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Stand Your Ground law not the issue

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I disagree with the April 13 guest editorial "Searching for justice," against Florida's Stand Your Ground law. People should not have to hide from thugs and bullies. They should be able to protect themselves and their property.

What happened in Florida has nothing to do with the law. Stand Your Ground doesn't allow someone to stalk a kid, instigate a fight, then when he is losing the fight, shoot the kid.

Kenneth White

Oak Harbor, Ohio

Health agency needs to reassess

The complaint by Dr. David Grossman, commissioner of the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, about the health advantages of Delaware County rings hollow in light of other rankings in the report ("Unhealthy pattern; Lucas County again ranked 72nd in state," April 4).

Franklin, Cuyahoga, and Hamilton counties have larger populations and the same population mix as Lucas County but are ranked higher for public health.

One possible reason is how much better those counties' health departments are run. Perhaps their priorities are not chiding smokers and harassing businesses over late license fees.

Paul Wroe

309th Street

Christianity makes laws unnecessary

Mankind's problem always will be spiritual in nature ("Religions, politics must be separate," Readers' Forum, April 1).

Governments create laws to coerce civilized behavior. Christ's blood purifies the hearts of man, so laws are unnecessary.

I fear we shall see another wasted election cycle. Citizens are dazzled by some politicians' soaring rhetoric, offering a panacea for society's woes but delivering an anticlimactic fizzle.

Don Gozdowski

Franklin Avenue

Church, state should be linked

The argument about separation of church and state comes from godless people who don't want to follow God's laws. We elect godless men to office who take America down with ungodly new laws.

Christians are called bad guys when they confront sins mentioned in the Bible. If we don't go along with ungodly new laws, we are called fundamentalist fanatics.

Judgment Day will be interesting for those who oppose God's laws by separating church and state for ungodly gain.

Chip Williams

Fir Lane

Photos of 3 killed soldiers protested

I'm disgusted that The Blade included photographs of dead servicemen with your April 6 article "3 soldiers from Ohio killed in suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan."

Your story about the Ohio National Guard's 37th Infantry Brigade could have been complete without the photos.

I'm asking you to institute some oversight to ensure this doesn't happen again. In the interest of full disclosure, my nephew is in that unit.

Timothy King


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