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Letters to the Editor

Red Cross helps Haiti, next door

The American Red Cross and its volunteers work every day to help save or rebuild lives that have been shattered by disaster down the street, across the country, and around the world.

March is Red Cross Month. We want to thank those supporters whose generosity helps us continue our service to those who need us every day.

The Red Cross responded after the Haiti earthquake in January, working to turn despair into hope. The Red Cross is in Haiti now, and we are also here each day for families that need us.

In the past year, the Greater Toledo Area Chapter responded to 218 local emergencies, assisted more than 300 members of the military and their families, and trained more than 13,800 people in lifesaving skills.

This month is a great time for people to get involved with the Red Cross - donating blood; signing up for a CPR, first aid, or other Red Cross course; giving a financial gift that can save the day when the next disaster strikes, or becoming a volunteer.

Tim Yenrick

Executive Director

American Red Cross

Greater Toledo Area Chapter

The possibility of trash collection every other week might be a viable option, even though at first Toledo residents might balk at the idea of having their garbage around for two weeks.

The new trash containers are very large and, if used efficiently, will hold even more. Many people never break down the cardboard boxes that cereal, cake mixes, and hundreds of other food items come in. They just toss them in the garbage can. These items take up a lot of room.

People also throw in newspapers, inserts, magazines, and paper-packing material. Milk containers can be compacted merely by stepping on them. One would be surprised at how much this alters the amount of space still left in those containers.

And if the automated containers are packed full, those cans, bottles, cardboard food boxes, newspapers, and magazines can be taken to a recycling station.

This is a workable option if it would mean that the trash collection fee would not be increased.

Patricia Lenortavage


I was glad your March 4 editorial "Enforce the smoking ban" informed the public about the outrageous ruling by a Franklin County judge to throw out citations and fines of a noncompliant bar, using individual rights of smokers as one of the reasons.

The idea that these noncompliant bars and restaurants might not be held accountable is disappointing. Noncompliant businesses are using individual rights as a way to get around the ban and take away business from responsible businesses that respect the law.

Responsible businesses should do what they can to support state health officials who plan to enforce the smoking ban and the state attorney general's office for appealing this judge's ruling.

Not renewing the liquor licenses of these noncompliant establishments should be pursued.

JoAnne Tressler

Cherry Hill Road

Could someone send a manual dexterity specialist to my home to train me how to handle The Blade's redesigned sports page with the half flaps?

Reading the sports page used to be a pleasant way to start my day. Now it is a source of anger, irritation, and frustration.

Barry Palmer

Harley Road

I recently heard that around 115,000 Toledo residents pay payroll taxes to the City of Toledo. If that's true, it's no wonder there's a fiscal crisis. That figure represents just 37 percent of the city's population.

There has to be a more equitable way to generate revenue. Forget the garbage tax and the entertainment tax, and find new ways to generate revenue and cut expenses. Either that or most Ohio cities will die.

Bill Cook


If the push to turn Ottawa Park into the city's first dog park succeeds ("Board opposes dog park idea," March 5), why stop there?

Create a Swagger Park where concealed-weapon permit holders can swagger around showing off their new holsters, pimps can stroll around with their cell phones and Panama hats, beauty queens can strut their stuff, and young studs can display their rippling muscles.

It could also be a great venue for aspiring politicians, jocks, and corporate bigwigs.

Homer Brickey, Jr.

Kenwood Boulevard

I was appalled at the number of people who have red light camera tickets that have not been paid, but no one has gone after them until now ("City tow threat, 'boot' boost ticket payments," March 6).

The number of tickets these people have is outrageous. Why are they still allowed to keep their driver's licenses? They are obviously a menace on the road, an accident waiting to happen.

Every major intersection should have a red light camera, Monroe and Talmadge roads being the first. Two or three drivers always run the red turn light.

How anyone can say cameras aren't fair is beyond me. Speeding and running red lights can be deadly. If cameras can stop drivers from running red lights, they are worth it.

Arla Boss


The new Toledo Streets newspaper seems to be missing the red hammer and sickle ("New Toledo tabloid aims to be voice for those without homes," March 8).

Social justice, fairness, and equality are buzzwords for Marxism or redistribution of wealth. Life is never fair. Equality comes only in a slave environment.

Helping those in need has always been and should be part of the American philosophical base. But using the force of government to redistribute wealth only creates more people in need.

Jim Boehm

Drummond Road

As a loyal reader of the Readers' Forum, I often find myself musing over your contributors' letters. I have read a number of letters praising the great city of Toledo and its people.

What is disheartening is the writers' cities below their names. It seems as though they are all from Maumee or Perrysburg. Any theories?

Andrew P. Kriston


Whenever we dare to travel over the Veterans Glass City Skyway bridge, it seems as if everyone tries to run us over. We go the speed limit or a little above, but everyone else has wings, or at least a license to fly.

Why can't the police have a couple of radar cars on the weekends to catch these speeders? Place someone there at least Friday through Sunday to make them slow down. The bridge even has warnings to be careful of winds. Speed could make a vehicle go airborne.

Only once in a year have we seen a highway patrol person on the east side of the bridge with a radar gun, clocking offenders. No one seems to be afraid of a ticket anymore, not to mention the lives that could be snuffed out.

Mary Poe

Primrose Avenue

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