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Letters to the Editor


Dogs that guard food aren’t bad


Lucas County must stop euthanizing dogs based on food guarding (“Dogs still die despite vow for change; Foes prod Contrada on her promise to save food guarders,” Feb. 26).

I am upset knowing that dogs are being killed for this. These dogs could be hungry when they are found, or upset by the change in environment. It could be they just don’t want someone playing with them while they are trying to eat.

I have had many rescue dogs and all have been food guarders. My dogs have never hurt anyone.

A dog must have a chance for a good home rather than have to die.


Wendover Drive


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Canines wrongly called risky

When a dog is separated from the ones it loves, either by owner surrender or abandonment, it cannot understand what has happened.

It is taken to a facility where other dogs are crying out for their owners. It is offered food, only to have it snatched away.

Confused and frightened, dogs will react. And then, because they fail a safety test, they are deemed unadoptable and destroyed.

How sad. Innocent dogs couldn’t defend themselves, so they had to die.


Meteor Avenue


Where are yield signs for ramp?

The recent accident on northbound I-475/​U.S. 23 north of the Salisbury Road/​Dussel Drive interchange remind me of an issue I’ve been wondering about since the ramp was built (“Collision shoves semi over bridge; Toledoan cited for failure to yield when merging north onto I-475,” Feb. 8).

The ramp is long to make it easier and safer to merge onto I-475/​U.S. 23, but there are no yield signs. You would think that merging drivers would yield to the main flow of traffic, but there need to be signs to reinforce this.

I assume that millions of dollars were spent building this ramp system. A minimal cost to add yield signs would save lives and money.


Monclova Township

Editor’s note: An Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman said the on-ramp is of sufficient length for vehicles to merge with northbound I-475 traffic at freeway speed; yield signs are placed where there is insufficient length for a merger.


Riding the rails would waste time

The suggestion by the writer of the Feb. 7 Readers’ Forum letter “Why fly? Collins can ride rails” that Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins take a train when he goes to Washington is noble. But the train takes about eight more hours than an airplane would to get to Washington.

I would not suggest our mayor waste that amount of time.


Burroughs Drive

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