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Letters to the Editor

Article on Lopez bank was petty

Your Aug. 10 article “Lopez used Maumee bank for campaign; Other major candidates have Toledo accounts,” gave me a big laugh.

You wrote that Toledo mayoral candidate Anita Lopez had a campaign bank account in Maumee while other candidates had their campaign bank accounts in Toledo. All you are doing is nit-picking.

If I lived in Toledo, I would vote for this Ms. Lopez for mayor in a heartbeat. Thank you for showing me how small you are and giving me a good laugh.




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Lopez bank story seems irrelevant

I hope you are not finished revealing things about Anita Lopez. I am interested in whether she has chosen a Toledo doctor and dentist. In an emergency involving one of her sons, would she go to St. Luke’s Hospital in Maumee, or to a hospital in Toledo?

Would she ever visit a restaurant in the suburbs? Did she buy her last car in Toledo?

It seems irrelevant to run a story about Ms. Lopez having campaign money in a Maumee bank.


Perrysburg Township


House GOP too contrary to Obama

After listening to the House GOP leadership, I conclude that if President Obama said that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the GOP would find fault (“The Republicans’ shutdown showdown,” op-ed column, Aug. 1).

GOP leaders would chastise the President for politicizing such a vital issue, criticize him for not offering the American people more of a choice about how the sun rises and sets, and declare that his statement was dead on arrival in the House.

Then Republican leaders and Tea Party Republicans would schedule the umpteenth vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Such is the level of dialogue in, as John Boehner of Ohio called it when he became speaker, the people’s house.




2 parties should’ve been in cartoon

The unnecessarily partisan political cartoon by Drew Sheneman in the Aug. 3 Blade portrayed a Republican lawmaker waking another so they could depart for summer break. That implies that only conservatives sleep on the job and then go on vacation. Both parties should have been represented in the cartoon.

Such jocularity plays well in a city long governed by Democrats. This enjoyable but shortsighted humor brands The Blade as a rigidly Democratic publication.

I enjoy The Blade and think it is a great newspaper. Such unbridled political bias, however, can only detract from credible editorial objectivity.


Central Grove Avenue

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