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Letters to the Editor

Zookeeper unfairly portrayed

Apparently Louie, the African elephant at the Toledo Zoo, acted instinctively when he was startled and harmed elephant manager Don RedFox (“Zoo elephant hurts keeper during attack,” July 2). It would probably be a good assumption that Mr. RedFox knew this might happen someday.

It's shameful that media have been quick to report that Mr. RedFox broke protocol when he entered Louie's area.

They have chosen to portray Mr. Redfox as reckless in his profession, despite his commitment to allowing the elephants, including Louie, good living, plentiful attention, and a faithful following at the zoo.

Tamara Campbell


I am not an expert on elephants, but I have had my share of dogs and cats. Around the Fourth of July, most of our pets get nervous or suffer from some form of anxiety attack.

With the size of the firecrackers that are set off in our neighborhood, I'm about ready to jump up and knock someone down too. If only I had a tusk.

So give Louie a pass on this one. With the size of his ears, he probably couldn't wait until the noisy celebration was over.

Tom Taylor

Crestwood Road

From all reports, Louie was simply spooked and accidentally knocked his keeper to the ground, injuring him.

I wish the media would stop trying to sensationalize the story by calling it an “elephant attack.” We shouldn't blame the elephant for being an elephant.

Michele Mackey


It's a shame that the off-duty police officer who witnessed the incident chose to expose the name of the zookeeper to the media. I am guessing he would be incensed if someone exposed an injured fellow police officer to media scrutiny.

I hope he regrets his actions in subjecting the zookeeper's hurting and worried family members to the media feeding frenzy that wants to focus on the macabre and grisly details of someone's injury.

What has this community come to, that relatives have to fight for privacy while their loved one is fighting to recover from serious injury?

M. Grigore


Congress passes a bill banning some earmarks. A company changes its status from profit-making to nonprofit so it can more easily qualify for a $10.4 million earmark.

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur applauds the move and suggests more people implement this new creative method so they can qualify for earmarks (“Agency tied to Kaptur avoids earmark ban,” July 5).

The family that owns the company and its lobbyists have forwarded tens of thousands to support Miss Kaptur. What a coincidence. At a time when northwest Ohio is screaming for jobs, these are the tactics Miss Kaptur practices.

Wayne Milewski


The July 6 letter “Tornado victims let down by Dems” asked why Rep. Marcy Kaptur did not get federal funds for those who suffered damage caused by the tornadoes that passed through northwest Ohio.

Most of the damage seemed to be concentrated along State Route 795, mainly in Wood County, where the congessman is Rep. Bob Latta.

Mr. Latta is not in favor of extending unemployment benefits. How hard has he worked on federal aid for his constituents?

dennis shaffer


Your July 4 editorial “Let the sunshine in” points out that Gov. Ted Strickland recently “named this region an ‘Ohio Hub of Innovation and Opportunity' for solar energy.”

In the same issue, the article “U.S. offers $2B in aid for solar plants; Arizona, Colorado, Indiana facilities set for funds” states that President Obama is handing out nearly $2 billion dollars for new solar plants expected to create thousands of jobs. There was no mention of the Ohio hub.

This region has an elected representative in Washington. Where was she when the train went by?

D.J. Hanson

Farmington Road

I received an excellent education at St. John's Jesuit High School that prepared me for the University of Toledo.

Andy Babula was part of my success (“Teachers question St. John's actions,” July 5).

St. John's has made some decisions that I am having a difficult time with. I understand that in tough times, downsizing may be the only option.

Usually, the person with the least experience is let go. Mr. Babula had a wealth of experience and was the trunk of the tree from which St. John's grew.

I am disappointed with the decisions of a school I was very proud to say I was part of.

These are business decisions, not decisions that reflect the best interest of the educational experience that is St. John's Jesuit High School.

Dave Misko


It was 45 years ago when Andy Babula attended my fitness class at the University of Toledo. His energy and effort made an immediate impression.

Through the years, he has proven to be an effective teacher, a dedicated staff member, and one of the very best track and field officials.

How can a newly appointed principal without teaching experience and the school president not understand the value of this man to the students and St. John's community?

Ron Martin


Since most layoffs happened since the school president was hired, offer contracts to everyone who was let go since he began.

If need be, put them on probation. In a down economy, most of these people are probably collecting unemployment benefits and would be willing to make sacrifices to have a job.

The Jesuits for centuries have devoted their lives to social justice and helping the down and out.

What better way of being nonhypocritical than to help your own continue to minister to others?

There must be more to Christian service than the bottom line in the business office.

Mark P. Miller


Please thank the people who are responsible for putting on the wonderful fireworks display in downtown Toledo. I had the opportunity to see them. They were awesome.

In rough times, it was wonderful for The Blade to step up for the people of Toledo and area by providing them with a great July 4th.

Pat Ransom

Sales Manager

Crowne Plaza Toledo

North Summit Street

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