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Letters to the Editor


Inflation help economy? No way

Your Oct. 27 article “More inflation can help economy, experts say” appears to represent moral suasion in conflict with historic reality. History has proven that our free-spending Congress results in the printing of more dollars, inflating the economy on the backs of our citizens.

The article is the first volley in what may be a public-relations program aimed at convincing Americans that the coming inflation will have a positive impact.

The so-called experts need only speak with retirees about the impact of inflation. Retirees know how the promised rewards in retirement have been minimized or eliminated by the stealthy hand of inflation throughout their careers.

American voters must demand a strict, annual federal budget, better governance, and a Congress that, like American citizens, lives within its financial means.

Shoreland Avenue

If we stay course, things will worsen
Two problems are intersecting: The amount of money the government spends exceeds the amount of money it takes in, so the government faces the issue of allowing itself to go deeper into debt to cover what we can’t afford to spend now (“Hope that normal governance will return to Washington,” op-ed column,” Oct. 22).

Compounding the spending problem is the new Affordable Care Act, which will be a burden to taxpayers in addition to the current national health insurance — Medicare and Medicaid — and Social Security.

If people think the situation is untenable now, and that the politics surrounding the discussion is difficult, what kind of problems do people think will visit our children and grandchildren when these deficits are compounded for 20 or 30 years, in a low-growth, high-unemployment environment?

Perrysburg Township


Dems put race before suitability
It doesn’t matter what the difference of opinion is between Democrats and Republicans, it’s always the same vocal group that injects race into every disagreement. This group cannot argue on merits of their views, because their views are based on the race of the President.

Judging someone on the basis of race is the definition of a racist, regardless of whether the judgment of the person is good or bad. The most vocal bigots in this racist group drown out everyone from their nationwide bully pulpits.

Who are these racists? Democrats. They are so blinded by his race that they cannot grasp the idea that anyone who disagrees with him is doing so on a legitimate difference of opinion.

These bigots who practice what they think is “good” racism have sold America down the river for the sake of diversity.

On paper, Mr. Obama was barely qualified to be a senator and certainly not president. We are now seeing why putting skin color first was so wrong for America.



Congress needs to stay on the job
It should be the rule that when Congress is in session, all members should be present. No exceptions.

We are paying lawmakers to be on the job, not out talking with lobbyists and worrying about getting re-elected.

Members of Congress are acting like spoiled brats and need to get serious and quit bickering.

Carey, Ohio

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