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Letters to the Editor

Columnist off base on Rubio

Dana Milbank’s Jan. 31 op-ed column, “Rubio’s risky immigration stand,” mistakenly assumes that Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio is abandoning his position of opposing amnesty for undocumented immigrants.

Mr. Rubio’s proposal on the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants does not compromise his conservative principles. Instead, it outlines steps illegal immigrants need to take toward citizenship, in contrast to the Obama Administration’s position of, in effect, giving them amnesty and a fast track to citizenship.

Anyone who is illegally in this country has broken the law and there is a price to pay. Mr. Rubio’s charge to the illegal immigrant is: If you want to stay, submit to a background check, pay taxes, pay a fine, get a work permit, learn English, and at some point apply for a green card. Then apply for citizenship.

Liberals eagerly paint Mr. Rubio’s position as risky. But it is consistent with our rich heritage of giving U.S. citizenship real meaning. Anything less would be an insult to our ancestors, who gained citizenship the right way.


Column ripsreligious freedom

Bill Keller took a cheap shot at religiosity in his Feb. 16 op-ed column, "Hobby Lobby and Obamacare: stretching religious freedom."

According to Mr. Keller, the fastest-growing religious affiliation in America is "none." Mr. Keller should advise America's taxpayers to prepare to fill the needs created by the liberal "none" movement.

Franklin Avenue

Credit card fees under scrutiny

Some states, including Ohio, are allowing merchants to charge customers a fee for their use of a MasterCard or Visa credit card, to compensate them for the fee charged them by those credit card companies (“Few retailers likely to add credit card fee; Visa, MasterCard now allow merchants to pass on charge,” Jan. 30).

I don’t see the need for merchants to charge customers a fee to allow them to use credit cards. The merchants already are recovering this cost through the price of their merchandise.

I wonder whether those merchants who charge the fee will reduce the price of their merchandise.


Toledo Express of old is long gone

In the 1960s, I used to take people to my six-passenger airplane at Toledo Express Airport on Sundays, go for a flight, land, and taxi up to the dining-room entrance gate. We’d disembark, go in, and enjoy a fried chicken brunch (“Passenger traffic at airport hits historic low; 9th-straight yearly drop falls only slightly from ‘12,” Jan. 28).

The Sunday chicken dinners are no more. The dining room is no more. Watching the big airplanes fly in and out while dining is no more.

The airport is dead, and not because of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority. It’s because of that other airport up the road — Detroit Metro.


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