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Teamwork needed in water debate

I am a Toledo resident interested in the process of safe water for my city and the contract communities and jurisdictions that purchase Toledo water, and I wanted to give my impression of the recent Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments meeting regarding a regional water system.

Each member of the contract communities listened intently to their peers’ visions. The tone to me showed a cooperative teamwork approach to reach that goal. When the city of Toledo explained their vision, I was disappointed. Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson and Councilman Lindsay Webb gave lengthy speeches emphasizing Toledo’s expense thus far for the cost to build, maintain, bill for water, and zero contributions from bulk-water rate customers to the aforementioned costs. 

Ms. Webb also emphasized her rejection in 2014 of an attempt to start a regional water system; then she gave herself accolades for having done this for 10 years even though she is so young. No one listened intently to either Ms. Webb or Ms. Hicks-Hudson. There was plenty of looking down, doodling, and maybe even sleeping.

Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken was most concerned with prevention of any changes to our charter that would have to go to a citizen vote.

I just want everyone involved in this to be fair, honest, and persistent in developing a regional water system.


Bodette Avenue


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Residency program a community asset

I am proud to say I worked as a registered nurse at Toledo Hospital Family Medicine Residency, WW Knight, for 27 years. A brand-new $14 million building was opened in 2014 in which the second floor, with more than 30 exam rooms, was designed especially for this educational practice. The intent was to increase the number of residents from 18-24 over several years, since Flower and St. Luke’s were closing.

The care provided there is exceptional due to the comprehensive training the doctors receive, not only in family practice but also business, pharmacy, psych, social services, OB, and every other specialty. 

Now it is being “ramped down” and closing by 2019, because of “national trends stating that residencies are being moved to community hospitals.”

Is ProMedica Toledo Hospital no longer willing to serve its own surrounding community? Or is it no longer part of the community?

More than 5,000 patients are cared for here, many who are Medicare and Medicaid-insured. Some are diabetic, chronically ill patients who require health monitoring. Others are healthy people who get sick occasionally and need physicals, etc. 

Where are these people to go when you cannot get into a family physician’s practice as a new patient? The emergency rooms are already overcrowded with long waits.

When you lock the doors, put up a green sign that states: “Your health is not our mission anymore!”

Please contact your city and state officials to reverse this unjustified and awful decision.




Is Trump Cabinet in touch with U.S.?

For a “self-important celebrity” (Jan. 14 editorial cartoon), Meryl Streep seems to pretty well echo my opinion, as well as almost 66 million other voters. 

I hear a lot of talk about elite liberals being out of touch with real people. Funny, I don’t hear as much about the most elite presidential cabinet ever assembled.


Lambertville, Mich.


Don’t vilify women in abortion debate

Men are just as responsible for unplanned and unwanted pregnancies as women are. The only difference is that men can walk away after their choice. 

People are free to oppose abortion, but they do not have a right to vilify women and trample their rights based on religious belief. 


Sabra Road

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