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Rising up against the ACLU

Two interesting quotes from our nation's Founding Fathers appeared on the July 4 editorial page of The Blade. The lead editorial quoted James Madison as saying, “We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

And Gerald Bazer, referring to Thomas Jefferson's support for a limited central government, said that Jefferson stated the possibility of a “little rebellion now and then” to cleanse the nation should it depart from its founding.

Perhaps it's time we rise up against the ACLU and the twisted interpretation of the First Amendment of the Constitution coming from our Supreme Court and get back to the original intent of this amendment.

The First Amendment states that “CONGRESS shall make no law ...” (my emphasis). No restriction was placed on the church. It was telling us what CONGRESS could not do. Virtually all of the Founding Fathers were Christians, and established this country as a Christian nation, contrary to the historical revisionists who would have us believe it was founded with a secular purpose.

How displaying the Ten Commandments at the county courthouse could be construed as Congress establishing a religion is beyond me. It's nothing more than a continuation of the blatant effort to secularize all public institutions of our Christian nation. Let the rebellion begin.



On behalf of all good Americans, I would like to implore the ACLU to protect us from the Declaration of Independence. This document contains several references to God and is probably displayed in public locations all across this country. It is obvious that our Christian founding fathers, by citing God several times in this heinous document, intentionally sought to belittle, intimidate, and just plain make uncomfortable all non-Christian Americans.

This outrageous affront to non-Christians cannot go unchallenged. It should be removed from all text books, all class rooms and all public places.

ACLU, I implore you, prove to us all once again what champions of truth and justice you are. Please save us from the Declaration of Independence.


Atlantic Avenue

What a contrast - our President traveling the country, raising millions in anticipation of buying the next election, and pictures of the horrors our service men and women are experiencing because of the war he so ardently sought. I wonder if other pictures, like those of the struggling families they left behind or the suffering Iraqi people, give second thoughts to those who vilified the pre-war peace demonstrators.

Using our resources to build and apply the American version of weapons of mass destruction instead of expending our resources here and abroad to educate and help people have productive lives makes me wonder how we can think of ourselves as a Christian nation.

I like the quote: “Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?”


Delta, Ohio

Why can't The Blade understand the obvious?

Ray Kest's proposal for a new arena in downtown Toledo is correct.

Reading between the lines of Tom Chema's report to the city suggests the same. The lack of investment interest in the proposal for East Toledo suggests the same. The smashing success of Fifth Third Field suggests the same. The continued vitality of the SeaGate Convention Centre suggests the same.

The debate has nothing to do with parochial interests or covenants. The vote (during a primary election) regarding an exception to Section 79 of the City Charter did not offer the voters a choice as to where the arena would be located. The fact was predetermined by Frank Kass and others. Therefore, there is no covenant between the city of Toledo and the East Side regarding the best location of the arena.

In fact, I wonder how a big arena and 32 acres of asphalt is, per se, the best use of the East Side land. Wouldn't a park or high-end residential site (as proposed by Bruce Douglas) be preferable? Maybe we should poll East Siders regarding this distinction.

It's time for The Blade to support what everyone else knows - the arena belongs downtown. The synergistic relation between the ballpark and downtown proves the point. Can you imagine the additional spin-off investment? Can you imagine the large trade shows in a vital convention center? Can you imagine 270 nights a year with downtown rocking?

Lastly, can you imagine the East Side enhancing its own identity as a great place to live with close proximity to a great center city? I can.


Highpoint Drive

I believe that both downtown Toledo and East Toledo will be big winners if our community makes wise decisions regarding the Marina District project and the proposed new sports arena.

First, the original Marina District proposal from the city of Toledo, the port authority, Toledo Edison, and Columbus developer Frank Kass called for a rehabilitated old Sports Arena, not a brand new one in the Marina District.

I believe, with the same convictions I held when I put into play the vision for The Docks in International Park, that 300 apartments or condominiums surrounded by a first-class marina, several classy restaurants, some new to Toledo, good retail shopping, an ice skating complex, and perhaps either a movie complex or an amphitheater, and you've got an absolutely dynamic Marina District.

Second, downtown Toledo continues to struggle. During the warm weather months, Fifth Third Field creates great energy and economic gains for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, but that is only four months of the year. The convention center needs more space, and a new sports arena adjacent to the convention center and Fifth Third Field would bring energy and economic gain 12 months a year.

Both East Toledo and downtown Toledo deserve to be winners. Every public and private sector leader needs to support a Marina District on the east bank of the Maumee River, and a new sports arena on or near the west bank of the same river.

We stopped dividing the east and west banks when we built The Docks, a rowing club, and the volleyball courts in International Park. Now a beautiful new bridge will span the river and light up both sides of the Maumee. Toledoans should work together to do that which is good for all sides and/or neighborhoods in Toledo.


Townley Road

Since when do citizens' votes mean nothing? They voted for an East Side Sports Arena and now there is talk of building it downtown.

Didn't voters also vote to keep the Toledo Corrections Center in Whitehouse open, and then the city closed it anyway?


Annabelle Drive

Hooray for The Blade! Someone is cheering for the East Side. Seems like every time a project is proposed for that part of town, the spoiled little boys on the West Side of the river clamor that it ought to be in their part.

I'm surprised they haven't tried to float The Docks over to Promenade Park.


Darlington Road

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