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Disparity glaring amid budget crisis

I agree with your July 21 editorial "Taxing the rich" about the obscene disparity in earnings between executives and the average American worker. In 2010, the annual median pay for an executive was $10.8 million; for the average American worker, $39,104.

In 40 years of working, I never earned close to $10.8 million or even $39,104. In contrast, when I was working in retail management, I was forced to take a 23 percent pay cut.

I have never taken an itemized deduction on my 1040 tax form, in part because I lacked earned income and never was a homeowner. Still, I consider myself to have adequate wealth and my taxes not to be too high.

Republicans don't want to increase taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year. They are advocating massive cuts for education, the elderly, and children of the poor.

I never have seen a party more anti-life than the present Republican Party.

Marlin Short


These steps would solve budget crisis

Most politicians appear to be pursuing political agendas rather than really facing this budget crisis ("Democrats attack cuts in debt plan," July 22). Although significant change may not be politically possible at the moment, very soon that option may not be available.

A balanced budget must be made mandatory by a constitutional amendment or some other vehicle that cannot be sidestepped. The debt ceiling should be frozen and no new taxes imposed.

It is a myth that raising taxes on the rich would make any significant difference. Do away with loopholes in the tax code and institute a flat tax.

Human nature is such that a catastrophe has to occur before any definitive action is taken. We are knocking on that door.

Richard Andrews

Colburn Street

Social Security must be left alone

Social Security is a retirement plan funded by employees and their employers. It does not contribute to the deficit.

The federal government has "borrowed" from Social Security to pay for programs that benefit those who never paid into Social Security.

People on Social Security should not pay for government waste. The government needs to "borrow" money from public pension systems before it steals any more money from Social Security.

Marge Nowicki

131st Street

Better leadership will help airport

With BAX pulling out of Toledo Express Airport, this is an opportune time to separate that facility from the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and create a group for the sole purpose of increasing use of our airport ("Loss of cargo hub poses challenges for Toledo Express," July 24).

Retired Blade editor Thomas Walton had an excellent column recently about the progress Akron has made with its airport in part because of good leadership.

There is no reason that Toledo Express could not become a significant, profitable part of air travel in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Richard Reder

Foxcroft Road

Pro-life group applauds bishop

Foundation for Life of Toledo applauds Toledo Catholic Bishop Leonard Blair's courageous stand against the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood ("Bishop of Toledo bars assistance to Komen group," July 12).

The northwest Ohio affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Foundation advances the laudable goal of fighting breast cancer. Unfortunately, it is required annually to send a significant percentage of local donations to the national Komen organization, which authorizes other local Komen affiliates to provide money to Planned Parenthood.

Bishop Blair rightly recognizes that the good done by the Komen foundation does not justify funneling money to Planned Parenthood's coffers.

Foundation for Life calls on the local Komen group to urge its national organization to stop Komen affiliates from funding Planned Parenthood, so that pro-life Americans can contribute to its commendable efforts.

Jennifer Antonini

President Foundation for Life of Toledo

Sylvania Township

Blair lauded for Komen stand

Scientific studies have shown that abortions and prolonged use of birth control pills increase a young woman's risk of breast cancer. Planned Parenthood provides birth control pills and abortion, which lead to higher rates of breast cancer, which leads the Komen Foundation to refer patients to Planned Parenthood. The money goes in a circle.

The Catholic Church is correct about the dangers, both physical and emotional, of abortion, the negative effects of long-term birth control use, and the denigration of human dignity caused by the use of embryonic stem cells.

The church and Bishop Blair are to be commended for standing up against popular opinion and promoting the facts about women's health.

Dr. James Roberts

Darlington Road

Water, sewerage bill doesn't add up

After I received my second-quarter water bill for property I own in Toledo, I feel property owners are being fleeced by city government.

My water use is almost nil, yet I pay the fixed minimum on water and sewer rates. My quarterly water and sewerage bill had been averaging around $100. With the recent hike of 9 percent on water rates and 3 percent on sewerage, my newest bill stands at $135 per quarter.

Something here stinks.

Chuck Hymore


Parents can be bullies to children

Much has been said about ways to cope with bullies ("Facebook, Time Warner gang up on bullies in multimedia campaign," July 13). What if the bully is the parent?

Many children are subject to verbal and mental abuse by their parents. Often the legal system protects these parents in the guise of parental discipline.

It's a sad situation when the legal system reacts only to visible, physical harm. What about the emotional and mental abuse that is inflicted on many of our children? How do we protect our children from invisible terrorism?

Joyce Stubblefield

Belmont Avenue

Photo ID already part of daily life

The other day began with a trip to the Toledo Clinic to visit my doctor. The first thing the person at the reception desk wanted was to see my picture identification. Then I went to pick up a prescription at the drugstore and the person at the counter asked me for a picture ID.

Next stop was church, where I volunteer in the emergency food pantry. I was required to ask each of our clients to show a picture ID.

On the way home, I went to my bank to withdraw cash and I was asked for my picture ID. Then I stopped to rent a movie and was required to provide a picture ID.

One of my great responsibilities and privileges as a citizen of Ohio and this country is voting in every election. And now lawmakers are demanding that I show a picture ID before I can do that ("Ohio election reforms tweaked," July 14). What nerve.

Charlotte Reschly


Steely Dan show peaceful, great

A note of thanks for the high degree of protection given to all who attended the Steely Dan concert July 20.

Tenable Protective Services and Toledo Zoo personnel kept the crowd of 45 to 65-year olds under control. Overheard was a woman arguing with her husband, and several of the security guards kept a close eye on a guy with a cane.

The concert was great, the Toledo Zoo shone, and we all had a good time.

Don Warner


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