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Letters to the Editor


Timely gift: End drone attacks

In this season of giving, the United States could give a gift to the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia: no more drone attacks (“President Obama’s immoral drone war,” op-ed column, Dec. 5).

We attack countries we aren’t at war with, killing civilians. Yet we expect the terrorized people of these nations to accept these deadly attacks as a normal part of their lives. Would we sit back complacently if another country was killing our men, women, and children with drones?

Why do we think we have a right to engage in this activity? What do other countries think of us as we attack country after country with no provocation?

In the spirit of peace on Earth, goodwill toward men, drone attacks must stop.

Middleton Township

Apology not sign of weakness
When did apologizing become a sign of weakness (“Afghanistan wants Obama to apologize; Karzai to end opposition to U.S. raids, troop deal if President writes letter,” Nov. 20)? Why are Americans irate over the idea that the United States should issue any sort of apology for its actions, even when those actions are harmful accidents?

When innocent men, women, and children are killed as collateral damage from a drone strike, it is an event that even the most hawkish and nationalistic among us regret. Why is it weak to express this to the country and the family we have injured?

Apologies cost us nothing. A simple sign of contrition could easily sway negotiations in our favor.

The rest of the world already perceives America as arrogant, a country that believes it is above all law. Our refusal to issue an apology as a common courtesy and a sympathetic gesture simply proves them right.



Let city officials decide on airport
Once again, The Blade has all the answers (“Air piracy,” editorial, Dec. 1).

You should allow Toledo’s mayor and City Council to review the complete proposal to privatize Toledo Express Airport operations. That is what they are paid to do. Don’t tell the mayor and council what to do.

The airport has not produced a profit. Could the Treece family do any less?



Columnist forgot biggest turkey
Columnist Marilou Johanek forgot to mention the biggest turkey of all (“Best of the worst on parade; 2013’s honor most fowl goes to…,” Nov. 30).

The Affordable Care Act was the most over-thought, underachieving, overhyped, undererforming piece of legislation leading to the most embarrassing government program rollout in history.

I’m sure it just slipped her mind.


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