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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

China series likely to bring good results

I commend The Blade for your three-part series on Chinese investors in Toledo ("Inquiry sheds light on Chinese investors; Little previously known of pair who acquired city assets," Feb. 19).

You have made Shenzhen real estate tycoon Wu Kin Hung and his partners very happy. At first I thought your report was critical, but it dawned on me that these people respect your openness, which is not a practice in China.

They are having a great time in this free society. I will not be surprised to see them do more good for Toledo in the future.

James McGrady


Series an attempt at smear campaign

It is disturbing that you have taken it upon yourself to start making the news instead of reporting it. Equally troubling is your clear attempt to discourage a private investor from creating hundreds of jobs for our citizens and millions of tax dollars for our city.

Toledo needs private investment. Your smear campaign not only is potentially harmful to the city's financial situation, it also hurts our reputation as a place that promotes private investment and growth.

It is astonishing that our local newspaper would do something so potentially destructive to our community. I recognize the commitment the Chinese investors are making to our city and the benefit it will bring to the entire region.

While a small profit likely will make its way back to China, a far greater profit will remain in the wallets and bank accounts of those who find employment at the Marina District in construction, retail, maintenance, service, and other jobs created through the Chinese investment.

As a private business owner, I apologize for the ignorance of The Blade and look forward to working with Chinese and other private investors in the future.

Ryan Kelley

Washington Street

Editor's note: The letter writer is president of the Retirement Group LLC in downtown Toledo.

Another Pulitzer is on the way

I thank The Blade for investigating the Marina District deal, which our elected and appointed representatives didn't care to do.

Mayor Mike Bell surely knows how to feather his nest and those of his buddies. Private symphony concerts? Fancy weddings on the other side of the planet?

I'm glad I don't have to grow up in this country when it becomes a Chinese/Middle Eastern satellite, because politicos are interested in getting re-elected instead of watching out for the public.

The Blade is going to win another Pulitzer.

Charles Dersher


Communist plots in the offing?

After reading your investigative report on Dashing Pacific Group Ltd., I found that the issue started to make sense.

The Chinese government is planning to convert our riverfront property into a large cemetery and will fill it with communist plots.

William Poznanski

Melvin Drive

Endorsement of Kaptur puzzling

The Lucas County Democratic Party endorsed U.S. Rep Marcy Kaptur again ("Kaptur backed by Lucas Democratic Party panel," Feb. 17). Why?

Miss Kaptur voted against the Wall Street bailouts after President Obama said it would cause a depression if the bailouts weren't approved. Did she want soup lines, gas rationing, massive unemployment, despair, and misery?

My choices against Miss Kaptur are Dennis Kucinich (yikes) or Graham Veysey, a newcomer.

I guess my choice will be Republican Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher. Yikes again.

Tim Berkel

Crestwood Road

Brown assailed over medical issue

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown seems not to know how to handle companies that discontinue life-saving drugs ("Senator seeks notification on drugs' unavailability; Brown, cancer patient, doctor speak in Toledo," Feb. 12).

How about removing protection from copyrights or patents, then allowing the medication to be classified as generic?

Things went pretty well before the government got involved in medical insurance. I don't remember hearing about anyone failing to receive medical treatment, insured or not.

Since contraceptives became available, the morality of Americans has nose-dived. Many Americans fail to take precautions anyway.

Don Mooney

Erie, Mich.

GOP stands for Greedy Old Party

Republicans are spending millions of dollars on their propaganda machine to persuade us that the depression they created is the fault of the Obama Administration. Their deceptive and fraudulent ads are meant to persuade us to vote against our own interests.

They want to cut their own taxes to increase their wealth at the expense of the rest of us.

The Greedy Old Party has earned its nickname.

Richard Wilkinson

Mason Street

'Ward Cleaver' appreciated

My husband and I have subscribed to The Blade for many years, but I have never appreciated an article more than the Feb. 17 Culture Shock column by Kirk Baird, "Leave it to Kirk: Ward Cleaver is alive and well."

We were young once and raised four children, I never remember using that awful four-letter word. Isn't it amazing how even a dad who has such high standards is still cool to his little girl?

All parents should read and learn from this column, and reap benefits in years to come.

Dorothy Fundum

Malinta, Ohio

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