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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Strong call to act on Lakes a must

Your July 19 editorial "Advance of the carp" about the threat from Asian carp can be faulted only because it didn't issue a strong-enough call to action.

The Great Lakes are the biggest asset our region has in attracting businesses and people. In a world of changing climate, the Lakes' reliable supply of water will grow in importance.

We need to band together, regardless of political affiliation, to urge Congress and each presidential administration to defend the lakes against this, and all other, invasive species.

Sandra Clark

Crary Drive

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San Diego Zoo pales to Toledo's

On a recent trip to California, I visited the world-famous San Diego Zoo. After a long day wandering the vast park, I left feeling unimpressed. To visit a world-class zoo, we need go no farther than Toledo ("Everybody's zoo," editorial, June 24).

The facilities and animals at the Toledo Zoo are equal, and in many cases superior, to those at the San Diego Zoo. The Toledo Zoo's small size and flat terrain make it easy to see everything in less than a day.

Then there is the cost: $42 for a one-day visit to San Diego's zoo, compared to $14 for the Toledo Zoo or free for Lucas County residents once a week.

We should be proud to live so close to one of America's greatest zoos.

Joe Schmidt

Springfield Township

Other counties should aid parks

I would feel a lot better voting for additional taxes to support the Metroparks if residents of the counties surrounding Lucas County also contributed to their support ("Metroparks oases need public support," op-ed, July 22).

Ronald Moening

Barrington Drive

We need Obama for four more years

President Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize, ordered the death of Osama bin Laden, got most of our troops out of Iraq, is winding down the war in Afghanistan, and got the car industry back on track, among other accomplishments.

These are only a few reasons why we should not change horses in the middle of the stream. We need President Obama for another four years.

Dorothy Jorgensen


President's role goes beyond unions

I was taught that the President was elected to represent all Americans, not just union workers. Would someone please tell the President?

Rhetta Pickard


Toledo Edison workers thanked

A big thank you to the Toledo Edison workers who worked around the clock in this extremely bad weather ("Punishing heat, storms finally give region a break; Milder weather lets crews work to restore power," July 9). Your hard work is appreciated.

Sue Ney


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