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Letters to the Editor

Portrayal is not allegiance

Blade Editor David Kushma must have been obsessed with the recent re-enactment flap to motivate his elaborate Oct. 17 column, “Give Iott benefit of the doubt, not votes.”

Mr. Kushma should visit Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia to observe the re-enactment of the Revolutionary War. It would be asinine to suggest the British portrayers have a special allegiance to King George III, in contrast to the allegation made in the recent episode.

Re-enactment in Williamsburg serves as a reminder of how this country began by laying the foundation for the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, which is ignored by some legislators.

It is amazing how an incident reported in a national magazine has assumed reality in the political world and now in the opinion of The Blade. This column reveals more about Mr. Kushma's objectivity in separating fact from theater.

E. Ford Crider

Drummond Road

As a service-connected disabled veteran with 15 surgeries and another 12 to 15 coming, I can assure Blade Associate Editor Rose Russell that President Obama has not fully funded the Veterans Administration system (“Obama suffering from fast-food expectations,” op-ed column, Oct. 16).

Mr. Obama complained about veterans when we demanded that he stop trying to violate federal law enacted in 1917. Veterans have to wait as long as two years or more for benefits. Some use their private insurance, if they have any, to pay for medical treatments because the VA cannot.

I have waited more than six weeks to see a VA doctor. The VA office on Glendale Avenue will tell you that the Veterans Administration is not fully funded.

Instead of getting information from some left or right-wing Web site, ask a veteran or the VA.

Daniel E. Gray


Little wonder the Tea Party movement has garnered such support. Lucas County had $200 million left over in 2009 and $245 million in 2008 (“Citizen review of county budget sought,” Oct. 21).

Why gouge taxpayers for money that is evidently not needed? Yet only one commissioner, Ben Konop, questions the surplus. And he, in a fashion typical of big-government proponents, asks why the surplus was not spent rather than why citizens were taxed for more money than required to meet county obligations.

Were taxes reduced in Lucas County, maybe it would become more attractive to new employers and the downward local economic spiral of the past 40 years would end.

John M. Stewart


After reading about the wind turbines installed for $224,300 at One Government Center, I cannot believe it will take 15 years for them to pay for themselves (“Local leaders hail wind effort,” Oct. 21).

With all of the hot air that comes out of One Government Center, they should pay for themselves in five years.

Alan Kine

Fourth Street

A union has been organized at Bowling Green State University over the objection of the administration and after it conducted a campaign attempting to persuade employees they would be better off without the union (“BGSU's professors unionize,” Oct. 21).

Should the university have welcomed the union? Is the union movement a bad thing? Why would a sophisticated institution of higher learning, which would tend to be more liberal-leaning, be against a union?

Thomas L. Schlachter


The writer of the Oct. 12 Readers' Forum letter “Reject foreign solar firms” misses the fact that we are being directed by our President to become a socialized nation.

If the writer had paid attention, two years ago candidate Obama told Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher that “when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody.”

Wesley Falls


Republicans are pulling out all the stops to regain power. Cynically, they are using the economy to buttress their arguments, even though their policies of tax cuts for the rich, financial deregulation and lack of oversight, unfunded wars, and a failure to invest in our country's basic needs led us to the brink of financial disaster.

Republicans advocate less government. If you want to see Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid privatized, vote Republican this year. If you believe in corporations paying their fair share of taxes when they move their factories offshore, and oversight of Wall Street, vote Democrat.

John J. Howe


Every election season we hear the same platitudes: Political candidates say they will create jobs, cut wasteful spending, and reduce taxes. They say their opponents are unworthy because they support the opposite.

Voters and the media should ask candidates exactly how they will fulfill their campaign promises. Get details: how much it will cost, what sacrifices will need to be made, where details can be researched.

Our system thrives when voters can make informed decisions. If candidates cannot answer pointed questions without using rhetoric, hyperbole, or deflection, then their legitimacy should be called into question.

Tony Geis

Brott Road

Springfield Township residents were smart enough to turn down Springfield Local Schools' request for a levy in May. Now the district seeks a 3.9-mill continuing levy.

A flyer sent out by a group urging voters to pass the levy stated 17 percent of school funding comes from the state, making taxpayers responsible for the remaining 83 percent. That's unfair to homeowners. Many are struggling, and many taxpayers are in childless homes.

Kay Rompf


The cost of health care has been out of control. There have been many congressional attempts to rein in health-care costs. None of these attempts was successful until the Obama Administration health-care plan was passed.

We have not given Obama health care a chance to work. Why should we support an effort to abort this plan before we even know whether it works?

Barry B. Walters

Burningtree Drive

My teenage son and I attended a safe teen driving seminar sponsored by the AAA auto club. I hope that the teens and adults who attended understand the importance of being safe on the road.

All drivers need to drive defensively, watching out for themselves, their passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers.

Don’t drink and drive, or use cell phones while driving.

Cindy Rizzo


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