Sunday, December 28, 2014
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Police boss: Less rhetoric, more dialogue needed
NEW YORK (AP) -- A day after the funeral of one of two police officers gunned down in their patrol car, the city's police commissioner called Sunday for a "lot less rhetoric and a lot more dialogue" to defuse the tension between police officers and the population they protect.... 12/28/2014 7:27 PM

Key developments in police-communities tension
The killings of two unarmed blacks by white police officers in Missouri and New York this summer touched off protests and a national debate over police conduct that intensified after grand juries declined to indict the officers.... 12/28/2014 7:58 PM

Key decisions on drones likely from Congress
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration is on the verge of proposing long-awaited rules for commercial drone operations in U.S. skies, but key decisions on how much access to grant drones are likely to come from Congress next year.... 12/28/2014 7:16 PM

Arizona police officer killed; suspect dead
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) -- A 24-year-old police officer died after being shot by a domestic violence suspect who then killed himself Saturday afternoon in Arizona.... 12/28/2014 2:28 PM

GOP puts up a bigger tent for minority challenge
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The faces of the Republican Party's most ambitious members are changing.... 12/28/2014 8:10 PM

Widespread problems on Rikers Island tough to fix
NEW YORK (AP) -- Victor Woods shook uncontrollably, his body wracked by convulsions, as fellow inmates held him in their arms and shouted for help.... 12/28/2014 4:01 PM

Seed libraries struggle with state laws limiting exchanges
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- For thousands of years, people have exchanged seeds to grow terrific tomatoes or produce the perfect potato, but a new effort to loan and borrow seeds has created a conflict between well-meaning gardeners and state agriculture officials who feel obligated to enforce laws restricting the practice.... 12/28/2014 3:18 PM

Indigent defense idea to get first test in US
NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (AP) -- Tommy Vaughn knows his clients may be distrustful when a court appoints him to handle their case. Without enough money to hire their own lawyer, defendants are often suspicious that court-appointed attorneys will provide a poor defense or just try to coerce a quick guilty plea.... 12/28/2014 3:24 PM

South Dakota's Jewish community small, tight-knit
RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) -- The first Jews to settle in what is now South Dakota established themselves in Deadwood during the Gold Rush more than 150 years ago, finding a niche selling hardware, groceries, dry goods and more. By 1920, the state was home to some 1,300 Jews.... 12/28/2014 3:32 PM

Farmers brace for labor shortage under new policy
FRESNO, Calif. (AP) -- Farmers already scrambling to find workers in California - the nation's leading grower of fruits, vegetables and nuts - fear an even greater labor shortage under President Barack Obama's executive action to block some 5 million people from deportation.... 12/28/2014 4:45 PM