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Your GOP is working against you

Everyone agrees it is wonderful for American seniors and military to be on government-run, single-payer, socialist health plans. (Medicare and the VA health plans being government run must be socialist by Republican definition.)

Could the reason Republicans accept this be that the insurance industry doesn't want these two groups? Is it that these two groups have health-care needs so costly that insurance companies would not be profitable administering to them?

That leaves the rest of you who aren't sick yet to pay huge insurance premiums to generate huge unnecessary profits for these insurance companies.

Why do Republican legislators insist on a layer of wealthy middle men between you and actual health care sucking your family dry?

This is not complicated. The rest of the civilized world pays far less for health care than we do in America.

Why is that? Maybe the rest of the world doesn't have conservative, just-say-no legislators licking the hands of the greedy capitalist as they are stuffing their pockets full of your money. Maybe the other legislators don't allow the capitalist minority to control the destiny of the whole country for a few bucks that trickle down in campaign contributions.

Legislators cannot serve two masters. They can serve either the wealthy or the nonwealthy, and if you pay attention, it is clear in every move they make which ones serve the rich.

You nonwealthy Republicans really ought to stop for a minute to consider why you work so hard for those who work so hard against you.

Where is it getting you?

Walt Hoffmann


You cannot ask anyone if they have health insurance because if they don't and answer no, they have incriminated themselves and you have just violated the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. You cannot force them to answer because if you do, they do it under duress and this is a violation of federal laws.

Since neither would be allowed in a court of law, how are they going to be fined for not having what you cannot ask them if they have to start with?

You also cannot force them to buy health insurance as the U.S. Supreme Court stated that Congress could not force people to buy anything in a 9-0 decision back in 1935 (A.L.A. Schechter Poultry Corp. vs. United States).

As such, you have no legal way to make anyone join this bill and no legal way to lower costs.

Not to mention that the Senate Democrats voted to exempt themselves from having to be under this law (source: CSpan's Washington Journal).

So what exactly will this bill accomplish? Absolutely nothing.

Remember that at election time.

Daniel E. Gray


I want to thank Liz Smith for her column on Christmas Eve. I've read both Ben Stein and Anne Graham's comments before, and applaud them for speaking out that God should not be shoved into a closet.

We lose our confidence in ourselves/America when we don't have God there with us.

It doesn't matter which God you pray to, but the fact that you pray. Living with a set of morals helps too; the Ten Commandments is a good start.

The holiday displays are a reminder, the reasons behind them are a choice. Being American encourages choices. We are all children of God, one who has many names. He loves us unconditionally. When will we remove our conditions?

You have a choice. I have made mine, and I truly believe that you do "reap what you sow."

Vicki Means

Provincetowne Drive

A letter in The Blade on Dec. 25 entitled "Christmas celebrates Christ" cries out for some "setting the record straight."

First, the use of Xmas for Christmas has been around for more than a thousand years, and has been an accepted usage by Christians all that time. Not an attempt to get Christ out of Christmas, the X in this case is the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter in the Greek word for Christ.

Greek, as the letter writer may know, was one of the earliest languages used to write many of the books in the Bible.

Second, Christmas isn't the only holiday celebrated this time of year. Hanukkah and Ramadan occur in late fall/early winter as well. No one gave Christians sole usage of the season. "Happy Holidays" is appropriate for all.

Third, and what I found to be most ironic, was the writer's statement. "You just can't morph it into something that suits you just because you disagree with its reason for being."

In fact, that is exactly what the early Christians did. The time near the end of December was a pagan celebration rejoicing in the fact that the days were again getting longer.

Despite biblical evidence suggesting Christ was born in late summer or early fall, early Christians decided to "morph" the pagan holiday into a celebration of their own beliefs to help recruit pagans into their own religion.

Sadly, that morphing continues to this day. Rather than a day celebrated with reverence and dignity, as the Jews and Muslims celebrate their high holy days, it has morphed into a gaudy display of materialistic secularism from which few can escape.

And even sadder, that same morphing is coming full circle to its pagan origins, including - dare I say it? - human sacrifice.

Does anyone remember Jdimytai Damour? He was the man crushed to death last year at a Wal-Mart in a 2,000-person strong rush of "celebrants" ostensibly wishing to take part in the season, such that it has become.

David McClellan

May Avenue

I write this to hopefully clarify an element of police procedure. With the recent use of deadly force for the mentally ill woman, a clear definition of "deadly force" is in order.

Deadly force: "That force which a person uses to protect his/her life or the life of another. This force is only to be used when lesser means have failed."

In the two recent encounters, where were the Tasers we hear about? Nightsticks, anyone? Or, for a woman impaired by mental illness, a plain, old-fashioned tackle?

Really, how outnumbered was that lady?

Some readers would say I don't place myself in the police shoes. I surely do if they are the professional force that they portray themselves to be.

When they act more like the Keystone cops, then no, I do not claim kinship with them.

The force that responded was especially trained? I just didn't see that in their performance.

David Reinders


Last week at a freshman basketball game between Ottawa Hills and Woodward high schools, my wife, myself, and everyone else in the gym were awarded the opportunity to see how coaches can and do make a difference. At the conclusion of the game, the Woodward players came into the stands and went around thanking each of the spectators for attending the game. It was so unexpected and stunningly sincere that this story had to be shared.

To the Woodward coaches and players, best of luck this year and in the future; no matter what the scoreboard may say, you are winners in my book.

Go Bears, be they Polar or Green.

Tom Dewire

Ottawa Hills

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