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Letters to the Editor

Two sides to union debate

Blade Editor David Kushma's Nov. 7 column, "Ohio voters can strike a better balance," blasts Republicans for drawing new congressional maps, yet fails to mention that Democrats do the same thing whenever they have the opportunity.

He reported that Senate Bill 5 is supported by Tea Party members, who want less government and lower taxes, and by the billionaire Koch brothers. He failed to mention George Soros, the billionaire supporter of everything Democrat and socialist. Don't forgot billionaire Warren Buffett's Democratic support, even though he is now disclaiming President Obama's "Buffett Rule."

Why didn't Mr. Kushma talk about the substandard employees unions force on the workplace, or about the teacher who is shunted from class to class because of tenure?

I've belonged to unions and I know how they work. I was laid off for six months and was forced to join a union. When I returned, the union took all but $12 from my paycheck, which I needed desperately, for back union dues.

I have been a substitute teacher and have dealt with several teachers who were not fit to be in a classroom.

I have no problem with union employees paying a portion of their insurance and pensions, so that regular nonunion working people won't have to do it for them. It is time union workers joined the rest of the world.

Jennifer Shank
Swancreek Township


Columnist Will should be replaced

George Will's Nov. 1 op-ed column, "Romney's gaseous policy on ethanol deflates conservatives," shows that he has become a bit gaseous.

Mr. Will labeled presidential candidate Mitt Romney a "recidivist reviser." The Republican capitalistic establishment is morally bankrupt.

It is time that The Blade terminate its ties to Mr. Will and seek a more coherent replacement.

Stanley Theisen, Jr.
W. Alexis Rd.


Catholic studies prof an odd fit

Why is Peter Feldmeier, who has so many anti-Catholic views, a professor of Catholic studies at the University of Toledo ("Professor calls for change in Catholicism; Church's moral authority lost, Corpus Christi audience told," Nov. 2)? I cringe to think what he is teaching our young people about the Catholic faith.

Why does Corpus Christi Church continue to host so-called Catholic speakers who don't agree with the Catholic faith? Is Bishop Leonard Blair monitoring this?

What infallible Catholic doctrines does Mr. Feldmeier want church leaders to talk about? Abortion? Homosexuality? Contraception? Women priests?

A moral truth does not change, no matter how much one talks about it. The church's moral authority is not lost.

Many people have the same views on the Catholic church that Mr. Feldmeier does. The difference is that they at least have the dignity to leave the church and find a cult that matches their ever-changing beliefs. I would respectfully ask him to do the same.

Jeff Hennessy
Grantwood Dr.


Reinstating funds for pike study idiotic

The village idiots in Washington are again proving their incompetence. Lawmakers can't pass a balanced budget, but they can lobby the U.S. Transportation Department to come up with $1.5 million to fund a study about the possibility of leasing the Ohio Turnpike ("$1.5M for turnpike study is reinstated," Oct. 29).

Why not sell or lease the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and all the books in the Library of Congress?

Before all is done, lawmakers will sell or lease police and fire departments, and residents will have to contract for those services.

Gary Buck
Scottwood Ave.


I-475 speed traps would bring in cash

With the City of Toledo in financial trouble, one solution to help bring in money would be to have police set up speed traps in the Interstate-475 construction zones, five to seven days a week.

This would generate lots of money. When I travel there, I am passed by other cars going at least 60 to 75 mph.

Some drivers seem to think that the 50 mph speed limit is only in force while workers are present. Fortunately, the workers at this job site have not been hurt by inconsiderate lawbreakers.

If city police can't set up speed traps, turn the duty over to the Lucas County Sheriff's department or the state Highway Patrol. Seldom do you see any law enforcement at this location.

It seems our government safety agencies aren't interested in enforcing the speed limit in this work zone.

Mark Sherer
Springbrook Dr.


Michigan needs funds for repair

A fairly painless tax increase on people making more than $1 million a year would help enable Michigan to repair its infrastructure ("Michigan governor seeks more road funds," Oct. 27).

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's plan to repair the state's infrastructure is to raise taxes and fees on Michigan residents, most of whom are middle-class. This is another example of protecting the upper crust while extracting funds from the already struggling majority.

Is there any doubt why people are marching in the streets? But if anyone is planning to march on the streets of Lambertville in a peaceful protest, be careful. You might break an ankle in one of our countless potholes.

Rick O'Connor


UT mall a beauty; Douglas Road isn't

The University of Toledo says that the American Society of Landscape Architects lists Centennial Mall, the picturesque lawn in the heart of the campus, as one of the 100 most beautifully landscaped places in the country.

With all this heritage and beauty, isn't it a shame that Douglas Road, which runs adjacent to the east side of campus, is in the same bad shape as those notorious roads just across the border in Michigan?

Robert Weaver
Castleton Ave.


A business-savvy president needed

After three years of radical, anti-constitutional government, we're witnessing the implosion of an inexperienced, inept president and his failed liberal policies that have brought pain and misery to Americans ("President vows to be ‘warrior' for middle class," Sept. 23).

In a last-ditch effort to mask its failures, the Obama Administration has resorted to race and class warfare to create confusion, anger, and division among Americans, moving the nation closer to the precipice of financial destruction and social chaos.

To reverse the damage and heal the country, we must elect an intelligent, fiscally conservative president with a transparent and unifying administration that champions capitalism and the free-enterprise system, and has the business acumen to lead us out of this recession and get Americans back to work.

This president's priority will be to stimulate the nation's business climate by repealing ObamaCare, lowering capital-gains taxes, and removing restrictive government regulations.

This will encourage entrepreneurs to invest in new business ventures resulting in employment and economic growth, ending the economic malaise that's destroying America, and returning financial stability, dignity, and pride to Americans.

Gary Stechschulte


What's the use? Officials ignore us

Chinese investors bought the Marina District in July. Four months later, there is no sign of development. Are we at another dead end?

Instead of putting more money downtown, the city needs to start improving forgotten East Toledo. City officials put the new sports arena downtown against East Siders' request to build it on the East Side.

City Council does not listen to the people of Toledo. Its members just do whatever they want. There is no need to vote because our votes don't matter.

Dolores Gorsuch
Grantley Rd.

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