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‘White lies’ editorial a stretch

Your June 9 editorial “Little white lies” demonstrates that political critiques often have more elasticity than the fabric of a cheating politician’s underwear.

Tying the Anthony Weiner Twitter photo scandal to Sarah Palin’s comments about Paul Revere was a colossal stretch, but fun to read and analyze.

I’m sure I was not the only reader who laughed aloud at, and to some extent admire, the editorial’s spreading of a nasty political scandal involving a liberal New York Democrat to include comments from the former Alaska governor and Tea Party conservative.

Frank E. Miller

Palin-Weiner comparison wrong
Your comparison of Sarah Palin and U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner is pathetic.

You would have us believe that sending lewd and disgraceful pictures of oneself via the Internet, as Mr. Weiner did, is a “private” matter. People in authority are supposed to be held to a higher standard than the rest of us.

What was Mrs. Palin’s mistake? It had to do with a Paul Revere story, and according to at least one history professor she was right.

The fact that you don’t see the difference here is why you are out of touch.

Bob McDonagh
Belmar Avenue

Linking Palin to Weiner unfair
You unfairly compared Sarah Palin with a snarky liar and admitted predatory pervert. This act of public calumny is way below the accepted role of the legitimate and ethical responsibility of a free press.

It is astounding that a respected public figure in America can be attacked for lying and “rewriting American history” because in a casual interview, she presented her understanding of a historical event.

Certainly your erudite and occasionally fair and open- minded editorial staff could generate some professional and legitimate criticism of Mrs. Palin’s political ideology, such as her defense of personal freedom, property rights, a limited role of government, reduction of spending, responsible immigration policies, and our constitutional right to bear arms.

Edward S. Popkoski
Cloister Road

‘Little white lies’ is itself a lie
You said Sarah Palin “wasn’t lying. She was just wrong.”

Not according to Robert Allison, a historian at Suffolk University, who was interviewed on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” on June 6.

I expected NPR journalists thought they had brought in a ringer, and the man they interviewed would confirm Mrs. Palin’s mistake. In fact, he said she was right, and he said this before your editorial ran. You had plenty of time to realize that Mrs. Palin was right. It would appear that you got it wrong.

An editorial about lying that lies. How much worse can it get?

Andy Hogan

Ketchup on a dog? Perish the thought
The June 7 Readers’ Forum letter “Way to go, Marcy, for using ketchup” defends U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s choice of putting that condiment on a hot dog as if defending the tomato itself.

There is no connection. Many of my favorite salads and many of my most memorable cheeseburgers had tomato as an ingredient.

One thing is clear to all true lovers of the hot dog: The classic condiments are mustard and diced onion, with dill (not sweet) relish and chili sauce as acceptable additions.

Ketchup is a noxious sauce that is no more suited on a hot dog than it would be on ice cream. To hold it up as a fine example of tomato use is inane.

David McClellan

Obama’s being neighborly a joy
I was impressed that President Obama, on a visit to Toledo to congratulate one of America’s largest corporations, took the time to visit several small, locally owned neighborhood businesses (“Visit includes time for lunch, shopping,” June 4).

That tells me he understands and appreciates the contribution of these businesses to our local and national economy.

Linda Detrick-Jaegly

We should be like Finnish schools
Finland has topped the developed world’s educational systems for the past decade. Its ranking is based on students’ performance on tests for 15-year-olds around the globe in reading, math, and science conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Finland doesn’t have a system of national testing and hence no pressure to tweak the results.

Teachers are free from inspectors or how well their school does on league tables. Class size is small and the whole system rests on the teachers.

For Gov. John Kasich, education is another strategic pawn in his game.

Vadaken N. Krishnan
Bowling Green

Bicyclists, motorists should get along
I was taken by the message from a group of bicycle riders who wanted to raise awareness about cyclists everywhere: There is room for motorists and bicyclists (“Bicyclists ride to send message, pay respects, May 19).

While this is so in hearts and minds, the reality on the road is somewhat less apparent. Most two-lane roads are ill equipped to handle cars and bicycles at the same time.

Most motorists try to give cyclists wide berths, but occasionally end up jockeying and pausing to avoid a confrontation.

More important, many cyclists do not heed stop signs or traffic lights, give no hand signals to indicate their direction, and have no reflectors, bright clothing, sashes, or helmets to ensure their safety.

I hope that as more bicycle riders take to the roads in these warmer months, people can do what they can to make certain there are no accidents.

Amy Adler
Pool Street

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