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Letters to the Editor


Algae just beginning of water crisis

With all the fuss about how to handle the region’s water crisis, a few facts have been overlooked. I teach a water class at Northwood’s Piping Industry Training Center, and I always begin my lectures explaining how fresh water is becoming a fleeting commodity.

The world’s population has grown from 4.5 billion to 7 billion in the last 25 years, yet only 3 percent of our fresh water is considered consumable. Of that 3 percent, it is estimated that 2 percent of the water supply is lost in glaciers worldwide.

Having clean, safe drinking water will eventually be a global concern, with or without algae blooms.

Regina Parkway


High water prices aren’t gouging
Ohio officials feel obligated to investigate alleged price gouging during Toledo’s water crisis (“Stores asked to explain water prices in city crisis; Nearly 60 businesses to receive letter from state attorney general,” Aug. 14).

Price gouging does not exist in a free-market society. Each transaction requires a willing seller and buyer.

The buyer obviously believed that having water was important enough to pay the amount the seller requested.



Depression is lifelong struggle
Robin Williams’ death is a tragedy (“When laughter dies,” editorial, Aug. 13). When a famous person commits suicide, there is shock, and people ask: How could this happen?

Mr. Williams suffered from clinical depression, which is often misunderstood. It is different from feeling down at times. Clinical depression is a long-lasting dark tunnel. Overcoming this form of depression requires every fiber of strength that an individual can summon.

How could someone such as Mr. Williams, so buoyant on screen, feel so deflated in real life? He suffered from a horrifying mental condition. If any people you know may be suffering, offer them your support before it’s too late.

Liberty Center


What if teachers double-dipped?
Public employee Dean Sparks decided to retire, draw a pension, and remain on the job as Lucas County Children Services executive director (“Double-dipping may be an issue in levy campaign,” Aug. 10). Imagine the outcry if a public school teacher did this.

Public pensions are intended to provide income during retirement, not to enrich those who are still working.

Scottwood Avenue

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