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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Voting rights besieged

Our 15th Amendment rights, the foundation of the American democracy, are systematically attacked and denied ("New poll tax," editorial, Aug. 13).

This is not, as Republicans have said, a move to prevent voter fraud. It is a direct attack on those people who take the greatest advantage of early voting and who do not, generally, have the photo identification required to vote: minorities, the elderly, the working class, and young voters. It is no coincidence that these groups are, by and large, Democrats.

It is the duty of all voters, not just those groups, to protest these shamelessly partisan attacks on voters' rights.

Colin Commager


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Getting a photo ID not easy for all

It is not as easy to get photo identification as many would have you believe ("Photo ID to vote not a problem," Readers' Forum, Aug. 8).

Several years ago, I helped a terminally ill friend get an Ohio photo ID that would enable her to gain access to medical and financial assistance.

She never had a driver's license because medical conditions prevented her from driving. She had paid into Social Security for many years, but had lost her card.

Her birth certificate was in German; she was born in Germany.

To obtain her ID, she was required to obtain an official transcript of her birth certificate, produce copies of both parents' birth certificates (from Iowa and Maryland), submit a copy of her college transcript, and apply for confirmation from the State Department.

Each of these steps required a fee. They took weeks to accomplish, and transportation to several sites was required.

ID is easy for everyone to get? Not really.

Janet Esch


The rich do foot most of tax bill

With President George W. Bush's tax cuts in place, the top 1 percent of the population pays roughly 36 percent of all federal income taxes, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.

The top 10 percent pay more than 70 percent of all federal income taxes. Roughly half of the population pays no federal income tax.

Who is not paying his fair share?

Charles Shanfelt


GOP wrongly blames Obama

Lost in discussions about the economy is the role of congressional Republicans. The GOP's goal is to defeat President Obama in November.

To do this, House Republicans have shelved, filibustered, and sabotaged Mr. Obama's jobs, monetary, and stimulus proposals.

The GOP then blames Mr. Obama for lack of leadership and the poor economy, which Republicans helped create by their deliberate inactivity.

Paul Szymanowski

Curtice, Ohio

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