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Obamacare is fleecing of nation

As Obamacare is implemented, we’re seeing that it is a massively expensive and flawed law that is running into roadblocks (“Meddling with Obamacare,” editorial, Dec. 24). Large numbers of young, healthy Americans, who are the linchpin for the financial success of Obamacare, are finding it unneeded, unfair, unaffordable, and ignoring it like the plague.

Even some Democrats who supported it, now in a desperate attempt to protect their political future, are turning against it.

How could so many supposedly intelligent people have supported and voted for the most expensive entitlement program in recent history without first knowing what was in it? This fleecing of America is what blind, dumb, and unquestioning loyalty produces.


Entitlements need an overhaul
Obamacare is government at its worst, with gross mismanagement and unprecedented intrusion into private lives.

This program was a fraud from the beginning. President Obama sold the package with his now-infamous comment: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” That turned out not to be true. The idea from the start was to scuttle private insurance plans and set up a single-payer government program.

Government has bungled management of Social Security, Medicare, and welfare programs. And now this administration, enchanted with its own power, wants to run health care, which will further trample our individual freedoms, and continue reckless spending of money we do not have.

The liberal game plan is failing. Obamacare and other welfare programs need a major overhaul. What better time than 2014 to clean house in Congress and elect those with a spine to reign in this administration and get us back to the country our Founding Fathers envisioned?



TPS pay structure not as depicted
The second sentence of your Dec. 29 article “Toledoans battle to reverse legacy of struggle, despair” is untrue. It reads: “Her mother was a teacher for the Toledo Public Schools, but back in the 1960s, women made a pittance compared to male teachers.”

There was a single salary schedule that applied to all teachers. I know this because my wife and I were both teachers in TPS at that time.

Such a blatant disregard for facts and lack of basic research gives one serious pause as to how much the public should regard as fact and how much fiction in its purported news stories.

An inaccurate statement such as the one cited above serves to remove much of the impact the story might have had.

Lambertville, Mich.


Don’t mess with Sisters of the Poor
I am sure that the E. Gordon Gee, former president of Ohio State University, would agree: Don’t mess with the Little Sisters of the Poor (“White House contends health-care law not a burden to birth-control opponents,” Jan. 4).

Ottawa Hills

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