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Letters to the Editor

Algae ruin water, economy

Your Aug. 8 editorial "Beware the green slime" is timely. As you say, the time to curb both harmful algae blooms and their food sources is now, not later.

If we don't take care of this problem, our precious water resources won't be here to enjoy later, not to mention the tremendous economic impact that will be felt by all.

Jenni Johns

Talbot Street

Can I assume from Marilou Johanek's Aug. 5 op-ed column, "Freedom of religion is not a conditional right," that she will support complete and unbridled religious freedom?

She supports allowing a mosque to be built near Ground Zero in New York City. Because their religious right is unconditional,would the members of the mosque be able to practice Sharia law?

Has Ms. Johanek seen the picture on the cover of Time magazine of the Muslim woman who was punished by having her nose and ears cut off? Would that right be unconditional in the United States?

Will Ms. Johanek support the unconditional right of Christians to start the day in their school systems with a prayer? Will she support the display of the Ten Commandments at courthouses around the country?

Muslims have much more religious freedom in this country than they allow other religions in their countries, but it is not unconditional.My guess is that Ms. Johanek's liberal sensibilities lead her to believe that religious freedom is unconditional in this one instance.

John F. Weber


I must decline to refer to Newt Gingrich as honorable, even though he is a former Speaker of the House. For a man who was so close in line to the presidency, his blatant racism toward Muslims and his opposition to constructing a mosque near Ground Zero demonstrate that he has no business serving the American people.

Last month, Mr. Gingrich blasted Muslims in Dearborn, Mich., and their mayor for the arrest of four Christians at an international festival in Dearborn, where many Arabs live. (Not all Arabs are Muslims.)

These Christians weren't arrested for their faith, but for soliciting festival attendees, which is prohibited. If they wanted to promote their views properly, they could have rented booths as other vendors did. Festival vendors came from all ethnicities, creeds, and organizations.

This event was not only for Muslims. Muslims respect all religions, and believe in Jesus and Moses. Islam is very similar to Christianity and Judaism and shares some of the same ideals. Islam is a religion of peace.

For Mr. Gingrich to lump all Muslims together is an egregious error. Timothy McVeigh and the Hutaree acted in the name of Christianity, but we don't see Christians targeted as terrorists.

Mr. Gingrich should join in a multifaith dialogue. He might learn something new and eye-opening.

Laura Kassem


I was amused by the Aug. 5 Readers' Forum letter "1st Amendment for politics, too." The writer said: "Federal law already prohibits corporate and union contributions to campaigns." That explains a lot about the U.S. Supreme Court decision this year that allows businesses to spend unlimited amounts on campaigns.

Maybe the writer should enlighten the Supreme Court justices about how they got it all wrong. Maybe businesses can't actually put money into a candidate's pocket, but they know how to make money campaign.

Coming soon to your local Fox News affiliates: propaganda designed to scare voters just in time for Halloween and the next election.

Matt Perkins

Heidelberg Road

The writer of the Aug. 10 letter "Ponder other views on war" incorrectly stated that the country was out of debt when President Clinton left office.

The country has not been debt-free since Andrew Jackson, the only president to do so, paid off the debt. The writer is apparently confusing deficit and debt.

Debt refers to all the money the government has borrowed over the years, which we are still paying back. Deficit refers to how much money the government spends over its budget in a single year. It reverts to zero at the start of each fiscal year.

Because Congress controls the purse strings, and Republicans controlled Congress when the deficit was eliminated, how much credit does Mr. Clinton deserve?

Mary Dubb

Bowling Green

The accusations against Whitmer High School basketball coach Bruce Smith appear to be from parents who are looking out for their own personal agenda ("Basketball coach faces accusations of bias," Aug. 1).

I have no tolerance of racism. I also have no tolerance when the accusation of racism is used to promote someone's personal gain - when showcasing his or her child is more important than the integrity of Whitmer athletics.

Sadly, these biased accusations made by a few self-serving parents will follow Coach Smith for the rest of his career. Will they also taint all of his positive work with young men during the past 19 years?

Katherine Blevins

Everwood Road

It was repulsive to read in your Aug. 7 article "Food stamp cut to affect 1.8M in Ohio" that "Senate Democrats said this was the only way they could provide help to states without taking on new debt."

There are many ways to find money to pay our teachers and rebuild our economy. The only problem with enacting effective measures is that they would require courage on the part of Congress.

Many members of Congress and our population recognize the statement that "whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me." Is that a phrase they just mumble at church, or do we put it into practice and go to bat for the poor?

Jill Berkana

Courville Avenue

It is ignorant for conservatives to berate President Obama for his "European socialist" policies. For years, polls have indicated that the happiest people on Earth are from the European socialist Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland), followed by socialist New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

John A. Galbraith


The writer of the Aug. 10 letter "Why do gays pursue issue?" couldn't understand why gays want same-sex marriages recognized by the state, even though he acknowledged the legal, medical, and social privileges that benefit marriage partners.

He buttressed his argument against gay marriage by stating that the "major religions of the world do not endorse same-sex marriages."

Civil marriages between agnostics and atheists enjoy the full benefits of marriage. Using religious views to withhold civil recognition of gay marriage seems unreasonable and intolerantly homophobic.

No wonder gays seek equal acceptance under the law.

William Rinehart

Christie Boulevard

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