of student council. I don't care whether you're a Democrat, Republican, Dixiecrat, member of the Green Party, or even an independent. President Obama gets blasted from all sides.

I can't wait for the next headline: "President Obama wore a blue and pink-striped tie today. Is this really appropriate?"

Larry Wagner

Georgetown Avenue

Recently, northwest Ohio's version of Nancy Pelosi, Marcy Kaptur, was a guest on Real Time With Bill Maher. Miss Kaptur shared the stage with the nihilistic Janeane Garofalo, Thomas Friedman, and fanatical atheist Richard Dawkins.

Among the inane blather the guests expressed were the following: Mr. Friedman suggested conservatives were fomenting assassination of the President among the Republican base, which went with Ms. Garofalo's contention that criticism of the President was based solely on racism. Ms. Garofalo and Mr. Maher repeatedly referred to tea-party participants with the sexual euphemism "tea baggers," and Ms. Garofalo claimed that the tea parties were simply a "white power movement."

Mr. Maher and Mr. Dawkins joked that people believing in God were a less evolved, subhuman species. Mr. Maher also claimed that America had committed genocide against its own people and that we had no moral high ground, which mirrored Ms. Garofalo's contention that U.S. foreign policy justified attacks by radicals on our country.

In the midst of these vile tirades was universal agreement among the guests that Miss Kaptur was one of a handful of "great Democrats in Washington." How grand for her.

Throughout most of these diatribes, Miss Kaptur sat with a smile and not a word of contradiction. Her appearance implies tacit agreement with the host and his guests, and her silence during their rants confirms it in my mind.

Why would she otherwise appear on this show with these people? Has she been in Washington so long she didn't realize her constituents now have cable TV?

Perhaps northwest Ohio voters should give someone else her job so she can spend more time with her comrades in Hollywood. Marcy Kaptur owes an apology to every one of us.

Brian K. Meyers


In response to Barbara Rochelle's letter, the Catholic church is enlightened. In vitro fertilization is unacceptable. This is one of the many enlightened teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. A thorough and prayerful review of Catholicism and of papal encyclicals will show the light of the truth and a real respect for human life in all its aspects.

This is why many since the time of Christ have not "dropped out." To all who have strayed, to all who seek the truth and the true guidance toward salvation, it's not too late to come home.

Charles D. Pauken, Sr.


I never cease to be amazed by the hypocrisy of the opponents of Issue 3. Gambling seems to be fine for the state to control and administer, but let private interests get involved, and crime and poverty will follow. Well, here's a news flash: Crime and poverty are already here.

They tell us that taxes will not be paid by these private interests.

I remember the state and the City of Toledo giving up taxes to the tune of $200 million for promised jobs from Chrysler.

Let's keep Ohio money in Ohio. Let's let adultsdo some friendly gambling in their own community instead of an adjacent state. Why should the state have a monopoly on gambling?

Andrew P. Kriston

Luckey, Ohio

Carter, Gore, Obama. Better choices for the Nobel Peace Prize would have been Pete Seeger, Pete Seeger, and Pete Seeger.

Delmer O. Gasche


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