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Columnist lacks savvy on Detroit

Paul Krugman’s July 29 op-ed column, “Detroit’s woes not self-infllicted; it’s the changing economy,” had me checking to make sure I wasn’t reading the comics section. The imagination required to come up with such apologetic nonsense was impressive.

I doubt the man has ever set foot on Detroit’s hole-pocked streets, tried to get a business permit there, or noticed the destructive history unfold in the news, as we in this region have.

One doesn’t need a Nobel Prize — as Mr. Krugman has — to figure out that when a business is challenged by tax increases and brass-knuckle labor tactics, that business leaves or goes under. Casinos alone can’t save Detroit.

Mr. Krugman says Detroit just couldn’t help being in the position it’s in. His employers at the New York Times should check what’s in his coffee mug.


Sylvania Township


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Krugman’s view tainted by politics?

Mr. Krugman said Detroit’s demise is not because of fiscal irresponsibility and greedy public employees. Is he kidding?

Had Detroit been governed by a Republican political machine for the past 35 years, he would have blamed a fiscally irresponsible city government and greedy public employees.

But because Detroit has been run into the ground by a Democratic political machine, he says “it’s just one of those things that happens now and then.” Unbelievable.




Road project taking too long

After three years, I-75/​I-475 still looks like a giant sandbox. From my outsider’s perspective, people in Toledo have put up with ridiculously slow progress on highway construction.

Unless workers have run into ancient ruins of a lost civilization that archaeologists are painstakingly unearthing, that road project is taking far too long. Neighbors, you’re owed an explanation and action.


Canton, Mich.


Zimmerman brought trouble

In response to the July 26 Readers’ Forum letter “Martin brought trouble on himself”: The gun came into play when George Zimmerman was unable to control Trayvon Martin and was losing the fight. Mr. Zimmerman then feared for his life, pulled his gun, and shot Mr. Martin.

Mr. Zimmerman should not have followed Mr. Martin. He had called police to report Mr. Martin. At that point, Mr. Zimmerman’s job was over.


Nebraska Avenue


Don't forget about Guantanamo

Nearly everyone failed to talk about the fate of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners ("Guantanamo rulings change little," op-ed column, July 25).

They have not been able to get a trial, let alone been convicted. They have been imprisoned indefinitely and not just punished but tortured.

Do we understand the basis of our Constitution, or is it a document to suit our pet ideologies?


Bowling Green

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