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Letters to the Editor

Officials' inaction a disappointment

I am disappointed that Gov. John Kasich and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor are refusing to establish a health insurance exchange for Ohio ("Ohio takes tough health law stance; Lt. Gov. Taylor rejects insurance exchange," July 11). This common-sense component of the Affordable Care Act will create a competitive marketplace in which Ohioans and small-business owners can purchase affordable health insurance.

I find it baffling that Lieutenant Governor Taylor, in her role as director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, does not want to give consumers more and better choices for purchasing health insurance. This should be a no-brainer.

If Ohio doesn't set up an exchange, the federal government will do it for us. A plan designed by Ohioans for Ohioans will provide a greater opportunity to create Ohio-based jobs.

My colleague, Sen. Mike Skindell of Lakewood, has introduced legislation that would establish a health insurance exchange tailored to fit the needs of Ohioans. The legislature should pass the bill without delay.

It's time for the governor and lieutenant governor to put politics aside and stop dragging their feet on much-needed health-care reform.

Edna Brown
Ohio Senate 11th District Toledo

Krugman's wrong about economic fix

Every time I read a Paul Krugman column, I wonder where his economics degree came from and what makes him a Nobel Prize-winning economist ("For the GOP, the economic future is now -- and it fails," op-ed, June 11).

According to Mr. Krugman, all of the country's problems would be cured if the government spent a little more money. That has been part of our problem.

President George W. Bush spent us into this abyss. President Obama and the Democrats continued it. But if you read Mr. Krugman's columns, he says it was the fault of Republicans.

The last time I tried borrowing myself into prosperity, it didn't work. I don't know anyone who has been successful at that.

James Bedee
Sylvania Township

GOP politics subjugate common sense

I was incredulous after reading Blade Editor David Kushma's July 15 op-ed column, "Kasich and Obama-care: Follow the money, or the politics." I would have thought that Mr. Kushma would realize that ideology and partisanship trump common sense, economics, and even national interest in today's GOP.

Republicans are against policies now that they were trumpeting only a few years ago. The top goal of the GOP is not to create jobs, to fix Social Security and Medicare problems, or find a solution to the burgeoning health-care crisis, but to defeat President Obama. That is a political goal.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is merely following the script laid out by the national party. That is political also. What future would he have if he bucked the big dogs in Washington?

To them, and Governor Kasich, it doesn't matter who pays the price, as long as they defeat President Obama. Why do you think their "repeal and replace" campaign against Obamacare has never spelled out the replace part?

Ron Bores

Bishops should back health funds

Gov. John Kasich and other Republican governors are balking at fully implementing the Affordable Care Act. Because the Catholic Church has long been committed to universal health-care coverage, this would be a good time for bishops to urge these governors to accept Medicaid expansion funds to cover more of the working poor and disabled.

It would be the Christian thing to do.

Julia Kustra
Gunckel Boulevard

Kasich earns right to decide funding

I remember The Blade and Mr. Kushma lecturing Governor Kasich to accept federal money to establish a high-speed rail system in Ohio. Mr. Kasich declined, and he was correct to do so.

The costs of high-speed rail in California have skyrocketed, just as Mr. Kasich predicted. California's project may run out of money before it can be finished. I thank Governor Kasich for having the foresight to keep Ohio out of this mess.

The scoreboard on accepting federal money reads: Mr. Kasich 1, The Blade 0. The governor has earned the right to make the decision to accept federal money for Obamacare or decline it.

Bob Thrasher
Carskaddon Avenue

New Zealand unit lauds ‘pit-bull' story

With delight we watched your paper expose former Lucas County dog warden Tom Skeldon and his murderous regime, and ultimately his removal from his position. Now you speak for Lennox, and again we applaud you ("British canine's death draws global outcry; Lucas County to name next "pit bull"-type dog Lennox," July 12).

Here in New Zealand, we have our own version of Mr. Skeldon. Our mainstream media won't touch him. He vilifies "pit-bull"-type dogs with impunity. Countless dogs die in this country simply because of their looks.

The work you do in exposing this appallingly unscientific prejudice and bigotry is respected by those of us who know better and commit our lives to fighting breed-specific legislation, and whose media continue to look the other way.

Karen Batchelor
Registrar American Pit Bull Terrier Association Inc. Auckland, New Zealand

People trump dogs in importance

The Blade is satisfying the animal-loving community with its dog stories. Now we read that a 7-year-old, pug-nosed dog was imprisoned for more than two years in Belfast.

Where's The Blade's reporting about the Christians imprisoned in Iran because they believe in Jesus Christ? Are dogs more newsworthy than suffering humans?

Your article ends by quoting an official of Planned Pethood: "The message to everyone, especially politicians, is that the care and respect for animals is now an international issue. Finally, animals are becoming valued."

What about humans who are made in the image of God?

Lou Vasaturo
Dulton Drive

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