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Letters to the Editor

Column on Muslims is correct

In his Aug. 20 op-ed column, "The Muslim populace, not America, is under siege," Dr. S. Amjad Hussain described the unfortunate situation created by shortsighted politicians and their radical media friends. They think the only way to win public support is to target the Muslim minority and create hatred against it.

Local, state, and national leaders should declare that Muslim-Americans are just as loyal to their country as other citizens are. Hate-mongering politicians and media should be exposed and condemned by leaders at all levels.

Muslim-Americans are a diverse community that supports one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Tasadduq Hussain
Monclova Township

Americans fear Islamic terrorists

As a Christian and an American, I found Dr. Hussain's column offensive. He mistakenly believes Islamophobia is sweeping the country, fueled by a diverse group of people he calls "born-again patriots."

The only thing sweeping America is the fear of Islamic terrorism.

Muslims are not under siege in America. I have many friends, neighbors, and co-workers who are Muslims. They are welcomed, protected, and cherished as are any other good, hard-working citizens of this country.

What Dr. Hussain sees as unprecedented scrutiny is the result of a country severely wounded by 9/11 trying to protect its citizens from radical Islamists who have vowed to destroy us.

Gary Stechschulte

'Nautical Village' best forgotten

In response to your Aug. 7 article "Nautical Village envisioned for tip of Bay View Park": What does Point Place get? A vision: adding retail space across Summit Street from empty space, a lodge when Toledo's hotels are struggling, and a restaurant in a small neighborhood already well served by restaurants, not to mention boat clubs.

Stop the visionary plans now. A pathway has been cut along the river. Bicyclists are using it. The new path should be blacktopped to eliminate dust and to allow children on bikes, strollers, and people using walkers to enjoy this welcome addition. Some bushes need to be trimmed.

Then stop. The Point Place Business Association can claim victory. Those who want to relive the days of Cullen Park can save face.

Jim Stackpoole
296th Street

Developing park would add to woes

The Blade ran an article that said the planet is warming as a direct result of human activity ("Sharp rise found in Earth surface with extreme heat; Scientists blame greenhouse gases," Aug. 7).

On the same day, there was an article about a Nautical Village envisioned for Bay View Park. We do not need another heat-trapping example of, to paraphrase singer Joni Mitchell, paving paradise and putting up a parking lot.

The bushes and trees are not just overgrowth. They are home to a diversity of wildlife and an opportunity for humans to connect to nature.

Let's not allow developers to be in charge of a gem such as Bay View. It's time to think about the future or, as a climate scientist quoted in your article warned: "It's just going to get worse."

Jane Sughrue

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