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Letters to the Editor

‘47%’ wrong in ripping Romney

Your Sept. 19 editorial “47 percent” formed a premature conclusion about Mitt Romney. You questioned his fitness to lead because he truthfully stated privately, off the record to his supporters, that no matter what he does, 47 percent of Americans, many who are able-bodied yet receive government assistance in the form of welfare and food stamps, will continue to support President Obama.

Your editorial staff should be as passionate in criticizing the failed economic policies of the Obama Administration that are responsible for thousands of business closings, catastrophic job losses, shrinking wages, and a business climate in which millions of Americans have given up looking for jobs and dropped out of the work force, adding to the percentage of people who depend on government.

Regardless of your criticism of Mr. Romney, undecided voters should ask themselves whether they want four more years of President Obama's failed economic policies, or prefer a fiscally conservative, successful businessman who cares about them and has the proven ability to end this economic nightmare and make life better for all Americans.

Gary Stechschulte

He's in the 47% and holds on to hope

I'm one of the 47 percent Mitt Romney has abandoned. After working for 30 years as a purchasing manager for the same company, I became a victim of corporate mergers and downsizing.

I receive unemployment benefits that will run out shortly. I've been looking for a full-time job but have not landed one.

But I do have the hope that President Obama used as his message in the 2008 presidential campaign. The trickle-down theory that the GOP advocates hasn't worked in my case.

Milt Hubartt
Airport Highway

Romney targeting only freeloaders

In response to the writer of the Oct. 3 Readers' Forum letter “A look at a man, 98, in the 47%”: Mitt Romney is not talking about people such as the writer’s father, who worked to contribute to the needs of his family and his country.

Mr. Romney is not referring to those who get unemployment benefits or welfare or food stamps and who are trying to find employment. He is talking about people who avoid work and single women who seem to make childbearing a career.

Our country no longer can sustain a population that wants to be taken care of.

What are we to do about people who by choice do not contribute and feel that they are not responsible for themselves, but that I am?

We fought the good fight for many years, but the well is dry.

Bonnie Zaruca

What is there not to like about Romney?

Mitt Romney is a good person with strong Christian values. Although he was born into a wealthy family, he was raised to respect all people.

He is pro-life. He believes in the capitalist system that has made this country great, yet understands that poverty is unacceptable and that there needs to be a solution.

He recognizes the importance of reducing unemployment with meaningful jobs, but opposes government subsidies that encourage people not to work.

He is an accomplished businessman and was a strong governor. He is the person to turn this economy around. What is there not to like? He will be a great president.

Richard Gies
Monclova Township

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