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Iott should know war is no game

My dad landed on Normandy Beach on June 6, 1944, and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. When he died at 60 years old, he was still ducking, even in his sleep, when he heard a whistle that sounded like a bomb dropping.

I served in the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam and was in the Ohio Air National Guard for 28 years. Now, someone who wants to represent me in Congress plays at being a German soldier.

If Rich Iott had served in a real branch of the military, he would realize that war is not a game. War is serious and is to be taken seriously.

Donald B. Clark


Your Oct. 12 article “Debate ignites a new battle for Iott, Kaptur” included two instances in which Marcy Kaptur and Rich Iott disagreed on factual, and thus provable, points, but you neglected to resolve the conflict.

Mr. Iott claimed to have known Miss Kaptur for 25 years, contributed to her political campaign, and done much in the community together. Miss Kaptur said she met Mr. Iott only this summer.

Couldn't you have tracked down evidence showing which statement was correct?

Mr. Iott also said the health-care bill supported by Miss Kaptur allows federal funding of abortion. Miss Kaptur denied the claim. The truth should be easily determined.

It would help me become an informed voter if, when the truth is available, you would include it in your coverage. I wonder why you did not.

Deana E. Pfeiffer


A coward recently destroyed my “Rich Iott for Congress” yard sign. Signs in several of my neighbors's yards also were destroyed. Iott signs have had swastikas painted on them.

I know these acts are committed by fringe idiots. But Rep. Marcy Kaptur could have helped prevent this kind of behavior by repudiating the ridiculous allegations about Rich Iott being a Nazi sympathizer. Did someone in her camp come up with making this an issue? If not, who?

Miss Kaptur should be running on her record, not character assassination. Are these the sort of people she wants as her supporters?

John P. Glaza


Rich Iott needs to visit a World War II concentration camp such as Auschwitz. Then he would recognize the evil a Nazi uniform represents. It would be a great bonding and learning experience for him and his son.

I am sure Mr. Iott is a good man, but he should not be creating laws in Congress. He does not have the depth of knowledge or experience for this job. Personal wealth does not equal intelligence.

Joyce Lawniczak

River Road

I grew up in West Virginia, where the only thing worse than being black was being Jewish or Catholic. The Ku Klux Klan was strong, and Sen. Robert Byrd was a Klansman.

President Clinton, speaking at Mr. Byrd's funeral, excused the senator's membership in the Klan as being necessary to be elected.

Now, however, Democrats take Rich Iott's reenactment as a German soldier as proof he's a Nazi sympathizer. Local media picked up on the cry that being a German soldier was the same as being a Nazi. They are not the same.

Democrats fed this false information to keep Marcy Kaptur in office. I hope that people in this area see through this travesty.

Mikell Lynne Hedley


I'm no fan of Rich Iott. Who but a fool would run for Congress promising not to bring money back to the district?

But I see the pursed lips and tsk-tsks of Marcy Kaptur and others over his joining Nazi re-enactments as extreme political crassness.

Let's lambaste Mr. Iott's negative ads. Let's demand specificity about his support of business. Remember, Enron, Goldman Sachs, and AIG got us where we are. And if his waistline exceeds 40 inches, let's ask about his health.

But his avocational acting? Give me and everyone else a break. Quit wasting our time.

Eileen Foley

Lowe Road

The left will stop believing Rich Iott is a closet Nazi about the same time the right stops believing President Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim.

Bill Pieper


Look at how Rich Iott and Marcy Kaptur will vote on issues, rather than at the negative innuendos that are flying around.

If you believe in a liberal approach to government, vote for Miss Kaptur. If you lean more toward a conservative approach, vote for Mr. Iott.

If you are voting based on negative innuendos, stay home.

Steve Cherry


My husband is a member of a Civil War re-enactment group. Unlike most other groups, its members portray both Union and Confederate soldiers, depending on the needs of a particular event.

I never thought that when my husband dons the Confederate gray, he endorses slavery and secession from the Union. I understand that it is necessary for both sides to be portrayed as accurately as possible to illustrate the hellishness of war.

Rich Iott need not apologize for his love of history. But Marcy Kaptur should apologize for attempting to socialize this great Republic by voting for the stimulus plan and Obamacare.

Tammy Jahns

Waterford Court

Is Rich Iott a man of integrity? A man of integrity would never dress up as a Nazi in a re-enactment.

Magan Evans


On Oct. 12, you had multiple headlines about Rich Iott.

Is that necessary? There are more enlightening issues on the ballot that need to be addressed.

I am not voting for Mr. Iott. I just think the amount of coverage is unnecessary.

Sheryl Doggett

Algonquin Parkway

While portraying historical characters is important in that we gain knowledge so we won't repeat the same mistakes, I am reminded of what my grandmother used to tell me: “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Be careful who and what you associate with. I imagine Mr. Iott is wishing he hadn't picked that character.

David D. Georgia

Briarwood Lane

Years ago, John Denver presented Toledo in a less than flattering way.

More recently, we've had Joe the Plumber and Rich Iott. The national media picked up their stories, making area residents look like bumpkins.

In the future, I hope voters will seek intelligent, moderate, compassionate, and electable candidates to represent us.

Paul Mettes

Glendale Avenue

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